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What To Do When the Storm Clears and the Flooding Recedes

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

tree fallen over a car Hurricane damage in Glynlea, FL.

A hurricane, like any natural disaster, is a stressful event. But once the storm passes and the floodwaters recede, you'll have to assess the damage and start cleaning up. This can be overwhelming: not only are there large debris items that need removing from your home or business premises, but you also have to decide whether to hire a professional cleaner or do it yourself. Below is an overview of what to consider when deciding what actions to take after a hurricane has caused flooding in your area.


When the storm clears and flooding recedes, it is important to be safe. While it may be tempting to walk through flood waters or drive through standing water, this can put you at risk of injury or death. When in doubt, turn around and go the other way. If your car stalls in a flooded area, get out and move to higher ground before attempting to restart your vehicle. 

Emergency communication

When the storm has passed and the floods recede, you will have to deal with several obstacles before you can begin rebuilding. One key concern is communicating with loved ones who may have been separated from you during the storm.

For those without power or cell phone service, this can be a difficult problem to overcome. However, there are several things you can do to ensure that family members continue to stay in contact with each other:

  • First, make sure that everyone knows where their phones are supposed to be charged at home. If one person's phone is missing or broken due to water damage, then it might be possible for them or another family member to borrow one of theirs if they know where their charger is located.
  • It's also important for families and communities not only keep in touch but also share vital information about resources like food pantries or shelters so they know where they can turn if necessary. 

Food and water safety

Food safety guidelines:

  • Check the temperature of your refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances to make sure they're still cold. If any of them are warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius), discard any food that may have been exposed to unsafe temperatures and clean the appliance thoroughly.
  • The same goes for food in other places—like your pantry or garage refrigerator—as well as leftovers from meals you prepared earlier this month. Throw away anything that's been above 41°F (5°C) for more than 2 hours and get rid of any items with an unusual odor or appearance.

Medical needs

If you are injured because of the flooding, seek medical care. If you have any health conditions — such as diabetes or asthma — or take medications, check with your doctor about what to do during a flood. Make sure that you have enough medication to last until the storm passes!

Electrical safety

  • Don't touch downed power lines. If you see a downed power line, don't touch it!
  • Don't drive through flooded areas. The water may be deeper than it looks and can hide objects that could cause damage to your car or injure its occupants.
  • Generators must be used with caution. Do not use a generator in a garage or basement where carbon monoxide gas could build up and become deadly.

Some things are acceptable to clean up on your own, while others should be left to professionals.

The first step is determining whether your property is safe to enter. If there are warnings of potential structural damage or other dangers, it’s best not to enter until local authorities have given clearance. After that, proceed with caution: if you have any doubt about your ability to safely remove something from your home or business, call in an expert for help.

Cleaners and disinfectants should be used only when cleaning up mold-contaminated items like sheetrock or furniture — not on drywall or carpeting. Avoid contact with floodwater and standing water altogether; use rubber gloves whenever possible when handling wet items like clothing or bedding as these can contain harmful bacteria.

Following these tips will help you get back to normal after your Glynlea, FL home has been flooded. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t be discouraged if progress seems slow or stalled at times. Don’t forget that there are plenty of organizations and agencies out there willing to help if you need some assistance!

3 Flood Safety Tips To Follow

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

Documents in plastic containers Store important documents in water-resistant containers

Flood Safety Tips

Before, during and after a flood in Arlington, FL, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure how to best keep yourself safe. There are certain flood safety suggestions that can help you navigate your home after a flood.

1. Avoid Electrical Systems

Electrical systems in your home can be hazardous to handle after a flood. Though you might think you can remove small amounts of water that surround electrical systems on your own, it’s often wise to instead allow water damage restoration experts to safely remove the water from your home. Even if the area surrounding any outlets, wires or systems appears unaffected by water, it’s often best to avoid the area.

2. Obtain and Access Necessary Supplies

There are particular supplies that are often useful to have during and after a flood. Having adequate amounts of drinkable water for every person in your home can be helpful since floodwater often is unsafe to drink. It can also be wise to have nonperishable food items and important medications on hand. Part of flood safety also means making sure you can easily access the materials and items without putting yourself at risk.

