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What Does a Commercial Property Insurance Policy Cover?

10/8/2022 (Permalink)

a young man in a suit in his office showing an insurance policy and pointing to where the policyholder should sign with a pen Commercial property insurance can help protect your assets from disaster and keep them safe.

What Is Covered by Commercial Property Insurance?

As you are starting your business and looking for a commercial property policy, there are many things to consider. You have to choose the amount of coverage you will need, as well as its features and price. You can get a policy that fits your needs and even offers a competitive price; however, here are some important things to know before buying one:

The Basics

If you have a business, whether it's just a part-time venture or a full-time moneymaker, there are some things that could happen that could cause you to lose money. For example, if your storefront was hit by a car, it may be damaged beyond repair and you'd need to rebuild it. Or maybe your entire property is flooded during an unexpected flood and all of the contents inside get ruined. In these cases—and many others—commercial property insurance can help protect your assets from disaster and keep them safe so they're available when they're needed most.

The first step in finding out if commercial property insurance will be right for you is determining what kind of business structure you have: sole proprietor or partnership. If there are multiple owners involved (like with a limited liability company or corporation), then the next step would be figuring out who owns what portion of the building and its contents so you can get an accurate quote based on their specific needs.

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial property insurance is a policy that covers losses to your business. It can cover everything from fire damage to theft, and it can be written for a single property or for an entire portfolio of properties.

The coverage options will vary from company to company, but generally speaking, you'll see the following options:

  • Property damage and loss (property being damaged by natural disasters or other events)
  • Business income (loss of revenue caused by an event like fire)

Choose the Amount of Coverage

You will have to choose the amount of coverage you’re going to need. The amount of coverage you choose should be based on the value of your property. It is important that you get an insurance policy that fits your needs and even offers a competitive price.

Building & Personal Property Coverage

The standard commercial property insurance policy includes both building and personal property coverage. The following is a breakdown of each:

  • Building Coverage – This covers the cost to repair or replace your building, its contents, and any other structures located on your property (such as fences). However, it does not include land value or any improvements to your land.
  • Personal Property Coverage – Covers electronic equipment and fixtures as well as things like furniture, clothing, and machinery that are used in the day-to-day operations of your business. This may also extend to tools that are used by employees while they’re working onsite.

In conclusion, commercial property insurance is very important. If you own a business or you have a property in Arlington that needs to be protected, this type of coverage will help you do it at an affordable price. This type of insurance can also offer peace of mind in knowing that if something does happen on your property then there are funds available should any damages need repairing.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Up My Business After a Water Spill?

7/28/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed in the hallway of a building Call SERVPRO for any water cleanup your business property may need.

How Can I Be Certain My Shop Is Ready for Customers After My Water Heater Failed? 

Commercial water cleanup in an Arlington bakery requires additional precautions for recreating a healthy, safe environment for food preparation and serving customers. SERVPRO specialists train extensively to dry the structure and make each item inside customer-ready again. 

Where Do Your Specialists Begin? 

If the weather allows, they start by opening all doors and windows, and set-up exhaust fans in key positions. This increased airflow helps to increase natural evaporation and reduce the humidity level by drawing out the damp air inside. Where needed, specialists can install dehumidifiers to quickly draw down the humidity to prevent the formation of rust deposits and mold. 

As the fans go up, other team members use pumps and smaller water extractors to draw standing water off the floors. Depending on the type of equipment present, they may also use long-handled squeegees to push water out from under freezers and ovens. For very tight spaces, specialists direct warm air across the floor using an air mover to dry it completely. 

If there are any commercial carpets present, our specialists use vacuums with adjustable speed and heating options. Team members can dry the carpets without softening the glue and accidentally causing air pockets to form. 

What Else Can SERVPRO Do for The Health of My Employees and Customers?

In addition to these steps, SERVPRO now offers Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. It is a program that targets viral pathogens and is designed specifically for restaurants and other food-service businesses. Personnel trained in the program strictly follow the decontamination protocols established by the CDC and county health agencies. 

To schedule one of our restoration teams to begin work at your business, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 today. We are here so you can serve your customers once again.

The 3 Elements To Protect Your Business Against Fire Disaster

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Fire sprinkler system in a commercial building Fire preparation is about ensuring your business survives a disaster.

Fire Preparation

As a business owner, you only want what is best for your company, employees, and consumers. A significant part of your job is ensuring you do everything possible to keep people and property safe. Fire preparation is an essential aspect of that obligation. Talking to fire mitigation services in Jacksonville University, FL, you may discover there are three elements to business, property, and people protection.

1. Disaster Preparation Response Plan
A fire disaster will likely involve significant fire damage. The goal of a business owner is likely to ensure that the physical property damage does not impede or interrupt business operations to a detrimental effect. Therefore, you should have a disaster response plan in place. The plan should cover all the essentials of your business, allowing you to maintain critical operations outside of your property.

2. Standby Remediation Specialists
A significant aspect of fire preparation is ensuring a recovery after the disaster. You can work with a fire remediation company to develop a response plan. With a plan in place, all that is needed after a fire is a single phone call to the mitigation service. When the company receives your call, they should review their records and respond precisely, as you previously discussed.

3. Safety Systems
One of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of employees and consumers and minimize potential damage to your property is by installing all appropriate safety systems and measures. At a minimum, you can install a sprinkler system, alarm system, emergency lighting, and fire extinguisher in all appropriate locations.
Fire preparation is about ensuring your business survives a disaster. However, it is primarily about ensuring the safety of yourself, employees, and consumers. Having an effective plan in place, a mitigation service on standby, and all essential safety systems installed helps ensure the best chance of survival.

The 3 Main Goals of Plumbing Maintenance

4/23/2022 (Permalink)

Air movers and dehumidifiers placed in a long hallway of a building. Commercial cleanup in Regency, FL.

The Three Most Important Plumbing Maintenance Objectives

You have enough to do with your company in Regency, FL, without having to worry about an expensive business claim. Your plumbing system provides many essential benefits. However, if it isn't working properly, you could face a business disruption as well as a host of other problems. Regular maintenance on your plumbing lines is probably the best way to avoid surprises and added expenses. When working with a licensed plumbing contractor, you can better plan your budget for the year. A plumbing maintenance program has three main goals.

1. Avoiding Water Damage. Broken pipes and water leaks can be major or minor. A small problem will be contained in one area and can be fixed in a matter of hours. A larger problem can spill between floors and rooms and damage equipment, walls and flooring and even computer systems.

2. Limiting a Business Claim. You have commercial insurance for a reason, but you still want to avoid using it if possible. Repeated claims can drive up your premiums. It can also be a process that takes a lot of your time. Professional plumbing maintenance makes it less likely that you will have to claim damages from a major water leak.

3. Keeping Your employees and Customers Safe. If a pipe breaks in your building, you are suddenly faced with a potentially dangerous situation. Wayward water can create electrical hazards as well as trip and fall perils. If sewage water is present, it is important to make sure the water is not touched by human skin to prevent infections and other health issues.

Even in the best circumstances, water disasters happen from time to time. For help dealing with water issues, a professional water mitigation franchise such as SERVPRO is always Here to Help. In addition to cleaning up your property quickly and safely, franchise workers, as a preferred vendor for many insurance companies nationwide, can help you process a business claim with a minimum of trouble.

How To Contain Mold Damage on Your Commercial Property

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on drywall Commercial mold damage in Arlington, FL.

When you first notice evidence of black mold on your property, your gut response may be one of panic. After all, mold cleanup is a pretty big task to handle, and your concerns about damage to your property are valid. However, in Arlington, FL, mold remediation and restoration professionals can effectively and thoroughly address the issue.

Prevent the Spread of Spores

While you wait for professionals to arrive, there are several things you can do to prevent black mold spores from spreading to other rooms and spaces:

Understand that spores only require a little bit of airflow to float from one place to another. Additionally, anyone walking through affected areas could carry spores on their clothes or shoes into unaffected areas.
Turn off the heating and cooling systems. Although these systems provide ventilation, which is important when preventing mold growth, once mold has made an appearance, the fans could help spread the mold. Additionally, the HVAC system is often an area of contamination itself.
Look for sources of water. If you've found mold, it's probably because there's a leak or other source of humidity somewhere. Cut off any supply of water and dry up any obvious pools of water.

The appearance of mold could negatively impact business in your commercial property, so act quickly to get professionals on-site and prevent any spread of spores.

Prevent Mold Growth

If you haven't found mold yet, make sure you understand how to avoid it. Address any moisture problem immediately. If you spot condensation around the edges of windows, notice a dripping faucet or slow leak around toilets, or find that a stain is developing on the ceiling, contact mold cleanup and remediation professionals right away. That unwanted moisture is a common cause of mold, so tackle it aggressively.

Prevent Damage to Your Property

The best way to avoid damage from black mold is quick action. Contact professionals right away and then cut off access to the affected area, turn off the HVAC system, and shut off the water. Plan ahead to avoid mold growth and related damage.

4 Steps for Preparing a Business Interruption Claim

3/26/2022 (Permalink)

Dehumidifiers and air movers placed along way in a hallway Commercial water cleanup and restoration in Regency, FL.

Preparing a Business Interruption Claim in Four Steps

If you have recently had to hire water remediation professionals to clean up the flooding in your business, you know the importance of filing a well-documented claim with a business interruption insurance company. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your claims are thorough and don't get subject to extensive reviews and rejection.

1. Develop a Plan

The key to starting a sound claim is creating a team responsible for handling your flooding. You should then thoroughly review your insurance policy and determine if the event is covered, unlike a broken pipe due to freezing temperatures. If you have experienced a covered peril, you should contact your insurance adjuster and start the claim process.

2. Measure Your Income Loss

You need to measure your income loss in an objective and supported way. Also, ensure that you take any normal operating expenses out of your total income. Some areas that require thorough support include the relationship of the loss to a disaster, your ordinary income, your income history, any market conditions that could impact these numbers, and the sales you have used to offset your losses.

3. Identify Any Extra Expenses

In addition to lost income for your business in Regency, FL, you will likely be able to get funds to pay any extra expenses that are a direct result of a disaster. For instance, a flood will bring cleaning and disinfecting fees that you would normally not have to pay.

4. Execute a Mitigation Plan

Your insurance adjuster will focus on the efforts you took to mitigate your interruption after the flooding. This could include many different tactics, such as moving to a temporary location, finding alternative suppliers, or reaching out to customers through unusual methods. Make sure your loss mitigation plan is well documented so you can offer it to your insurance company.
Business interruption insurance is one source businesses rely on when they experience disasters, such as large water damage. To ensure their claim is accepted quickly, business owners should follow these critical steps to create a strong and well-supported case.

Is Black Mold Grounds To Sue a Commercial Landlord?

3/19/2022 (Permalink)

Drywall board removed and mold growth found If a water issue is not treated correctly it can lead to mold damage.

As a commercial business owner, the last thing you want is black mold destroying your property. If you rent, your building landlord may be responsible for this costly issue. Find out if you have grounds to sue upon finding mold invading your commercial space.

First Steps When Mold Overgrowth Is Suspected

Black mold can often go undetected. Therefore, if you notice any signs at all, it's best to contact your landlord immediately. Ask to have professional mold remediation experts brought into the site. This will establish a paper trail, providing evidence that you have reported the issue. Landlords are legally required to remove the mold and provide compensation for any damages incurred. There are certain laws that protect tenants from improper building conditions. Look into garnering professional legal advice to find the specific building codes for commercial rentals in Glynlea, FL.

At this stage, you should familiarize yourself with contractual caveats in your lease agreement, including (but not limited to):

  • Responsibility of tenant for property damage;
  • Preventative measures required by tenant;
  • Mold removal rules;
  • And landlord responsibility for fixing plumbing and ventilation issues.

Remember that water damage, such as that from leaky plumbing, will likely cause mold overgrowth. Figure out whom your lease agreement holds responsible for fixing any defects in the commercial property. It is usually the responsibility of the landlord to promptly address any maintenance requests. However, there may be a separate mold addendum that outlines preventative measures or instances in which to contact property maintenance. Ensure that you have done everything mentioned to mitigate the possibility of fungus overgrowth in your rental. Then, and only then, do you have enough reason to move forward with a lawsuit.

Grounds To Sue
Once you've carefully considered the above steps, you may move on to exploring legal options. Just ask yourself:

  • Did the landlord refuse to take action?
  • Have damages to your property occurred?
  • Have you lost income due to these damages?

Even if the landlord did take action, destruction of your property beforehand may still be enough to sue. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you can start looking into filing a lawsuit against your landlord due to black mold.

Jacksonville Commercial Fires Call for Skilled Restoration Efforts

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo over fire Big or Small Fire, SERVPRO's Green Fleet Arrives as the Fire Trucks Leave! Call us right away for effective fire damage remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Implements Proven Fire Restoration Methods for All Jacksonville Commercial Properties

Once your Jacksonville business has suffered damage in a fire, you want to restore it as quickly as possible to help you put the incident behind you. Rather than trying to tackle fire clean up on your own or have your cleaning crew try it, you are best off calling skilled fire restoration technicians to the job. SERVPRO has the equipment, methods, and experience to ensure the job gets done right the first time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, arriving on the scene within hours so that you can get your business restored quickly and efficiently.

Fire restoration at your Jacksonville commercial location lessens the chances you and your staff get exposed to hidden health hazards. All fire events leave behind soot and smoke, which can be hazardous to your health. Some materials do not burn cleanly and can lead to a chemical reaction when mixed with the heat of the flames. Our crew arrives fast to begin the assessment while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and foot coverings to limit the tracking of soot and contaminants into unaffected areas of your business.

What You Can Expect from SERVPRO for Water & Fire Damage Restorations

We understand that your business cannot experience lengthy downtime, so we act fast so that you can maintain or resume operations after the fire event. We provide:

  • Detailed contents/inventory cleaning and pack-out services
  • Temporary power to the impact zone should there be no electricity
  • Fire damage tarping/board up services to protect your commercial property from the elements or intruders 
  • Fire damage cleanup and smoke remediation to remove debris, replace materials, and handle foul smoke odors

Regardless of the kind of business you have, SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East is available to get to work fast on your fire restoration project. You can reach us around the clock by calling (904) 721-2230.

Should Business Owners Act Fast in Handling Fire Damage Restoration in Jacksonville?

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

table at restaurant set and ready for customers Commercial fire damage require quick remediation. Call SERVPRO today!

Act Fast by Contacting Professional Restorers like SERVPRO to Prevent Expensive Fire Damages in Your Jacksonville Business 

Gas leaks in the kitchen or electrical faulty are among the common causes of fire in most businesses and commercial properties. After the firefighters are done fighting the flames, it is crucial to avoid trying to restore the property using inexperienced restorers. Involving reputable fire restorers like SERVPRO is the first and safest step to take to get your business to its pre-fire condition.

Immediately we receive our client's emergency call, our team of restorers responds fast to help with fire damage restoration in Jacksonville businesses. We use the latest industry-standard techniques and high-tech equipment to restore our customer's property effectively and within the shortest period possible.

What to Expect During the SERVPRO Restoration Process 

  • Securing your business: We ensure to secure the property from harsh weather and vandalism during the restoration process. Our team of restorers can board up any openings using plywood and reinforce the sealing with two by two.
  • Damage inspection: After securing your business, we assess the affected area to help determine our customer's losses and damage. The inspection also helps us identify the best restoration techniques and equipment.
  • Preserving inventory: With decades of experience, our restorers can identify salvageable items and separate them from those damaged beyond repair. We can clean, dry, and repair the salvageable valuables effectively using innovative skills and advanced products.
  • Cleaning affected surfaces: Cleaning fire debris and smoke strains are critical to your employee's and customer's health. We can use shampoo super concentrate mixed with brownout to clean the browning on fabric surfaces caused by over-wetting.

To prevent the severe secondary damages of fire, ensure to act fast by involving reliable restorers. Contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for efficient and professional commercial fire damage restoration "Like it never even happened."

Top Considerations During Commercial Mold Remediation in Jacksonville

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

mold on walls in office Commercial mold remediation is a job for SERVPRO. Our techs are IICRC certified for mold restoration services.

Business Owners in Jacksonville Trust SERVPRO Mold Specialists

By the time mold growth is visible in a building, it is often a sign that there is a much larger problem lurking underneath the sheetrock or flooring. Getting a mold inspection is the best way to ascertain the scale of the infestation. 

SERVPRO technicians have the experience, training, and equipment to perform commercial mold remediation in Jacksonville properties. More importantly, the techs also inspect the structure to determine the cause for the elevated humidity that sustains the mold growth and recommends repairs to halt the issue. 

After putting up containment to ensure that there are no issues with cross-contamination of airborne mold spores, the techs remove mold-damaged building materials. Then the interior gets dried. It is not uncommon for the dried matter to be left behind by the mold colonies on surfaces. The techs often attempt to remove by hand; in cases where the residues are stuck firmly to surfaces, they can use different types of applications such as high-powered abrasives such as: 

  • Sodium-bicarbonate
  • Dry Ice pellets
  • Sponge

Afterward, they vacuum up the removed, dried residues using vacuums with HEPA filtration. The technicians treat surfaces that had mold growth with their proprietary antimicrobial cleaners and sealants. 

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 services the local Jacksonville area for all types of commercial mold remediation needed. 

How Can Moving Out Simplify Jacksonville Water Damage Recovery?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

water mainline burst SERVPRO has you covered from top to bottom when it comes to water restoration services for your commercial building. Call now!

Speed water mitigation and remediation in Jacksonville with a SERVPRO pack-out

In the chaos after a water emergency in your business, you might resist increasing the disruption by removing raw materials, machinery, inventory, or business records. However, arranging for a pack-out of all or a portion of the contents trapped in your water-logged commercial property is often the best strategy. Two advantages become apparent during a move-out:

  • The wet and damaged structure becomes easier to dry out and repair after the clearing of spaces.
  • The contents temporarily removed to avoid additional water damage and receive specialized evaluation and restoration away from the building's clean-up crews' hectic pace.

Can SERVPRO Keep Packed-Out Items Secure?

When SERVPRO recommends a pack-out as a Jacksonville commercial water damage intervention, many safeguards are in place. Our careful documentation proves essential for the support of insurance claims for both expensive restoration techniques and decisions to discard and purchase replacements of irreparably damaged items. We use the detailed Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) to track items through:

  • Exhaustive lists of articles packed up and out
  • Barcoding technology
  • Digital photography

Insurance carriers frequently recommend hiring SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East to restore both structures and contents after water damage. One call to (904) 721-2230 provides professional assessment and a broad array of best practices strategies to get your business back on task.

Can Jacksonville Fire Damage Restoration Rejuvenate a Business?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged commercial building SERVPRO will do our best to keep you running as best as you can while we do our magic with the fire restoration part.

SERVPRO fire remediation in the Jacksonville area rapidly cleans up commercial spaces

The aftermath of a commercial fire does not simply affect a building. It can imperil a businessperson’s life work. Customers often lose confidence in your company’s ability to provide services or products as you recover from the fire’s effects. If your base moves on to your competitors, this loss of faith creates collateral damage that becomes impossible to overcome. 

How Can Businesses Avoid Permanent Closure after Fire Damage in Jacksonville?

SERVPRO approaches fire damage restoration in Jacksonville to permit at least partial commercial continuation during the recovery phase. Statistics demonstrate that nearly 50 percent of businesses that close temporarily to recover from a fire disaster cannot regain their market share and fail. We work with you to:

  • Contain the damage and restoration work within a specific space inside your commercial building, permitting sustained customer contact for your business in unaffected areas
  • Pack out inventory, equipment, and other contents to secure space for easy retrieval and to streamline the fire mitigation and remediation tasks at your site 
  • Scale-up our workforce and equipment inventory to make it “Like it never even happened,” fast

Join forces with SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East to restore fire-damaged spaces in your commercial properties rapidly. Contact our team at (904) 721-2230 24/7. 

Who Provides Reputable Water Cleanup for Arlington Businesses?

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

Burst main water line Commercial buildings with water damage restoration needs the help of SERVPRO. Our IICRC certified techs are ready at a moment's notice for you.

Partner with SERVPRO to get rid of water and back to business 

Experience the natural beauty of Florida's coastal wetlands while visiting Arlington's Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Cradled within the Jacksonville neighborhood's suburban expanse, the U.S. National Preserve spreads over 46,000 acres (19,000 ha). The Preserve located in northeastern Duval County features many different ecosystems, including:

  • Wetlands
  • Salt Marshes
  • Maritime Hammock 
  • Various Waterways

Are Various Sites of Interest Contained in the Timucuan Preserve?

Several distinct spaces make up the Preserve. Reviewing the option available for each can help identify which most interests you and your family or guests. The diversity available can make for many fascinating and different trips. 

Fort Caroline National Memorial

Briefly, in the 1500s, the French had a presence in the Arlington area of Florida, Fort Caroline. Located near the River of May, currently the St. Johns River, the French settlement built in 1564 was quickly overcome by the Spanish the following year. The memorial interprets the first contact between French and Spanish colonials and the indigenous Timucua, battles among all the groups, and is the primary visitor center for the Timucuan Preserve. As no Timucua survive, the Preserve attempts to remember how this once vast population of 200,000 individuals might have lived. 