3. Make Preparations Before Disaster Strikes

Though many people don’t like to think their homes will be affected by a flood, thinking about safety tips before a disaster occurs can be incredibly useful. Storing insurance information, social security cards and other important documents in water-resistant containers can be important, as you may need to access these items after a flood. Additionally, preparing and practicing an evacuation plan can also help you react to a flood in a manner that is safe and timely.

Being informed about flood safety can help you feel more prepared for a flood. Avoiding electrical systems, obtaining and keeping track of important supplies and preparing before a natural disaster occurs are helpful ways to bolster your safety.

How To Recover From a Flood if You Don't Have Insurance

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery centers staffed with recovery specialists from FEMA FEMA provides assistance to those affected by natural disasters through the Individuals and Households Program.

How To Recover From a Flood if You Don't Have Insurance

Sometimes, those who do not live in a flood plane may not feel the need to purchase flood insurance. However, every home is susceptible to flooding. If your Spring Glen, FL, home is affected by a flood, and you are uninsured, there are many institutions that may be able to help.

Nonprofit Organizations
After a flood occurs, check with nonprofit organizations, such as the American Red Cross, to see what assistance they are able to offer. The Red Cross is experienced in delivering emergency provisions and cleanup supplies to those in need. They can help with finding temporary shelter or longer-term housing. Other organizations that may have resources to help include United Way, Salvation Army, and smaller local charities. Throughout most of the United States, you can dial 211 and find assistance for a variety of issues, including help after a flood.

FEMA and Other Government Organizations
Many government organizations also help individuals without flood insurance recover. Check with the following agencies to see if you qualify for assistance:

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Small Business Administration
State and local government programs

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides assistance to those affected by natural disasters through the Individuals and Households Program. These funds may be allocated for temporary housing, medical care, rebuilding costs, or other necessary expenses. The SBA offers loans to individuals who have been affected by declared disasters. Homeowners and renters are eligible to apply for a loan to replace or repair their personal property, and homeowners may apply for funds to rebuild. Check with your local government to see if another assistance is available. In some cases, you may be able to use funds from the government to hire a certified restoration service.
Although flood insurance makes recovering from a flood easier, it is possible for the uninsured to also get help by reaching out to government and nonprofit agencies. These institutions may be able to help with acute needs as well as rebuilding.

3 Types of Category 3 Water Damage

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall Category 3 floodwater can trigger mold growth in any room it enters.

Three Different Types of Category 3 Water Damage

Flooding that occurs in St Nicholas, FL, can have a serious effect on your property. This is especially true of floods that have an outdoor source, as it is usually filled with sewage, bacteria and chemicals. This is what flood removal technicians call black water due to its degree of uncleanliness. This kind of water can cause a variety of damage, and recognizing what it can do to your home can help you understand when you need assistance with water removal and restoration.

1. Standing Black Water
When outdoor floodwater enters your home, it can seriously degrade the building materials and damage them to the point where they may have to be removed. The longer the water sits, the more it is likely to ruin drywall, furniture and stored items. The sooner you have it removed and disposed of properly, the better.

2. Mold Growth
Category 3 floodwater can trigger mold growth in any room it enters. Because mold spores thrive on humidity and moisture, an area affected by this dirty water can experience the encroachment of mold within 24-48 hours of the flood. While its removal is important to prevent mold, it is best to wait for restoration technicians to assist you, as they have the proper removal and disposal tools to do so safely.

3. Sewage and Moisture Odor
Dirty floodwater can soak into walls, ceilings and carpeting, leaving behind a foul odor once the sewage cleanup is complete. A flood mitigation and restoration service can help you salvage items with specialized cleaning equipment and ozone machines to clean the air in any affected areas so no sewage odors linger.
Black water floods in St Nicholas, FL, can have many different effects on your home and ruin building materials and treasured family items. Understanding what far-reaching problems they may cause can help you prevent the loss of time and money.

3 Precautionary Steps for Preventing Roof Leaks

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

Missing shingles on a roof Missing or broken shingles can cause trouble to your roof.

Steps To Avoid a Roof Leak

There are many things that can lead to a roof leak, from aged, malfunctioning shingles to wind damage from a natural disaster. The presence of one has the potential to cause a great deal of inconvenience and water damage that may require the services of a professional cleanup and restoration company in Glynlea, FL, to deal with. Its existence may promote the growth and spread of mold, compromise structural integrity, create a fire hazard by allowing liquid to drip on live wires and more. There are some steps business owners can take to avoid a leaky roof in the first place.