Theodore Roosevelt Area

Named for the 26th President of the United States, the Theodore Roosevelt Area comprises 600-acres of hardwood forest, scrub, and wetlands. Grasslands intersperse with dense woods, threaded with trails. Expect encounters with animals both on dry land and in the water. Human habitation over hundreds or more years is evident in the ancient piles of oyster shells discarded by Indigenous peoples who lived or traveled to the area. Willie Browne, the last private owner, took care to keep these artifacts in place and intact for future generations.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point at the south end of Black Hammock Island invites visitors to explore 400 acres of upland hammocks and salt marsh. Access is possible by both land and water. The remains of a 17th century Spanish Mission, Santa Cruz y San Buenaventura de Guadalquini, are visible in the area.

Kingsley Plantation

Zephaniah Kingsley, his family, and numerous enslaved people lived on Fort George Island from 1814 to 1837. Kingsley's wife, Anna Madgigine Jai, was from Senegal, West Africa, purchased by Kingsley as a slave. An active participant in the plantation, she owned land and enslaved people after Kingsley freed her in 1811.

American Beach

In answer to laws preventing African-Americans from using public facilities, Jacksonville's Afro-American Life Insurance Company American Beach bought 33 acres on Amelia Island in 1935. Slowly before World War II and more quickly thereafter, black-owned structures and public spaces grew into a vibrant community for African-American residents and visitors. Hurricane Dora and the Civil Rights Act both impacted the island in 1964. The devastation of the storm and new opportunities under the law led vacationers to move to other venues. Currently in transition, American Beach is a quiet area now, looking forward to redefinition.

How Can Arlington Businesses Recover Swiftly from Water Disasters?

The climate, topography, and weather conditions of our area make Arlington water cleanup crucial to local businesses' vitality. SERVPRO understands the challenges of storm, seepage, and infrastructure water damage. Our team:

  • Prepares for water removal best practices through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training and on-the-job experience
  • Boasts well-equipped with scalable inventories of extraction and structural drying equipment
  • Encourages businesses to create Emergency READY Profiles (ERP) proactively to streamline SERVPRO interventions

The reliable workers and state-of-the-art equipment of SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East ensure rapid mitigation and remediation when businesses need water removal and cleanup. Call us at (904) 721-2230 to start your recovery immediately.

Local Commercial Water Removal Services?

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen Showroom We know more than just the basics when it comes to water damage. Let SERVPRO help rid your kitchen showroom of unwanted moisture.

SERVPRO Can Remove the Water Damage From Your Arlington Kitchen Showroom. 

Owning a local Arlington business can become incredibly challenging when your property needs urgent water removal services. Picture finally being able to open the kitchen showroom of your dreams. You have poured blood, sweat, and tears into your kitchen renovation business. After years of commitment, and thousands of dollars, you finally have a modern and luxury showroom to present to your clients. 

Now picture what might happen if a water supply line breaks and puts your sparkly new kitchen showroom in need of local Arlington water removal services. It may seem like a nightmare come to life, but the best thing you can do is get help quickly. No matter the day of the week or the time, here at SERVPRO, we're open so we can help you during your time of need.

How Fast Can SERVPRO Arrive to a Water Damage Situation

At SERVPRO, we care about providing excellent service at a face pace. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we pride ourselves on that fact. With just one phone call, we can: 

  • Swiftly assemble a team of expert water removal specialist 
  • Drive one of our pre-loaded vans of equipment to your property
  • Use GPS to ensure we're taking the fastest route to your location 

We build our schedule around yours and aim to be available whenever you need us. No matter if your emergency happens at midday or midnight, we're here for you. 

What Can SERVPRO Do For My Showroom? What About the Cabinetry?

We understand that kitchen showrooms are all about design. We know you have thousands of dollars worth of cabinetry, tables, and flooring examples. Not to mention, you also have appliances on display. Should any of these things become damaged, we can:

  • Help you take stock of lost inventory so you can create a claim with your insurance adjuster
  • Remove standing water with our advanced industry-grade technology (such as extractors and portable pumps)
  • Set up drying equipment to help remove excess moisture from pieces (such as dehumidifiers and air movers)

Our goal at SERVPRO is always to leave you feeling, "Like it never even happened."

When your home requires professional water removal services, never wait. Call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East by dialing (904) 721-2230. No matter the time, we can help you!

Is It Possible to Keep Areas of My Arlington Business Open During Water Cleanup?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

ERP green digital app on phone SERVPRO Helps Cover the Potential Water Losses to Arlington FoodService Establishments with Our Proactive ERP Plan

Work with SERVPRO Ahead of Water Loss or Other Disasters to Minimize the Disruption and Accelerate the Cleanup in Your Arlington Restaurant

Water is a necessity and a convenience in Arlington restaurants. It is sipped by customers, used as a cooking aid and ingredient, and helps wash the dishes and allow the restrooms to function. When a water main slices open due to a remodeling error at a neighboring business, you might fear a shutdown for an unspecified time. No company wants that uncertainty on the menu, but water removal is a tricky operation.

Are There Strategies We Can Explore to Keep Our Business Running During Water Mitigation and Remediation?

In a competitive foodservice market like that of Arlington, water cleanup closure could nudge your customer base to make their reservations at another eatery permanently. People are busy and very disappointed when a favorite restaurant has to close its doors and fail to feed our hungry families. We encourage our commercial customers to contact us before any water damage to explore the creation of an Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) to avoid this outcome.

Whom Do I Call to Set Up an Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP)?

Give the SERVPRO main number a call to schedule a no-obligation assessment with one of our experienced project managers. Expect an in-depth inspection of all spaces inside your business, and a discussion about the firms that might share common areas or walls, and storage and utility areas with your business. We want to understand your physical layout and how your restaurant works, for example:

  • Location of utility lines and shutoffs
  • Location of restrooms, sinks
  • Bar set up
  • Pre-opening prep times
  • How heavy water use tasks such as dishwashing or par-cooking are staffed and staggered through the workday and night
  • Hours of operation
  • Number of staff in various spaces
  • Separation of dining areas from food and drink prep
  • Configuration of any take out ordering and pickup spaces
  • Typical customer load and variations depending on time and day of the week

Why Does the Project Manager Take Pictures of My Business?

As our project manager moves through your restaurant's spaces, a series of pictures are stored and saved to your digital ERP file. Because we need all of our work crews to have comprehensive information about the layout and particular concerns in your business space, we archive visual reminders to assist if they pick up the call.

Does My Opinion Matter When Creating an ERP?

We know you have concerns similar to other customers in the restaurant business, but we also understand your business is unique. During the assessment, we discuss ways that your foodservice mission could continue even if we are onsite orchestrating water removal and structural drying. We are familiar with ways to complete a water cleanup project while allowing you to operate at partial or adapted capacity, such as:

  • Erecting containment barriers around the main work site
  • Scaling our response efforts up to finish tasks quickly during non-dining hours, which can involve:
  • Larger work crews for shorter periods
  • Additional high-capacity extraction equipment
  • Sealing the containment area with air scrubbers to prevent drift of any debris and enhance the efficiency of drying equipment

Do You Have Any Advice to Minimize the Effect of a Disaster?

One of the ways we help clients prepare for water or another disaster that could occur is to evaluate if the implementation of safeguards would help. Our recommendations vary from business to business, but some of the suggestions we might extend are:

  • Raising equipment permanently on blocks
  • Scheduling plumbing inspections if drains seem slow or if micro leaks are present
  • Consulting with building management to be made aware of any planned plumbing maintenance or construction
  • Writing and disseminating among your employees an emergency plan

Is It Worth My Time to Fill Out Details on the SERVPRO ERP App?

All information you provide helps us respond more effectively and efficiently when you experience a water loss. Some of the things you can share that make our response more streamlined and specific to your situation are:

  • Contact information for the vendors and contractors who sold and installed your equipment and systems
  • A clear indication that SERVPRO is your preferred restoration partner and has permission to begin emergency work
  • A list of your highest priorities as we respond
  • Designated employees or other individuals who can act on your behalf if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable when the emergency occurs

You will not regret working with SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East on disaster preparation through the development of an Emergency READY Profile (ERP). Call us at (904) 721-2230 to schedule a consultation today.                                                                                                      

Can Plumbing Issues Bring my Arlington Business to a Halt?

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

wellington boots on flooded floor Controlling water impact on business and mitigating loss is a professional requirement.

Using Commercial Water Cleanup Services Can Help you to Re-open Faster and Minimize Lost Revenue in Arlington

Can I ask the staff to clean up standing water in my business?

Water mitigation is beyond the remit of your regular staff, who should be focusing on their regular job roles and may not have the equipment to perform the task properly. Furthermore, there is a risk of injury when dealing with a water emergency that could place your staff at risk. Using Arlington-based restorers with experience working on business premises is the safest pathway to get your business running smoothly again.

What are the benefits of commercial business restoration?

• Access to advanced cleaning or drying equipment and techniques
• Ample human resources for large or small business premises
• Expert mitigation that abides with state and federal regulation

Can I request specialist cleaning from a commercial restorer?

Restorers have a specific skill set that is suited to the task at hand. However, as a business owner, you may have special requirements. If a water leak is the result of a malfunctioning appliance, for example, you may need an electrical specialist or plumber to fix the problem at the source. SERVPRO commercial crew chiefs have extensive contacts for specialty drying solutions. These may include document recovery as well as trusted third-party technicians.

What we can do during water restoration in your Arlington property is to mitigate against further losses until a specialist can arrive. With electrical equipment, we can use equipment to prevent water from condensation inside the appliance. This can be beneficial to mitigating against permanent losses. If valuable documents are wet, we can freeze dry them temporarily until restoration at a later date.

Controlling water impact on business and mitigating loss is a professional requirement. Contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230.

Who Can I Call For Water Damage Repair Services in Arlington?

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flooded floor When your property needs water damage repair services, get help!

Here at SERVPRO of Arlington, We're Water Damage Experts!

There are many things inside of your Arlington property that could cause water damage. Obviously, it would be best if you didn't become paranoid and suspicious of your appliances. However, it never hurts to be prepared in case something should become faulty.

The best thing you can do for your Arlington property if it suffered water damage, is to call for repair services as quickly as possible. The key to water damage remediation is not to wait too long. The longer water damage sits in your property, the worse it can be for you. So, if you find water damage, reach out for professionals, like SERVPRO, to help you.

What Might Happen if I Leave the Damages For a Few Days?

Nowadays, everyone's money is tight, and you may worry about how much professional services may cost. However, leaving water damage to its devices for any amount of time is not wise. It could cause:
• Mold damage and rot to the structure of your property
• Damage to tile, hardwood, laminate, or carpeted flooring
• Damage to furniture, possessions, and clothing

Leaving water damage in your property can only make the cost of remediation more expensive, so get help immediately.

If My Hardwood Kitchen Floor Was Damaged, How Would SERVPRO Remediate it?