1. Perform Regular Maintenance
Commercial properties require regular repairs and checkups. One way to head off a potential roof leak is to keep up with some necessary tasks:

  • Clean out the gutters and storm drains
  • Remove debris from the roof (it can cause water to pool, leading to damage)
  • Replace damaged shingles
  • Make sure sealant/caulking is working properly

2. Remove Potential Nature Hazards
Trees close to the structure need to be cut down and overhanging branches trimmed off. They have the potential to punch holes in, scratch, rip shingles off and otherwise harm the top of buildings, causing leaks. Getting rid of them is the best way to eliminate the risks they pose.

3. Inspect the Roof Closely
A regular inspection is also vital. The surface of the roof itself, its penetrations (pipes, drains and other components that go through it), the perimeter and the underside all need to be carefully evaluated, especially if severe weather is expected. Holes, cracks, mold, deterioration, rotting materials, wear and tear and missing or broken shingles are all things that can cause trouble and need to be dealt with.
A roof leak can be a pain to deal with. Implementing measures to keep one from occurring in the first place is a good idea and can help commercial property owners avoid a mess.

What to Know About Restoration and Your Company

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment in a long hallway of a commercial building Commercial water restoration in Monument, FL.

What You Should Know About Restoration and Your Business

When your company in Monument, FL, experiences flooding and contamination by black water, your staff may wonder if it's safe to come to work during the restoration process. Many restoration experts recommend staying away from the building during certain steps in the process, however, staff may be able to return to work sooner than expected.

The Business Building May Need to Stay Closed for Some Steps

Many damage and restoration professionals recommend either closing or moving business off-site while certain repairs are underway. These restoration steps may include

  • Water removal
  • Decontamination of the affected area
  • Necessary demolition or cutaway work
  • Mold remediation efforts

Some Tasks Can Be Performed from Alternate Locations

While the company building is cleansed of black water and then decontaminated, some parts of your business may be able to continue from an alternate location. If your business’s electronic files are backed up onto a server, then your IT company may be able to set you up on an alternate computer. Phone calls may be able to transfer to a different line, and some employees may be able to work from home.

When it May Be Safe to Return

After the flood cleanup, staff may be allowed to return to parts of the building that are not under construction. Air filtration devices may still be in use to improve air quality while restoration efforts are underway. There may also be some areas of the building that are inaccessible until repairs are complete. However, with the permission of the restoration company, employees can get back to work.

During a black water cleanup at a place of business, it's important to remember that because of certain steps in the restoration process the building may need to remain closed for repair. Fortunately, the company may be able to perform some tasks off-site. After any damaged material and water has been removed, staff may be allowed to return to the building and resume work.

What To Expect After Commercial Storm Damage

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

Damage of the roof and ceiling of an office building Commercial storm damage in Jacksonville, FL.

What To Do In The Aftermath Of a Storm

Natural disasters can strike at any time in  Jacksonville, FL, with flooding being the most common. For business owners, first know how to keep safe after a flood. Second, know the steps for remediating water damage at your property. From tear out of wet materials to other aspects of storm restoration, read below for what to do in the aftermath.

After a Storm: Staying Safe

Before considering the damage to your property, make sure that you are safe. Consider the following tips after flooding recedes:

• Wait for local authorities to announce the presence of non-hazardous conditions before you return to check on your property.
• Before entering the building, shut off the main power supply to avoid electrical shock. If you are unable to do so, wait until professionals arrive to assess the damage.
• Do not touch or ingest flood water. Storm waters are considered “black water” and are contaminated with bacteria, microorganisms and viruses.

After a Storm: Restoring Your Commercial Property

Start the storm restoration process as soon as possible to avoid secondary damage, such as mold, from occurring. Water restoration specialists typically arrive to assess the damage within hours of your call. Restoration involves some or all of the following steps depending on the amount of damage:

• Excess water and debris are extracted using professional grade vacuums and pumps.
• Since storm water is contaminated, tear out of wet materials is often necessary. This includes porous items such as drywall and carpet padding.
• The structure and contents are thoroughly dried. Remaining moisture is removed with industrial dryers and dehumidifiers.
• Impacted areas are cleaned and sanitized. Air filtration devices are used to remove airborne bacteria and viruses.
• Building structures and inventory are repaired and restored, as necessary.

After a storm in Jacksonville, FL, consider your own safety first. Once it is advisable to return to your commercial property, contact your insurance agent and a water restoration professional. Specialists assess the water damage and determine the course, from tear out of wet materials to restoration, which can return your business to pre-flood condition.

Safely Cleaning Up Flood Damage in Your Jacksonville Home

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

Lightning strike/ Storm SERVPRO has the tools and equipment it takes to get your home back in order after storm damage.

Safety is First Priority in Our Professional Flood Damage Cleanup Services

Water and flood damage can devastate your property in Jacksonville in a short amount of time. Heavy rains and storms can all result in severe damage and loss of possessions and property. If you have experienced such flooding in your home, you need to act fast to get the water cleaned up and the damage repaired.

If water has invaded your home and you now have to deal with flood damage in your Jacksonville property, it could be dangerous for you to attempt to clean it up yourself. Instead, leave a job like this to our professionals at SERVPRO. We have the training and equipment to be able to do the restoration of your home safely.

Storm Flood Damage

Structures that are storm-damaged could pose hazards. Floods can cause significant damage to your home. Long-term exposure to floodwater can weaken materials such as drywall and flooring, which creates a hazard for everyone. We look for structural hazards upon our arrival before we begin the water mitigation and restoration. In extreme cases, we may have an engineer inspect the building.

If gas is detected, we contact a local gas company or fire department right away and do not begin any work. If any water has entered from above, we check the ceiling cavities for trapped water. Drywall gets soft when wet, and ceilings could fall onto our SERVPRO workers during restoration. We drill weep holes to free any water trapped in the ceiling and are careful not to punch them in a row and perforate the ceiling.

Floors made of particleboard that have been exposed to water might not support the weight of people or machines. We examine your subflooring to figure out what it is made of and how stable it is.

Exposed nails, broken glass, splinters, or other sharp objects could be present in your flood-damaged home, so we also are careful where we step or pick up.

When all hazards are found, we can begin extracting the water from our truck-mounted pumps and restore your home.

SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East is careful when restoring a flood-damaged home to keep all of our technicians, you, and your family safe. Residents in the areas of St. Nicholas, Fort Caroline, or Jacksonville can rely on our team to do the job safely and thoroughly when you reach out to us at (904) 721-2230.

Clean Water Can Still Cause Flood Damage To Your Arlington Home

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

shelved air dryers in warehouse Arlington flood damage from a storm, pipe, or hurricane is no match for SERVPRO's impressive arsenal of equipment and products.

Flood Damage to Your Property

Flooding typically causes people to think of water coming in from the riverbanks and spreading across the land, submerging the lower parts of homes as it flows through an area. Floods do happen this way, but there are other ways that flooding can affect homes.

Arlington homeowners can have flood damage from broken pipes that causes damage to smaller areas in their homes. When a pipe breaks, it can allow water to flow into a room until it is discovered and the water is shut off. Much of the water released into the home may travel down to the lowest level of the house.

Trained Flood Damage Restoration Technicians

We know that your home is important to you and your family, so we want to assure you that we are trained and experienced in all sizes and types of mitigating damage from flooding. Our goal is to restore your home, so flood damage becomes a thing of the past, and your life can return to normal. We accomplish this in the least intrusive ways possible. While we must remove walls above where the flooding has visibly affected them, we only remove those affected areas. Cutting straight across horizontally, replacing drywall as needed, and then applying putty to complete a solid wall again. Painting the entire wall can soon follow.

Flooring is an area of your home that will be the hardest hit in any flooding situation. We have specialized equipment that can dry your floors quickly. Padding, though, is often damaged beyond repair and requires replacement. Hardwood floors might seem dry, but our experience shows that moisture can hide within the spaces between boards, as well as under them. Large pads that produce constant heat can cause this excess moisture to evaporate quickly into the air, leaving your floor dry.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East can restore your entire home if needed, or only the areas that have been affected by flood damage. Call us at (904) 721-2230, anytime, for fast response times and expertise that can make everything "Like it never even happened."

Hurricane Preparedness for the Jacksonville Community

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipped stacked inside storage facility Hurricane season is quickly approaching. Prepare and should a storm affect our area, know that SERVPRO is standing by.