At SERVPRO, we're dedicated to giving you the best service. If such a situation occurred, we could:
• Remove any standing water with advanced technological equipment
• Set up drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers and air movers
• Layout floor drying mats, to give your hardwood floors extra attention

If there is water damage in your property, leave it to us. We've got you covered!

When your property needs water damage repair services, get help! Call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East by dialing (904) 721-2230. No matter the time, we're here for you.

What Role Does Drying Equipment Play in Commercial Flood Damage Mitigation & Restoration?

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse with drying equipment No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you, with the Experience and Equipment you need.

Drying Equipment is Used to Remove Excess Interior Moisture from Your Arlington Business that Could Cause Future Property Damage and Negative Health Effects. 

The first thing Arlington business owners think about after they experience flooding is flood water extraction. Inches or even feet of dirty, smelly standing water in their facilities quickly motivates them to act. This reaction, of course, is because this problem is easy to see and smell. With that said, however, there are other, less noticeable, but equally destructive, issues that could also result from flooding. Standing floodwater in your building saturates its structural elements and interior air with moisture. This moisture, in time, leads to the proliferation of microorganisms that could structurally weaken your building and potentially cause negative health effects. It is for this reason that using the right drying equipment after water extraction is essential.

What Can Happen If Your Business’ Interior is Not Dried to Normal Moisture Levels?            

A lot of commercial flood damage in Arlington results from unresolved or improperly handled airborne moisture issues. When your facilities flood, dirty water saturates floors, walls, and any contents in its path. At the same time, evaporation fills your business’ interior air with moisture and condensation deposits water droplets all around on different surfaces. If this excess water and water vapor are not adequately removed, it can eventually lead to the:

 Swelling and warping of wooden flooring, wall paneling and studs, windows, and doors

 Tarnishing, rusting, and corrosion of metal surfaces

 Deterioration of paint and drywall

 Growth of harmful bacteria and fungi

The destructive effects of moisture, combined with those of unchecked microorganism growth, can slowly undermine the integrity of your building. Over time, all of this could make it structurally unsound and hazardous to use. While all this is occurring, proliferating bacteria and fungi could negatively impact your health and that of your employees.        

What Advanced drying hardware can be used to Effectively Dry My Arlington Business?

The effective removal of destructive moisture from your Arlington business requires specialized equipment. This can pose a problem since not all flood damage mitigation and remediation companies have it. Fortunately, though, the most experienced and reputable services, like SERVPRO, do. We have a wide range of industrial-strength hardware and gear to successfully handle most commercial drying needs. Our commercial drying equipment includes:

 Powerful fans and air blowers

 Massive desiccant dehumidifiers mounted on trailers.

 State-of-the-art low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers.

 Advanced injectidry systems.

These impressive tools enable SERVPRO technicians to effectively and efficiently dry large structures quickly. At the same time, they also help us maintain interior climates to limit further property damage.   

How Does Some of SERVPRO’s Advanced Equipment Work?

Fascinating innovations in drying technology have occurred in recent years, and SERVPRO has taken full advantage of them. Our trailer-mounted desiccant dehumidifiers pull moisture-laden air out of your building, their adsorbent-coated wheels remove massive amounts of water vapor from the incoming air, and then the moisture is blown off the wheel with the outgoing air. This process is made possible by the very nature of adsorbents like silica gel, which do not absorb liquids and change form. Instead, these solids attract and are coated by liquids, and then their coating is blown off with the outgoing airflow.     

Another innovative tool in SERVPRO’s extensive arsenal is the LGR dehumidifier. Whereas desiccant dehumidifiers use adsorbents to dry the air, LGR dehumidifiers cool the air to extract the water via condensation. These appliances’ double cooling system condenses water from the air until moisture levels are well below forty grains/pound. Injectidry systems can be attached to dehumidifiers to dry hard-to-reach areas behind walls and ceilings. We plug these systems into small holes drilled into wall baseboards and ceilings.   

What Are the Overall Benefits of Using This High-Tech Equipment?

The mitigation and restoration needs of Arlington businesses often differ greatly from those of homeowners. Often, commercial properties are much larger than residences, have more strict time constraints, have public obligations, and a significant socio-economic impact. Considering all this, there are numerous benefits to using the previously mentioned hardware. Some of these are:

 Better ensuring the future structural integrity of your buildings.

 More effectively preventing or limiting harmful microorganism growth.

 Reducing the time it takes to completely dry your business site.

 Lowering costs by enabling technicians to complete work more quickly, thereby making it possible to save more existing elements instead of replacing them

This technologically advanced equipment can get you back in business in less time than more conventional tools.

Natural disasters happen in Arlington, and when they do, there is little any of us can do to avoid them. When they affect your business, you need to recover as soon as possible. If not, you could lose a lot of money and, if remediation takes long enough, go out of business. Therefore, you must contact a company with the right tools to get your commercial job done fast.     

If your commercial property is ever impacted by flooding, contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for assistance.

Why SERVPRO is the Trusted Choice in Arlington for Commercial Water Removal

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

Outside view of multi-story office building Does your office building have water removal needs? Call SERVPRO today for fast, effective remediation.

For Professional Water Removal in Your Arlington Commercial Space, Call Us at SERVPRO!

Commercial water losses call for swift action so that you can get your business back up and running. Not only that, but the longer that you expose the structure and all contents of your building to moisture, the more damage takes hold. Calling our team of skilled technicians at SERVPRO gets you the prompt response that you need to get everything cleaned up quickly. 

Commercial water removal in Arlington calls for skill and specialized equipment. Our goal at SERVPRO is to work on limiting the number of contents and building materials that need replacing. All of this is done by putting a plan of action into place and starting the restoration using advanced methods. 

Lessen Downtime 

For your business to be successful, you need to be open and functioning. SERVPRO technicians get to work on assessing your needs and extracting water so that your potential customers look elsewhere to bring their business elsewhere. 

Extract Water Efficiently 

Water removal goes faster when the right equipment is in use. SERVPRO arrives on your commercial property with trucks fully loaded with pumps and extraction tools to pull out as much water as possible. Portable pumps help extract water from carpeting and the padding below. We also use special attachments that allow us to reach behind baseboards and into tight spaces. Technicians also inspect all materials and floor tiles to see what can is salvageable and what must need replacing. 

Packouts and Drying 

Many commercial situations call for packouts to remove furnishings and inventory, bringing them to a dry place while the cleanup commences. SERVPRO handles large-scale packouts, using our Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS) to track all of the items that need moving into other areas. 

After all of the water is removed from the building, we use thermal imaging equipment to ensure moisture is under control. Our team then thoroughly cleans and disinfects to inhibit mold growth and the onset of any foul odors. From there, any items previously removed get brought back into their exact locations. We complete all of this so that you have little or nothing about which to worry. 

SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East is here to ensure your commercial water removal project goes as smoothly as possible. If you call us at (904) 721-2230, we send out a team as quickly as possible to start in with an assessment.

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We Get You Back In Business In Arlington After A Water Damage Disaster

12/27/2019 (Permalink)

three of our vans going to a commercial property to offer restoration Our team assisted with restoration in a nearby commercial building using our state of the art equipment and expertise, we got the job done right away.

Bar Managers of Arlington rely on SERVPRO for Emergency Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage

Over a busy weekend, a bar can serve hundreds or even thousands of customers. With every customer using glasses and plates, which are continually cycling through washing appliances. It is not uncommon for the bar industry to require emergency restorers when appliances break and flood the property. A loose hose can deposit gallons of water into the bar or backrooms and occur at anytime. As a bar manager, your priority is to return to business the following day with no gaps or temporary closures. It would be best if you had the emergency out-of-hours restoration.

When commercial water damage occurs in your Arlington bar, it may be in the small hours. SERVPRO operates commercial emergency services, and you can reach us at any time via our telephone number. We take as much information as possible on the size of the bar, the extent of damage, and the types of materials it is affecting. From there, we can set up the right equipment to ensure our services on-site are as efficient as possible.

We are a local restoration company. Our technicians live and work in this community with several on-call staff throughout the night. The SERVPRO customer service team can arrange for a technician, or several, to mobilize quickly with trucks full of drying, extraction, and restoration equipment. On-site, our crew chiefs communicate with you from start to finish to ensure that all aspects of the restoration service are suited to your needs.

In a bar, water damage migration can be a catalyst for secondary mold issues. Most bars are constructed with floor cavities to run beer lines from upper to lower levels. Standing water can migrate into these cavities, leaving behind damp spots or flooding lower levels. Our teams can use Boroscopes to assess holes and distinguish the extent of water inside. By deploying special drying equipment like duck fitted air-movers or injectidry systems, we can secure your business against secondary losses.

If you need out-of-hours emergency services, contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230.

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We Are Experts At Detecting Water Damage Issues In Your Arlington Property

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on a white wall SERVPRO technicians use these tools along with their training and experience to ensure there are no future mold issues.

Commercial Water Damage Arlington –Detecting Moisture Areas

Everyone is in a hurry to recover from a water damage event. Commercial owners and managers want to restart their business operations as soon as possible. Business owners are losing money when the area affected is not available for use. However, by moving too quickly and missing areas were moisture remains can cause mold conditions and future problems for commercial buildings, stores, government offices, and more.

SERVPRO has seen many commercial water damage events in our Arlington coverage area. We understand how important it is to do the job right the first time. Any remaining moisture, usually leads to mold growth, structure damage, and lost revenue for the business.

How We Find Hidden Moisture Areas
At SERVPRO, we use several tools to help us determine if water or moisture remains in floors and walls. Moisture sensors have a sharp probe that can be inserted into carpets and underpad to assess the presence of moisture. The sensor emits an audible beep and a blinking light indicating the presence of moisture. It does not indicate how much moisture is present. Moisture meters can indicate how much water or moisture is in the area under review.

We also use thermal cameras to assess how far moisture may have traveled. These cameras use infrared imaging to measure the presence of moisture. As water evaporates, it cools the surface of the material. As a result, this surface can show up as being cooler than a dry area which is at room temperature. Although the infrared camera image does not display internal moisture levels within materials, it does provide an excellent indication of the presence of moisture.

Checking for Moisture
Once a room or building is considered dry and ready for re-occupation by the commercial owner, a final step remains. Thermal imaging cameras and moisture sensors provide a tremendous final check to confirm there are no hidden spots where water or moisture remains. SERVPRO technicians use these tools along with their training and experience to ensure there are no future mold issues or additional water removal action is required.

Call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Fort Caroline, St Nicholas, Spring Glen, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Sufficient Resources Can Ease Commercial Hurricane Water Removal in Affected Arlington Malls

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees sitting around a garage on vehicles looking at equipment. Don’t get caught in the storm, we will help our Arlington community through the water damage. We are prepared and waiting for your call.

SERVPRO knows exactly what to do for your hurricane water damage in Arlington.