Prepare for the Storm Before it Arrives

We are regularly contacted to clean up after hurricane damage. A hurricane is a severe thunderstorm or cyclone-related storm that might strike anytime between June and November of every year. Those storms whip up winds that might come close to 75 mph. Those are some mighty winds. That kind of storm could damage an entire community. However, there are a few things that we suggest people do to stay safe during the storm in Jacksonville. We recommend that they prepare an emergency kit, make plans to secure the property at a moment's notice and establish a way to communicate with the family members in other locations.

The Emergency Hurricane Kit

Every hurricane emergency kit should include all the basics to safely get an individual or a complete family through the storm. First, it is essential to realize that you might not have any power. Therefore, it is a safe bet that you should only include items that run on battery power. Include several flashlights, extra batteries, battery-operated radio, battery-operated emergency weather station, a basic first aid kit, some nonperishable snacks, canned food, gloves, blankets, lighter, matches, bottled water, extra clothing, emergency siren, extra medicine, cash, and pet food for pet owners. Store the items together in a safe and dry place for use.

Securing The Property Before A Hurricane

You hear that a hurricane is on the way. Remember, those winds could damage your property. Start removing outside furniture, plants, cans, and other loose items. Store them in a safe place, like the garage or a basement. Remove any low hanging, dangling tree branches that might blow down against the windows. Board up all the windows on your home and your garage—place bags of sand around exterior areas of the home that might experience flooding. Move important personal papers to a waterproof safe or up to higher floors. Establish a safe room for the family to stay, if an evacuation was not ordered.

Keep Communication Open During A Hurricane

Indeed, it is also essential to keep communication open with your entire family. Establish a way for your family to communicate with each other during an evacuation if other members are in different locations. For example, through a median cell phone number, email, or even over social media sites. Arrange for a place to meet, at a shelter or checkpoint outside of the hurricane zone, if possible.

If you require a quick and efficient clean-up because of water damage or flooding after a storm, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East. Our trained technicians can arrive fast and restore your property to normal. (904) 721-2230

SERVPRO Supports Jacksonville with Flood Damage Restoration Services

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

water meter tester Storm damage is no easy task. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size storm damage restoration.

Local Jacksonville Property Owners Know SERVPRO Handles Any Type of Water Clean Up

Nature lovers are drawn to the Jacksonville area not just for the Atlantic Ocean access but also for its natural beauty. There are many great venues for hiking, nature trails, and wildlife viewing. 

Jacksonville Venues for Animal Lovers 

Located on a large 73-acre park, this is the only zoo in the Northeast of Florida. The park has over 2000 animals and 1000 native plants for visitors to view. This unique destination is one of seven zoos in the United States with an on-site animal wellness team that keeps the exotic and native animals in optimum health. Another fun site that visitors and Jacksonville locals enjoy is the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary. This non-profit organization has a mission to provide safe, loving, and forever homes for endangered big cats. The majority of the cats housed at the sanctuary came from circuses and individuals who adopted them and could not handle these large carnivores' special needs. This Jacksonville sanctuary is home to:

  • Tigers
  • Lions
  • Leopards and pumas

The Legacy of Ninah Cummer in Jacksonville

A popular destination for locals and visitors to the Jacksonville area is the Cummer Museum. Ninah and her husband Arthur built their home in Jacksonville in 1902. The Cummer family's lumber company was the largest landowner in the Jacksonville area and made the Jacksonville and Southwestern Railroad. Ninah Cummer started collecting art during her honeymoon and never stopped adding to her collection. After her husband passed away in the 1940s, Ninah had the original home torn down and had a new home rebuilt and added an Italian-inspired garden named Olmsted Garden. When Ninah passed away in 1958, she bequeathed her art collection and gardens to a private organization that would maintain the property and keeps the venue open as a center of both culture and community. The organization that oversees the museum is the DeEtte Holden Cummer Museum Foundation, named after Ninah's deceased infant daughter. 

Flood Damage in Jacksonville Homes is No Match for SERVPRO 

Flood damage has the potential to affect Jacksonville properties in numerous ways. Some of the most common are ruined floors, the need to remove sheetrock, and the issue of mold growth. SERVPRO technicians have comprehensive training to perform the flood restoration and get the property ready for the needed water damage repairs. The technicians pay special attention to the structure during extraction to ensure that the maximum amount of moisture and ruined building materials are removed. Drying the property is a huge part of the restoration services. The technicians bring multiple types of equipment such as: 

During the drying phase of the water damage mitigation, the technicians monitor the process carefully through the use of both visual inspections and the use of equipment that reads the air moisture levels to determine how close the work-site is to hitting the pre-set drying goals. 