The period before and after a hurricane is tense at best for people running commercial centers such as malls. Even though the incoming storm is tracked, you can never tell the actual level of damage likely to occur if it affects your Arlington business center. After the incident is over it is easy to establish damage levels. However, uncertainty can still linger, especially concerning the removal of floodwaters from the structure.

You can expect various challenges when planning to deal with commercial hurricane water removal in your Arlington mall. The expansive spaces mean significant amounts of water remain trapped within the structure. Removing such water requires sufficient resources because leaving it in place to drain out through gravity or other natural forces can lead to severe outcomes. Our SERVPRO technicians use high-pressure pumps. Such pumps have high amounts of lift, making them indispensable for removing water from depressed areas such as parking garages.

Unlike water from other sources, hurricane water is likely to contain different types of debris. Common types of debris include mud, silt, and solid chunks from damaged materials. An ordinary pump may have sufficient lift capacity but prove useless in such conditions. Our SERVPRO technicians can save the day using self-priming trash pumps, which can remove water mixed with debris. We have access to different varieties of the self-priming equipment, including semi-trash, trash, and full trash pumps. With such equipment, we can pump out water with solids ranging from 5/8" to 3" effectively.

Even with access extraction equipment, some challenges can still hinder the removal of water from your commercial center. During hurricanes, power problems are common due to downed power lines. Relying on electric-powered extractors can delay the removal. Suction lift limitations can also reduce efficiency when operating the extraction equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians overcome such problems through preparation. We have some gas or diesel-powered pumps that allow us to operate even when there is no power. We also have electric submersible pumps that overcome suction lift limitations.

If water removal after hurricane devastation seems overwhelming, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230. With our superior equipment and training, it can be "Like it never even happened."

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SERVPRO Cleans, Restores, and Repairs Your Arlington Commercial Building to Keep Your Business Up and Running

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO, Green Fleet, Storm Damage Now Under Control in Arlington and Elsewhere!

Commercial Flood Damage Arlington – Heavy Rain Storm Floods Office

Storms inundated the area over the past few days. The storm sewers and water runoff channels could not handle the amount of water pouring down the street. Our client's office flooded with over an inch of water on the main floor. It could have been much worse. They meet customers every day in their offices, and every day the office cannot be used means lost revenue for them.

SERVPRO responded immediately to this commercial flood damage event in Arlington. We know our customers need fast service, and in this case, they needed to get back in operation in less than a day. Fortunately, there was only an inch of water in the office. All of the computers were safe sitting on desks. There were a few emergency power modules that shorted out, and these are being replaced.

Once the water receded, our team used high volume vacuums to vacuum up all of the water and then cleaned the carpeting. The carpet was sitting on cement with no underpad, which made the cleaning and drying job much more straightforward. Once the carpets were cleaned, SERVPRO brought in high capacity dehumidifiers to dry the carpet and remove all of the remaining moisture. All hard surfaces were washed and dried as well. This customer was very fortunate, and SERVPRO was able to get them back into operation within two days.

There was some water damage to the lower part of the walls. The restoration took place during non-business hours. Our reconstruction team was able to provide this service as well. Our motto is, "Like it never even happened." With freshly cleaned carpeting, everything washed and dried, the office smelled and looked like it was brand new again.

While a SERVPRO  crew was working inside the office, other techs removed all of the dirt and sand that had piled up in the parking lot and power washed the asphalt surface. This effort avoids dirt and grit tracked into this customer's freshly cleaned office by his customers.

Call SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for 24/7 service. We serve Fort Caroline, St Nicholas, Spring Glen, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We can work on your schedule.

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If Your Arlington Bakery Has A Mold Infestation Our Experts Can Help!

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Get in touch with SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East by dialing (904) 721-2230.

Call For Professional Help When You Find Mold Damage In Your Arlington Bakery

No business owner wants to find mold damage inside of their bakery. Mold can have many adverse effects on both the customers inside of your shop and the structure of the building itself. The longer mold damage sits, the longer it has to eat away at the organic material that holds the building together and to cause rot. Furthermore, mold damage can cause health effects in some individuals and is absolutely not tolerated to be present inside of food-preparation facilities by health inspection services. For the betterment of your business, it is best to get mold damage out of your bakery as soon as you find it.

However, you might wonder what the best method to remove the mold damage in your Arlington bakery is. It is usually not advisable for you to try and remove mold damage by yourself, as the colony may be much broader than you can see.

Furthermore, it is better to be safe rather than sorry when working in a space like a bakery. The greatest thing you could do for your business is to call for professional help as soon as possible.

Here at SERVPRO, we understand how frightening it may be to find mold inside of your bakery. For this reason, we always come to your location as soon as we can and begin work right away. A closed shop means less income, and we know that any rumors could damage your reputation. However, our technicians can come to your location whenever you need us, from dusk until dawn, and we can work out of sight.

Our highly trained technicians use many advanced techniques, alongside advanced technology, to remove mold damage. Once we arrive at your bakery, we can begin by isolating the damage, to prevent it from spreading while we remediate it. In the case of your bakery, the mold was caused by excess humidity in the kitchen and began to grow along the back wall, behind a pantry unit.

After using plastic sheeting to make a barrier, and removing items from in front of the wall, SERVPRO can set up a few different technological devices to handle the mold damage inside, such as negative air chambers, designed to remove airborne mold spores. By using blasting soda and sandpaper, we can begin to remove the mold colony through agitation, since it was not deep enough to warrant removing any material. Once remediated, SERVPRO can finish off the job by using an antifungal agent to help ensure that regrowth is less likely.

When you need professional mold remediation services, get help immediately. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East by dialing (904) 721-2230. No matter the time or day, we're available.

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Call Our Professionals If Your Real Estate Office In Arlington Has Suffered A Water Damage Incident

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230 if you have a commercial water damage emergency that needs to be addressed immediately.

Is Your Arlington Real Estate Office Threatened By Water Damage? SERVPRO Is Here To Help!

Did one of your employees neglect to turn the sink off in the bathroom? Water damage in Arlington real estate often comes from unexpected places, but it always results in a major headache for your business. Water can seep into carpeting, important documents, and computers, and can cause disruptions to your employee’s work schedule.

For a streamlined and efficient restoration process, call SERVPRO to mitigate commercial water damage in your Arlington real estate office. When we arrive, our techs can get to work removing the standing water from your floors with the use of industrial grade wet vacs. If there is severe flooding, pumps can be used to remove the bulk of the standing water.

If water affects the carpeting in your business, then SERVPRO can assist you with the drying process. Commercial grade carpeting can be dried in place after being exposed to water. Our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians can assist you with the aid of air movers and dehumidifiers to expedite the process and ensure that your business can open its doors again.

Most importantly, we can be the first step in preserving your important documentation and electronic equipment that stores your client’s information. We can carefully dry the exterior casings and covers of your equipment. Additionally, once we identify damaged items in your office, we can remove them from areas containing spillage to facilitate drying. For further restoration, we recommend contacting a company that specializes in fixing electronics.

Paper is even more susceptible to water damage, so more drastic measures may have to be taken to preserve your documents. Our professionals can freeze and dry documentation with sublimation. This technique minimizes damage to paper to help ensure that your records are still readable.

Call SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230 if you have a commercial water damage emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. We're available 24/7 and are always available to address your concerns.

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After A Water Damage Disaster Occurs On Your Arlington Commercial Property, Call Our Experts Right Away!

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Arlington is ready to attend to your commercial water damage needs.

Professional Answers To Arlington Commercial Water Damage

When you own a large warehouse or retail shopping center in Arlington you often decide to outsource cleaning and maintenance tasks. On the other hand, sometimes you choose to hire your own in-house cleaning crew, figuring this protects your business from unexpected cleaning challenges. Either way, when you face a water damage emergency, your first inclination might be to turn the problem over to the team that keeps your commercial property tidy.

Water damage in your Arlington commercial space can present unique challenges. Your cleaning staff is skilled in many things, but it is unlikely they have the specialized training to assess, plan, and carry out professional water remediation. The equipment we use to remove water and reduce moisture to normal levels is precisely matched to the tasks at hand. Rely on our expertise to make sure water damage is managed appropriately.

SERVPRO is able to handle even large commercial water losses, scaling our crew size and equipment as needed. This is crucial as water intrusions need immediate attention and swift resolution. Standing water soaks into porous building materials, causing deterioration within hours. Our team gets to work on evacuating the water fast, each of our fleet of green service trucks stocked with the pumps and extractors needed, and the technicians to operate them.

Our IICRC trained employees use thermal scanners to find the location of any hidden water. It is vital that even trapped water be removed to avoid structural weakening and the risk of mold damage. SERVPRO crew members concentrate their efforts on restoring water damage by taking the process step by step, following the protocols developed by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

SERVPRO employees use moisture meters to help determine drying goals after the visible water exits. Water soaked into building materials needs a balance of air movement, heat, and air dryness to move the moisture into the air as a vapor where it can be captured as condensation with dehumidifiers.

SERVPRO of Arlington is ready to attend to your commercial water damage needs. Call us at (904) 721-2230 to set up an assessment.

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Do Not Let Mold Take Over Your Arlington Hotel!

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

With visitors coming to stay at your hotel in Arlington mold damage couldn’t be farther from your mind.

Professional Mold Damage Mitigation And Remediation For Your Arlington Area Hotel

With the understanding of how visitors spend countless hours researching the best places to stay, you are more than ecstatic when they choose your Arlington area hotel. Are you ready for their visit? Tourist season is almost here, and many guests booked rooms months in advance. You and your staff work diligently to get everything ready, but have you thought of everything?

With visitors coming to stay at your hotel in Arlington mold damage couldn’t be farther from your mind. However, mold occurs in hotels far more often than you might think. Believe it or not, you could face a mold problem just before, or even right after, guests arrive. Having access to qualified mold remediation and timely damage mitigation can help make a huge difference in the quality of your guest's visit.

As a hotel manager, it is your job to inspect and clean each room regularly. You turn off air conditioners whenever a room is unoccupied and empower your employees to respond to risky situations. However, you also need to have each room explicitly checked for mold, and that’s where SERVPRO comes. Our IICRC-industry certified technicians can help determine if your walls are properly insulated and catch a variety of smaller moisture problems before they have a chance to get bigger. We can even show you different ways to minimize any losses you might experience and catch mold before it has a chance to put your guests at risk.

When you have a customer complain about an existing mold problem on your property, an entire team of SERVPRO technicians is available 24-7. We provide emergency response, cleanup, remediation, and restoration services at a moments notice, year-round. We can cordon-off the affected area, limiting guest exposure, and stopping the spread of mold in its tracks. By using negative-airflow machines, air scrubbers, foggers, and advanced techniques, our team goes to work immediately, restoring your property to a quality pre-mold damage condition quickly.

SERVPRO of Arlington has an entire Green Fleet available, every day. We work hard to provide quality remediation and restoration services throughout our local community. Contact us at (904) 721-2230 to begin your companies mold remediation process, today.

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Here Are A Few Ways Our Experts Help Arlington Store Owners Tackle Mold Damage

11/6/2018 (Permalink)

When mold damage hits a clothing store, several unique problems can arise that pose a challenge to remediation professionals working on the case.

Removing Mold Damage From A Clothing Store In Arlington Does Not Have To Be Difficult

When mold damage hits a clothing store in Arlington, several unique problems can arise that pose a challenge to remediation professionals working on the case. Large floor spaces provide huge environments for spores to grow and thrive in, and even the merchandise can support entire colonies by itself. SERVPRO technicians know they have to act fast to control the problem before it spreads around the store and contaminates more merchandise and drastically increases the restoration and replacement costs you may later incur. Here are a few ways we help clothing store owners tackle mold damage problems quickly and professionally.

Targeted Quarantines
A reliable method to stop mold damage in an Arlington clothing store is to quarantine the affected area. By keeping most of the spores inside a contained area that we can rapidly treat and sanitize, we can significantly reduce the risk of additional growth in other parts of the store. In certain cases, we may be able to keep the business open and operating while this quarantine is in place, although safety concerns may require us to close off the establishment to customers temporarily.

Air Filtration
Airborne spores can spread the infestation around the store and even to back rooms and neighboring businesses through interconnected HVAC systems. We use industrial strength air scrubbing technology to scrub the air clean of almost all mold spores, even those that are small enough to bypass standard filtration technology.

Item Inventories
We sort mold-damaged items individually and keep track of which individual pieces of clothing need a full replacement, minor restorations work, or no intervention at all. By comparing our lists with your existing item inventories, we can help you file an insurance claim and directly work with the insurer to get you maximum return on your policy.

SERVPRO of Arlington prioritizes fast turnaround times and well-rounded restoration processes for businesses in the area suffering mold damage. Call us at (904) 721-2230.

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How Our Professionals Remediate Your Commercial Water Damage In Jacksonville

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

If you need an expert to get rid of excess water, then give SERVPRO a call.

Dry Commercial Water Damage In Jacksonville At The Speed Of Light

If you own a restaurant, retail store, shops, mall, or any commercial establishment, then you know how important it's to ensure that your business is healthy and thriving. Sometimes, there could be unfortunate events such as plumbing disasters, weak foundation, rain, appliance issue, or any other problems can result in water rushing onto the site. This adverse event can lead to commercial water damage for your business. Water can be absorbed in the walls or carpet leaving unpleasant odors and the growth of bacteria. This problem can deter your customers, therefore making you lose out on potential profit. The most challenging part about getting rid of excess water is the drying time.

Drying commercial water damage in Jacksonville location can be quite a challenge. Four factors that affect the drying time are temperature, humidity, amounts of water evaporated, and air movement. The rule of thumb is "wet goes to dry." That means moisture from wet material often moves to dryer material. Dry air can absorb moisture from the wet surface. With this in mind, you might have to move quickly to extract all the excess water before it spread to dry areas.

SERVPRO technician can utilize advanced technology like air mover to help blow damp air out and bring warm and dry air to speed up the drying process. This process ensures that the proper position of air can help dry the entire establishment efficiently. Because time is of the essence, the SERVPRO tech can begin the mitigation procedure immediately. They can ensure that the temperature of the room is between 70° to 90° since hot air can hold more moisture than cold air. If the heater is not available, the techs can use a portable heater to help with the process. The proper temperature can assure a faster and more convenient drying time. After the process is complete, the technicians can walk you through your establishment to make sure that you are satisfied with the work.

If you need an expert to get rid of excess water, then give SERVPRO of Arlington a call at (904) 721-2230, and we can send our best technician out there to start the mitigation process right away.

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Furniture Stores Recover Quickly with Commercial Water Removal Services in Jacksonville

9/2/2018 (Permalink)

The Emergency READY Profile Plan Can Be Especially Useful During September Disasters Month in the Jacksonville Area

SERVPRO Offers the ERP Program and Fast Water Loss Services

Helping people find the furnishings needed to make their Jacksonville home more comfortable can become a lucrative enterprise. Disasters can cut into your profit margin quickly, and if extremely severe, a crisis can cause your business to fail.
Businesses in Jacksonville who plan for the times they need mitigation services like commercial water removal and cleanup use SERVPRO's Emergency READY Program to give them a head start after a disaster. This mobile app can also help prevent incidents from even occurring. Having one in place saves valuable time, however, and can result in a more rapid, facilitated recovery. However, we always respond as quickly as possible to all calls we receive, regardless of the existence of a READY Profile. Our area's economic health depends on the success of all our local businesses, including yours.
When your business holds standing water in any location, that water steadily seeps into the floor. Tiny cracks that remain undamaged during regular mopping and other cleaning chores can become entry points where the water slowly eats at the adhesives holding your tile floor in place. Loose tiles quickly become chipped when not replaced with new ones. SERVPRO technicians want to get the water removed as quickly as possible and then start drying out the areas that remain damp.
When water comes from dirty sources, we also need to perform cleaning and sanitizing methods to ensure that contaminated areas no longer pose a risk. Both clean and contaminated water require removal of moisture and water vapor through our efficient drying techniques.
Our IICRC-certified technicians connect heated floor pads to extraction machines. These components work together to heat the floor, so moisture trapped underneath the tiles evaporates into the air above the tiling, and then the extraction mechanism whisks the water vapor into individual holding tanks. For large-scale flooding, we also use desiccant machines to pull water vapor out of the air.
Drying out upholstered furniture after becoming soaked with clean water can help rescue much of your inventory. We also treat these with an antimicrobial spray, if our customer desires such additional treatment. We can discuss this extra option with you. When needed, our SERVPRO techs can place styrofoam or wood blocks to reduce your inventory to standing water which may wick and cause secondary damages.
If commercial water removal is what your business needs, SERVPRO of Arlington can help. Calling us at (904) 721-2230 can get things started in the right direction for you. Our experienced technicians are always ready to help other local businesses in the Fort Caroline and St Nicholas areas recover after all types of disasters.

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Assisting You in Clearing Out Algae and Mold Damage in Your Arlington Aquatics Shop

7/22/2018 (Permalink)

Your aquatics shop has a great deal of water in many areas which holds many types of fish for sale. If you see or smell mold, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Efficiently Remediate a Mold Infestation in Your Business

Running an aquatics shop in Arlington can become a time-consuming but fun passion, quickly growing larger each year. Keeping things clean helps decrease the number of sick animals that decrease your inventory and profits, but doing the maintenance work takes substantial amounts of time.
Once algae and mold become visible inside your business, the problem with commercial mold damage in Arlington may already have caused serious problems to materials inside your building. SERVPRO technicians can help you get things clean and healthy again for your living inventory, your employees, and your customers. We work quickly to save our customers time and minimize the period their shop requires temporary closure.
We can help your staff move cages and tanks to another area while we clean shelves, display units, and other locations where mold and algae accumulated. Treating these locations with antimicrobial sprays that are safe once dry keeps mold and other microorganisms from regrowing protect your business's future. SERVPRO sees every business in our area as a vital and crucial part of our economy, and we want you to continue providing the community with your products and services.
SERVPRO employees can also assist your employees in cleaning out cages that contain large amounts of mold growth, so mold damage does not spread again. Mold can grow anywhere that moisture levels make it possible, and feeding your live inventory also gives microbes a steady food supply. These microorganisms can cause health effects in people, and can do the same to reptiles and other aquatic pets you have for sale.
We also help find any water leaks exist in your lines or other equipment. Repairing such locations can not only keep problems from happening again but also decrease your water bills. Many business owners find that doing this results in significant savings each month.
SERVPRO of Arlington is always ready to help you improve your business's appearance and functionality by restoring things to a healthy condition. Call us at (904) 721-2230 so we can help you with any amount of mold damage remediation and clean up services needed to keep your shop in a healthy state.

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Staying On Top Of Mold Damage To A Hotel In Jacksonville

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

Guests at hotels in Jacksonville do not want mold damage in their rooms and accommodations, even if the growth is nearly imperceptible.

Mold Damage In Your Hotel

Even in cases where mold damage to a hotel in Jacksonville appears unimportant or safe to ignore, leaving these minor issues untreated can lead to significant consequences for your business. Customer impressions, possible health code violations, and potential for expanded problems all can cost you much more money later on than responsible treatments from a company like SERVPRO cost while the problem remains in its infancy.

Guest Opinion
Guests at hotels in Jacksonville do not want mold damage in their rooms and accommodations, even if the growth is nearly imperceptible. Guests tend to inflate problems in their minds and opinions, and regardless of their validity, these opinions may translate into negative public reviews of the establishment. If a single guest finds the beginnings of a fungal colony in their bathroom, they may write about a "mold problem" online that wards off dozens of potential guests for years to come. Regular and stringent checking of rooms for mold damage is as important as a timely and adequate response to the damage to prevent guest opinion of your establishment from dropping.

Health Codes
In many cases, government and private inspectors may care about mold growth far more than your guests. Preventing fines, negative ratings, and lengthy investigations are best done by avoiding risking anything and take care of minute problems before they are found out. Small amounts of fungal growth may be inexpensive to sanitize and remove but could carry significant fines in some circumstances.

Potential For Further Problems
Even if the damage is minor, taking care of problems now helps to avoid a much broader infestation later. Mold can grow and spread quickly, especially in a water-rich environment like a hotel. Even dead colonies may harbor latent spores that can reignite problems later on. Only through targeted and highly effective sanitization methods like those used by SERVPRO can prevent catastrophes from happening down the road.

SERVPRO of Arlington provides treatment and restoration services for mold damage, no matter how minor or severe the issue may appear. Call us at (904) 721-2230 for our help with eliminating mold from your business.

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Helping a Funeral Home Recover from Commercial Water Damage in Jacksonville

1/29/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can negatively affect the appearance of your funeral home, call on SERVPRO to restore your space "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Help You Continue to Offer Your Services after Water Damage

Jacksonville offers many different activities to its residents and the tourists who visit. However, more somber activities also play a role in our society, some of which require the use of a funeral home. The time during which family and friends say their final good-byes forms additional lasting memories.

Jacksonville funeral directors know how badly commercial water damage can appear in photos taken during a showing. Our knowledgeable technicians hold certificates from the IICRC in Water Damage Restoration (WRT). This ensures they are skilled in the latest methods required to perform all of the work needed to restore your facility beautifully, “Like it never even happened.”