Jacksonville residents call on SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for all sizes of flood damage.

Although Jacksonville is Less Hurricane-Prone, It’s Still Highly Susceptible to Flooding.

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include storm damage. Don't let the moisture take over your home. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Substantial Flood Damage in Jacksonville is Possible Even Following Smaller Storms.

Generally, most people believe that all parts of Florida are equally prone to hurricanes and that these powerful storms cause all or most of the state’s severe flooding. This thinking, however, is erroneous for a number of reasons and Jacksonville is a perfect example of why. First, according to the insurance industry, even though Jacksonville is one of the most flood-prone cities in Florida, it is also one of those that suffer the least direct hits from hurricanes. Secondly, the city’s unique geographic features tend to cause many flooding woes, even when storms are weaker or further offshore. Poorly maintained drainage networks and infrastructure are yet more factors explaining why its water-related issues are about more than just hurricanes.      

A City Relatively Safe from Hurricanes  

Considering that Jacksonville is in a state that, since 1851, has been hit by more hurricanes than any other, it is a city that is surprisingly safe from these monstrous weather systems. This fact is apparent in the following historical data and figures:

Only twenty-six hurricanes (just one of these was a Category 3 storm) have struck Northeast Florida, the area Jacksonville is located in, since 1851

While the most hurricane-impacted part of the state suffers one of these storms once every three years on average, Northeast Florida only experiences one about every 6.5 years

The only time, in a hundred and seventy years, Jacksonville has ever taken a direct hit from a hurricane was Hurricane Dora in 1964

Factors Making Jacksonville Especially Susceptible to Flooding, Regardless of Hurricanes

Although Jacksonville is unlikely to suffer a direct assault from a hurricane, it still routinely experiences catastrophic flooding. This unfortunate situation results from one or more of the following causes:

Jacksonville’s relatively low elevation and tendency to experience torrential rains and strong winds

The St. Johns River’s weak current that allows high tides and storm surges to push miles back upstream, inundate the city, and remain trapped there until low tide

Antiquated and improperly maintained drainage systems

Poorly planned infrastructure like the two city blocks built on a pier over the river  

Local officials believe, for these reasons, even lower grade hurricanes passing by miles offshore could do significant damage to their community.

So, as an area homeowner, if you ever need flood damage remediated, call SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230.

What Does SERVPRO Do to Clean Up and Restore Your Flood-Damaged JAX Home?

When floodwaters ravage your Jacksonville home, SERVPRO knows what needs to be done and gets to work on your situation without delay. Often, within four hours of your initial call, our highly trained technicians arrive at your house and start addressing your flood water-related issues. Once on-site, they focus on:

Removing the hazardous waters from your residence

Safely disposing of dangerous, flood-related wastes

Eliminating excess moisture from your home and its contents

Reconstructing any severely impacted or destroyed parts of your house

Neutralizing microbial threats and foul odors

With that said, if and when you need flood damage cleanup and restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230.

Arlington Offers the Beauty of Florida and the Vibrancy of the Greater Jacksonville Area

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on shelves in a garage. SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East is committed to our fellow residents and wants the best for the community. Give us a call after storm damage.

Life in Arlington Reflects Florida’s Heritage and Modern Growth

Arlington residents enjoy the benefits of living in one of the most idyllic places in the world. 

The greater Jacksonville area provides top services, including healthcare, universities, and industry, close to beaches and pleasant weather. People in the area can rightfully claim that they live where people vacation. It wasn’t until 1968 that Arlington was incorporated into Jacksonville, but it is one of the country's oldest regions.

Duval County, Arlington’s home, honors William Pope Duval, Florida’s first territorial governor. Bluffs surround this peninsular area, and the wind from the water and shaded areas make it a peaceful place. Like several other Florida areas, Arlington was among the first places visited by Europeans, and Fort Caroline, a French fort, was established in 1564. Although population density remained low, plantations lined the St. Johns River banks, and following the Civil War, the area became more residential and grew as time went by. Some historians pinpoint Florida’s highway system's beginning to the creation of Atlantic Boulevard in 1910, which led mainland Jacksonville to its beaches. 