Water damage can affect a building in many different ways. Depending on the source of the intrusive water, damage can appear on walls, ceilings, furniture, floors – anywhere. Water damage is more than ugly stains that can permit microbial growth, as it can also become a safety issue. However, we must ensure that the source no longer permits water to enter your building before we can begin our work.

When floors become damaged by moisture and water, they slowly weaken. Over time, they steadily worsen until restoration takes place. Dry rotting of carpets can also develop an unpleasant smell. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) is ready to remedy any odor problems caused by water damage within carpets or other areas throughout your building.

Removing materials damaged by water and moisture help pave the way for the installation of new walls, ceilings, and other structures. We use moisture meters to check to ensure that moisture levels cannot ruin new materials. When humidity remains, we use heaters and air movers to accelerate the drying process greatly. At times, the use of thermal heat sensors detects additional areas.

Our employees are thorough, dedicated, and skilled in all aspects of restorative work, and want to help you continue providing your services to our local community. Whenever your establishment suffers from commercial water damage, call SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230 to reach our 24-hour services, any day of the year.

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Jacksonville Businesses Need to Know They Can Rely on Professional Water Removal Services

1/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fill out our Emergency Ready Plan App and feel at ease knowing your business will be handled the way you chose during a water damage emergency.

SERVPRO’s Emergency Read Plan Helps Puts You at Ease During a Disaster

Unless you are in the business of water removal yourself, it is likely that you and your staff will be blindsided if your Jacksonville commercial space fills up with water. Regardless of the source of the water -- plumbing leaks or overflows, sewage backups, flooding, appliance malfunction, or another crisis --, there is a good chance a day will come when you need our help.

Save yourself the potential anxiety and contact us now about how we manage water removal in Jacksonville. Discussing the causes and possible outcomes may make you reconsider some of your business practices. For example, if you store business documents on your company’s premises you should take care that they are in an area unlikely to be damaged by leaks or standing water. We offer a no-obligation assessment of your physical plant to help you plan for a water removal or other disaster.

Consider developing a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP). Our experienced project managers explain the steps a restoration company would take to remove water and dry out your premises, so you thoroughly understand our process. Typically we use submersible pumps for more than two inches of water, and also employ water extractors to manage more shallow floods and to follow up the pumping.

In addition to the assessment noted above, the ERP permits you to set priorities, designate agents among your employees to act on your behalf, and thoroughly review the issues your business may face if large quantities of water should intrude. During the ERP development process, you use a mobile app to answer questions that help SERVPRO respond most efficiently to your business’s needs while following the industry’s best practices. Our employees also take pictures of your commercial space, sketch out a blueprint of the layout, and identify crucial elements like water, gas, and other shut offs.

Once you and our manager complete the ERP questionnaires the water removal service you may need in the future will follow the plan created with input from you as the business owner and SERVPRO. Even if you are elsewhere when a water disaster strikes you can rely on us to honor the plan when we respond. Entering into the plan also makes it clear you have chosen our team to provide your water removal and other restoration services.

SERVPRO of Arlington has the trained technicians and advanced water removal equipment to manage a water loss in your business. Call (904) 721-2230 to schedule an evaluation of your current or potential situation.

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Removing Commercial Water Damage in Jacksonville

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Arlington is available 24/7/365 to respond to any commercial water damage emergency!

Learn How SERVPRO Tackles Commercial Water Damage in Jacksonville

Jacksonville business owners have to deal with the same disasters as homeowners. The financial effects can be much higher and affect many more people.

There are a lot of small factory operations in Florida. When commercial water damage strikes a Jacksonville operation, SERVPRO technicians understand that every employee depends on us, just like the business owner. Every day the business is shut down means a loss of income for everybody. If the doors remain closed for too many days, people have to either find new work or risk losing their homes.

In any factory setting, the emphasis is going to be on clearing outstanding water and drying out the machinery and the facility. To get this done quickly, we use pumps and extraction wands to remove the water. SERVPRO restoration teams use dehumidifiers, air movers, and exhaust fans to dry out the building and equipment. In case the building electrical system was compromised, we also keep an inventory of portable generators to ensure continuous power support.

If standing water is deeper than a couple of inches, we start with the pumps. Our teams can clear it out from a small to a medium-sized factory in a day. When the pumps have drawn out everything they can, we switch to the extraction wands.

These devices are similar to the water-vac many residents have in their garages, but our devices are more powerful and can be adjusted depending on the surface and the amount of water on it. The wands are what we use to get under machinery and storage racks to remove as much water as possible. The extraction process usually takes a day or two.

As we clear the water, other team members are preparing to dry things out. Once the wands are in operation, we turn on the dehumidifiers to draw out moisture from the air inside the facility. Each machine we put in place can remove up to 25 gallons of water per day from the atmosphere.

Once we eliminate any remaining puddles of water, technicians set-up air movers to force warm, dry air across the surface of the floor and underneath machinery and other facility property. They work in conjunction with the exhaust fans, which we install at doors and windows to draw out the cooler, damp air and blow it outside.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Much of our state is still recovering, and SERVPRO of Arlington knows that every business we help keep open speeds up the process. For more about what we can do for your business, call us today at (904) 721-2230. We are here to help.

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Sewage Backup Cleanup And Commercial Water Removal For Jacksonville Businesses

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Arlington is here to help restore water damage from your commercial property 24/7/365.

Commercial Water Removal For Jacksonville Businesses Is A Possibility 

Sewage is untreated water that is contaminated with fecal matter, raw human or animal body fluids, or other organic contaminants. When a sewage backup occurs, Jacksonville business owners must act quickly to minimize the extent of the damage. Sewage-contaminated water can remain in a structure for hours or even days, ultimately penetrating and contaminating concrete, gypsum, wood, and other building materials.

Sewage backup puts you and your employees at risk for health effects due to the presence of disease-causing pathogens. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a sewage backup problem at your Jacksonville workplace, you can count on SERVPRO for commercial water removal services. Our IICRC-certified professionals have advanced equipment to ensure a thorough cleanup process.

Sewage water comes with pathogens, which are disease-causing agents such as protozoans, mold spores, viruses, and bacteria. Exposure to these microorganisms can lead to illnesses ranging from severe gastroenteritis, infectious hepatitis, and dysentery to gastritis.

When planning for the cleanup of a sewage-contaminated building, SERVPRO water damage experts must consider a number of important factors. These include the range of cleanup work required, health risks to employees, general safety of the building, items that can be salvaged, and items that should be discarded. We also put into consideration the protection of other spaces in the building, for instance how easy dust or air can move from a contaminated area into an uncontaminated area.

In case of recurrent sewage contamination, more extensive water damage cleanup and treatment may be required. One reason that SERVPRO technicians recommend immediate treatment following a sewage backup is the need to prevent transmission of bacterial contamination to other areas in the building. This can happen through movement of people and air movement of contaminated dust or aerosolized particles.

Disease-causing agents in sewage include fungi, viruses, parasites, and bacteria and can lead to serious conditions, including Leptospirosis, Hepatitis A, tetanus, bacterial infections, and gastrointestinal diseases. For safety purposes, SERVPRO water removal experts may have to clean and disinfect the contaminated surfaces with antimicrobial products. We may also conduct additional testing to confirm that the workers did not contaminate other spaces in the building during the cleanup process.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you have a sewage backup problem, you can count on SERVPRO of Arlington for quick and efficient water removal services. We are dedicated to restoring your property to preloss conditions as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened." For any assistance, call us today at (904) 721-2230.

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Using The SERVPRO ERP System For Arlington Retail Water Removal

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

With our Emergency Ready Profile system, we can start water removal sooner in Arlington retail stores that participate.

ERP System For Water Removal

At SERVPRO, we prioritize fast response times to business calls above anything else. When a retail location gets flooded, mere hours can sometimes make the difference between a light restoration project and a lengthy, costly rebuilding effort. With our Emergency Ready Profile system, we can start water removal sooner in Arlington retail stores that participate. This system has been created from the ground up to be easy-to-use, accessible, and highly flexible to a range of business sizes and types. Whether you own a family business, multiple locations, or a franchise of a national company, the SERVPRO ERP system has tools available to help you customize services and coverage for your specific needs.

Everything starts with your document uploads. Our water removal services for Arlington retail stores are best helped by a broad range of documents submitted to the ERP system, from insurance information to floor plans and building blueprints to contact lists. Virtually anything you think may be of use to us can be submitted, and if we need that information, we can access it without having to call you up or take your time. Also, our technicians also have access to some of these documents, allowing them to more effectively assess the situation and extract water within a small time frame.

Once disaster strikes, calling for help is as simple as logging onto the Ready Program online or opening the SERVPRO ERP app and notifying us of damages to pre-made location profiles. If multiple locations take damage at once, you can select all relevant profiles to inform us of damage. Our response times are typically even faster than those with direct calls, as it allows us to skip the information-gathering process and start moving to your location immediately. Sign up and fill out your profile now, and your next disaster should be far easier to handle.

SERVPRO of Arlington has provided local businesses with fast, professional service for years. Call us for emergencies or questions 24/7 at (904) 721-2230.

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Arlington Commercial Mold Damage Done Right

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation is Crucial to Keeping Commercial Enterprises Open and Thriving--Call SERVPRO for Help

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Issues in Commercial Buildings with Minimal Disruptions to Clients

Mold needs three factors to expand and grow: Moisture, a food source, and the right temperature. For most businesses, it is simple to eliminate one of these factors by controlling the temperature. Control also helps to keep the air moisture levels (humidity) at normal levels. For certain specialty businesses, like fitness centers, this is not always possible.

That is not to say that every Arlington fitness center is a hot zone, but the nature of the business requires more work to prevent or remove mold damage. SERVPRO understands that controlling the humidity is not always possible. In a case like this, our technicians put their efforts into removing the visible mold, using anti-fungal agents to kill mold spores, and removing infested building material (food source).

Mold on the shower and changing room tile is easy to wipe or scrub away, but if it has had time to penetrate the grout between the tile sections, then the restoration task is much more challenging. It may be necessary to scrape the grout away and fill in the gaps. For extreme infestations, the tile must be removed and replaced after technicians scrape the concrete wall behind or the floor underneath. Before resealing the tile and applying new grout, the entire area is spraying with an anti-fungal agent.

In weight rooms, basketball courts and aerobic training rooms, the walls are usually drywall. This compressed building material is particularly vulnerable to moisture and mold. If the mold has sprouted hyphae and begun growing into it, we recommend removing the section and spraying the support structure behind it with an antimicrobial spray. This is cheaper than the labor cost of cutting out the infested area and fitting a new section into place. If the mold growth is thick, technicians use vacuums with special HEPA filters to remove as much as possible before spraying. This also helps to prevent the circulation of mold spores to unaffected regions of the establishment.

Removing mold from any business requires a professional restoration service. Untrained workers can inadvertently break spores away from a mold growth and spread them further into a structure. For help with a mold infestation or to schedule an inspection if you suspect a mold problem, contact SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230

The Services Your Business Needs To Combat Storm Damage In Jacksonville Beach

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

It does not matter how small or large your property is; SERVPRO has the services, equipment, and personnel to restore your property.

SERVPRO Has What It Takes to Restore Your Commercial Property From Storm Damage 

Running a local brewery can be rough all on its own. However, running that same business in an area regularly affected by hurricanes and tropical storms severe enough to cause high winds that exceed 157 mph, storm surges pushing 20-foot waves into your building, and the flooding that results presents you with entirely different challenges to overcome.

What you want is access to a quality restoration company to assist with recovering from storm damage in your Jacksonville Beach business. We have strategically located restoration teams with several years of experience helping businesses just like yours recover from storm damage throughout the area and all of the resources needed to assist you and your neighbors when an emergency situation strikes.

SERVPRO has an entire division of dedicated, expertly trained teams composed of quality water, fire, mold, storm, and major event technicians, designed to assist you with cutting costs and saving time associated with the restoration of your business after a disaster. All of these teams are lead by an operations manager that assists with seamless communication and timely mitigation involving the recovery of your business.

The services that SERVPRO provides to every business owner involves the mitigation of the wind, rain, and flood damage that causes substantial damage in a matter of minutes, requiring an immediate response and quick, efficient implementation to prevent excessive loss of revenue and productivity. We respond to your call immediately and provide you with the help you need to get your situation under control.

It does not matter how small or large your property is; SERVPRO has the services, equipment, and personnel available to address the event affecting your business. We provide you with access to expertly trained storm and water damage restoration specialists, as well as cleaning and building preparation services to manage your restoration project from start to finish.

Even a normal tropical storm can cause severe damage to your property when you are ill-prepared. Give us a call to help fortify your property against the wind, flood, storm, and tornado damage that this type of phenomenon generates. We can help protect your business and get things under control when everything is said and done.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Arlington for the professional restoration and cleaning services your company requires. (904) 721-2230

Commercial Water Removal Prevents Permanent Damage Brought on by Fire Sprinklers in East Arlington

1/21/2017 (Permalink)

Your Business Strikes Out with Wet Bowling Alleys, Call SERVPRO

When Water Strikes Your Bowling Alley, Call SERVPRO for a Perfect Score

Bowling is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and is often used as a form of exercise by those who otherwise would not be able to participate in team sports regularly. Developing the true skill to play well requires time, and many people take pride in their scores. An alley that reduces scores because of unevenness won't be popular, and this can affect your overall profits. It doesn't take much water to cause warping and buckling in the hardwood, and even one sprinkler can damage several alleys at one time.

East Arlington bowling centers facing potential profit losses because of water damage can reduce these losses with water removal services. Bowling centers have a diverse clientele, and some have been known to attempt to smoke in areas that they shouldn't. This smoking can cause sprinkler systems to spray water everywhere, including areas where there never was any smoke.
SERVPRO technicians have IICRC training and certification in both residential and commercial water removal. When we receive a call for a water emergency, we can respond within a short time. Every minute counts against you when water is present, creating additional damage as the seconds tick away. Sprinkler water left on surfaces can seep into the tiniest cracks very rapidly. Carpeting in areas can also absorb and hold moisture. Typically, the finished surfaces of the hardwood lanes will not readily absorb water, but staining can also occur.
While painted concrete columns and walls, bowling ball return chutes, and plastic seats and tables can be wiped down to sufficiently dry them, it is the counters, wooden structures, and those made of composite materials that will need fast and skillful attention for preserving them. Replacing these can be much more costly than mitigation. Custom items will also require additional time for replacements to be made. When there is a fine line between replacing or restoring costs, our professionals will discuss this with you before proceeding.
To return your facility's environment to an acceptable moisture level, we will first extract as much liquid water as possible. This removal will mainly be from the floors and non-porous areas. Extraction with portable units will remove a substantial amount, but dryness cannot be achieved by this method alone. Special mats placed by our Wood Floor Maintenance Technician (WFMT) on lanes will create a vacuum, sucking up moisture and preventing damage and return them to pristine condition again.
We value your business and want to assure you that we will restore yours as if it were our own. Calling us, SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230 can help minimize the frustration, losses in profit, and water damages you and your business experience.

Hotel Water Damage from Failed Sprinkler System in Arlington

12/21/2016 (Permalink)

If your sprinkler system ever fails, call SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians are Ready to Help You Remediate Water Damage at Your Business Location

Most people think about flooding due to storms when water damage is brought up. However, it can be caused by a lot of other incidents from broken pipes to malfunctioning sprinklers. No matter the cause, when water enters sections of a hotel which should be dry, the risks that result are numerous, and they are the kind classified as pure risks where there are possible losses, but no possible gains.

For the hotel business in Arlington, commercial water damage like that from a malfunctioning sprinkler system could mean a big inconvenience to guests, management headaches, customer complaints, legal liabilities and a great loss of investment and profits for the company. This is exactly why most hotels have insurance against contingencies like water damage to reassign the risks to insurance companies.

When your hotel’s sprinkler system fails, it will cause soaking of carpeting and other items in the room, causing a huge problem for your guests, and essentially your business. As soon as this happens, you need to call in a professional water damage restoration team such as SERVPRO. We will dispatch an initial damage mitigation team to the site to begin the process of cleanup. We will review the scope of the damage and create an assessment, while regularly meeting with your hotel engineer and the correct hotel officers.

Once the assessment is done, our team manager will survey the situation, discuss the action plan and come up with strategies so that both parties agree to what needs to be done first. Our SERVPRO team will have all the specialized equipment, such as dehumidifiers and industrial fans, that is needed to thoroughly clean up the damage and get your hotel back in business. Plus, we will work around your existing guests so as not to disturb them.

Extensive water damage could take a full week to completely address. We understand the urgency of the risks of the water damage to your business.

We will work on restoring the damaged areas in a way which won’t interrupt the hotel’s daily business. While as a hotel manager you would never wish to need a water damage restoration team, you can count on SERVPRO of Arlington to be there anytime you need us. We can be reached by dialing (904) 721-2230, so give us a call as soon as you realize you have damages.

SERVPRO Commercial Water Removal Arlington

11/13/2016 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO help after any water loss, The experts at SERVPRO are the industry leaders on Water, Fire and Mold Disaster for Residential and Commercial

Flooding is a problem every Florida business has to worry about. It can come from one of the frequent storms that hit our state or it can be the result of a plumbing failure. Either method of destruction means that an owner has to get the water out quickly before it results in too much loss to his livelihood.

Commercial water removal is particularly important to an Arlington furniture business. SERVPRO understands that exposure to water or even high levels of moisture can destroy the finish of an item in less than a day. The glue in wooden pieces can begin to dissolve, causing separation and warping while the fabrics begin to bleed colors overnight. The loss of a significant percentage of inventory can quickly cause a store to close its doors permanently, even with insurance.
In order to prevent this, we consider removing water to be an emergency service and have developed a set of procedures to see it done quickly and efficiently:

1) Secure the Structure - We quickly determine if there are any hazards to the building and prepare it for restoration.

2) Remove Standing Water - Use appropriate sized pumps to remove water and then check any area under those floors for further water or excess moisture. Furniture will be moved from these areas if needed.

3) Extract Remaining Water - Our technicians employ a moisture meter to determine how far water has penetrated into carpets, floors and walls. They will then use a combination of heaters, air movers and extraction machines to draw water from them. If needed, the carpet and pad will be removed.

4) Treat Surfaces - Furniture stains will be treated once it has been removed from the affected area. To try and prevent damage to the lacquer or stains, air movers and dehumidifiers will be used first to reduce physical contact, possibly smearing them. Carpet stains will be treated in place if possible unless the carpet has to be removed in order to replace the pad.

These are the first steps we take to make sure inventory and the structure are free from water. SERVPRO of Arlington is ready to help our fellow business owners reopen their doors as quickly as possible, no matter how extensive the damage may be. Call us today at (904) 721-2230 to get started.

Commercial Water Damage Business in Jacksonville Gets Help from SERVPRO

9/28/2015 (Permalink)

Limit Commercial Water Damage by Checking for Leaks

Being Prepared Can Limit Commercial Water Damage in Jacksonville

Although commercial water damage is common in Jacksonville, many business owners do not know how to protect their businesses from damage or how to enact the restoration process once damage has occurred. Luckily, most water damage can be reversed through the use of effective restoration processes. However, the likelihood of a successful recovery diminishes with the passing of time. Learn more about how to protect your commercial property from water damage by reading this brief informational guide:

Commercial Water Damage: A Brief Overview

Commercial water damage is a serious issue that should be addressed immediately. Without a rapid commitment to mitigating water damage issues, you could increase your susceptibility to health problems Mold can start to grow within 48-72-hours and cause respiratory problems to all who enter the business. To ensure that you handle water damage effectively, it is important that you discern the extent of the damage as well as its source and initiate immediate water removal and cleanup. If this takes more than a mop and a bucket, it's time to call SERVPRO.

Assess Your Risks

Unfortunately, business properties are often more susceptible to commercial water damage than residential homeowners. This is mostly due to non-business hours during nights and weekends when an unexpected leak or bursting pipe releases water. Although every business property is unique, most will have a water heater, commode, and sink. Each of these pieces of equipment is connected to a water source that could pose problems and increase susceptibility to flooding. Inspect on a regular schedule to limit unexpected water intrusion to your business in Jacksonville.

Develop An Emergency Plan Prior to a Commercial Water Flooding

Once you examine your commercial property and determine where the risks are, your next course of action should be the development of a cleanup plan. Specifically, you need to know what you will do in the event that water damage occurs. As you make the emergency plan, consider whether your employees know how to use water shutoff valves and who to call once an emergency has happened. Make sure that your emergency plan is available for viewing by all employees. Try hanging in close to the OSHA required posters.

Mold And Commercial Buildings

Once water damage has occurred, water removal is the first step to water damage restoration. It's critically important to know that excess moisture can lead to mold growth. For this reason, you should focus on hiring a professional water restoration service like SERVPRO as soon as possible to prevent the proliferation of mold and mildew. If you do not address the issue immediately, the mold could damage the structural integrity of your commercial property and pose health risks to you and your employees.

If you're a commercial property owner in Jacksonville, who wants to protect your business space from water damage and limit business downtime, call SERVPRO.  This company will be on-site within one hour to assess, inspect, and upon agreement, begin the commercial water damage restoration process. Every effort will be made to dry and save vital documents, electronics, and furnishings.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Arlington can respond immediately to your commercial water damage emergency in Jacksonville regardless of the size or scope of the damage. We are part of a national network of over 1,600 Franchises that offer services to Arlington, San Marco and Baymeadows. We are faster to any size disaster. Call us. (904) 721-2230