Part of Arlington’s growth is tied to the opening of the Mathews Bridge in the early 1950s. The area grew considerably when this cantilever bridge connected downtown Jacksonville and Arlington over the St. Johns River. New communities developed as a result of improved roads. In 1989, Arlington connected once again with Jacksonville when the Dames Point Bridge opened. Its cable-stayed design was the longest of its kind in the world at the time of its opening.

Downtown Arlington is equivalent to Jacksonville’s, and businesses such as Crowley Maritime Corporation have made it their home. The Jacksonville Chamber Arlington Council focuses on improving and promoting businesses in the area and addressing any issues pertinent to its membership. Aside from the business community within Arlington proper, the region as a whole offers many opportunities for growth and entrepreneurship when you include neighboring Jacksonville communities. The beaches also provide many opportunities for business owners to prosper.

Places to Visit in Arlington

Nature lovers have much to enjoy in Arlington and its neighboring communities. 

The same natural elements that made Florida attractive to the early explorers are enticing for those who venture outdoors. Even though the summer months can be scorching, most other months invite exploration and adventure. Some of the natural beauties you can explore are:

  • The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve: Ideal for water sports, fishing and swimming, salt marshes, and coastal dunes welcome you as you explore the preserve. The Fort Caroline National Memorial lives within its boundaries and showcases a replica of the original fort built by the French. 

Once inside the Timucuan Preserve, you can also visit the Kingsley Plantation, the only remaining plantation home in the state. The Kingsley Plantation is incredibly rich in history because of its original owners. Mrs. Anna Madgigine Jai, a slave from West Africa, became Mrs. Kingsley upon marrying Zephaniah Kingsley, who had initially bought her as a slave. When she was freed, she acquired land of her own, as well as additional slaves. The plantation grew sugar cane, citrus fruits, and corn and became a powerful entity. You can either drive or sail into the Preserve.

  • The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens- right in the heart of Arlington lives a 120-acre space where visitors can enjoy hiking trails and native species. It’s easily accessible and an excellent spot for a quick workout or to spend a leisurely afternoon. Camping facilities are also available, and details can be found on their website.

If the outdoors is not your cup of tea, Jacksonville has much to offer in terms of indoor art and entertainment. As you make plans, you might want to consider the following-

  • The Alhambra Theatre and Dining: Theater lovers can enjoy Broadway-style shows along with a fine dining experience. The Alhambra is one of the oldest professional dinner theaters and a great option for date night or a night out. Make sure to check out their website for the most updated information. 
  • The Norman Studios: Built in 1916, The Norman Studios were purchased by Richard E. Norman in 1921. It was one of the first studios in the nation to produce films where African American actors were portrayed positively. You can view the original building along Arlington Road and become involved with the non-profit organization seeking to restore the building and preserve silent films' legacy.

For those who want to broaden their horizon or have a student in their lives, Jacksonville University is a private institution recognized as one of the top colleges in the U.S. Its waterfront campus provides an idyllic setting to engage in academic endeavors. It is barely ten minutes from downtown Jacksonville, and its diverse student body adds to the college experience. Employers often look to recruit out of the campus, and The Economist ranks Jackson University in the top 10% in terms of return on investment.

Protecting Arlington Homes from Flooding

The same reason that makes the area so attractive is perhaps our most significant vulnerability. Proximity to waterways and its climate make flooding a genuine possibility for home and business owners in Arlington. When storms allow water levels to rise and floodwater enters residential settings, our team at SERVPRO becomes essential in restoring homes and commercial establishments alike.

When you reach out to our team of experts, you can expect industrial-grade equipment and the latest techniques to remove debris brought in by stormwater. You can also rely on our team to protect salvageable items and identify specialty drying solutions opportunities. As we progress throughout your home, we document our process and provide coordination and assistance as required by insurance companies.

SERVPRO of Arlington/ Jacksonville East is as committed to the community as you are. A call to our 24/7 line at (904) 721-2230 gets you a team dedicated to leaving your home “Like it never even happened.”

What Can Arlington Homeowners Do to Help the Flood Damage Remediation Process?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

flooding bedroom interior Water removal is the first step when dealing with flood damage in your home. Our technicians are standing by 24/7 to take your emergency call.

Arlington Residents Want to Know how to Handle Flood Damage Cleanup

Having contractors working in your Arlington home can be a stressful experience. SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East understands that inviting people into your home is not always easy, especially after a disaster. You want to know your house is in good hands – and you want to know what you should or should not do while the workers are present.

Customers dealing with flood damage in their Arlington residences often ask us what they can do to help – and if there is anything they should not do. We appreciate your concern and hope this article gives you a clear overview of what to expect when we arrive.

What should homeowners do while waiting for SERVPRO?

When you call us, we will call you back within an hour to arrange a home visit. You can expect our technicians within four hours after we arrange a visit with you. While you are waiting, you might find it helpful to:

  • Mop and blot away excess water from hardwood floors, lino, carpets, and furniture
  • Remove colored items such as magazines from carpets
  • Gather up loose items and put them somewhere safe
  • Place aluminum foil between furniture legs and carpets to prevent stains
  • Keep pets and children out of water-damaged areas and arrange for them to stay with a nearby friend or relative if possible

Please do not attempt to suction up water – we have much more effective pumps that we will use when we arrive. It is also vital that you do not try any mopping, blotting, or gathering of items unless you are entirely confident that it is safe for you to do so. If you are in any doubt, please wait for the SERVPRO team to arrive – We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Is it safe to move cushions or fabrics?

If the room itself does not contain any hazards, we highly recommend you:

  • Lean sofa and chair cushions, and throw pillows, together in "tents" to help them dry faster
  • Remove rugs from wet carpets to prevent color stains
  • Hang water-damaged leather items and furs

Please do not touch fabrics if the water might contain sewage or animal carcasses – in those cases, you must wait for us to arrive and let us take care of everything.

What should you do when SERVPRO arrives?

When our technicians arrive, they will assess your Arlington storm damaged home. We use moisture meters, moisture probes, and thermo-hygrometers to evaluate your house. We use this equipment to measure:

  • How deep water has penetrated the carpet, carpet backing, lino, hardwood floors, or subfloors
  • The path water took across walls, ceilings, and baseboards
  • The level of humidity in the affected area

We will advise you of our proposed drying plan and ensure you approve it before we begin. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have – our technicians are here to help. Our team will let you know where it is safe to go and whether you should avoid areas of your home while we are working. We will also consult you on decisions regarding what to discard and what to keep.

Is there anything you should not do when SERVPRO arrives?

Please refrain from touching or turning off any of our equipment. We appreciate that some of our machines are bulky and they can certainly be noisy. However, we calibrate and position them for the most effective drying, and you mustn't disturb them. The machines may need to run for several days to restore the humidity and moisture levels in your home to preloss levels.

We also ask that you do not open windows or doors or switch the HVAC system on or off without asking us first. Our technicians are well-versed in the science of drying. That means we create the optimum drying environment before we begin work. An unexpected open window, or a change in the HVAC system, can compromise that environment and negatively impact drying.

Is it safe for you to stay in your home during drying?

Whether it is safe for you to stay in your home depends on the extent of the damage, and whether it affects vital areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms. Your SERVPRO team will advise you on any safety issues. We can also liaise with your insurer on your behalf. In some scenarios, your insurance will cover the cost of staying away from your home while we work. Your insurer might also agree to cover the accommodation cost if our equipment is too noisy for you to stay at home comfortably.

For help with flood damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230.

How Do I Know If My Arlington Home’s Prior Storm-Related Damage Has Been Effectively Repaired?

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Flooding Room With Blank Frame Hanging On The Wall We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Arlington Companies Like SERVPRO Have State-Of-The-Art Tools That Can Identify Any Remaining Issues from Poorly Remediated Flood Damage.

As residents know, Arlington routinely suffers the effects of strong coastal storms. Yearly, between June and the end of November, powerful tropical storms travel up Florida’s Atlantic coast and cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses. Once these weather systems pass, local homeowners are often left with an expensive mess to clean up. This is when they desperately enlist the aid of flood damage cleanup and restoration companies. Unfortunately, not all of these are quality services that have technicians with the right training, experience, or equipment to effectively resolve their flood-related issues. Worse still, is when homeowners have to hire another company to find and repair what these inept services have done incorrectly.

What Are The Signs of Bad Flood Damage Restoration Work?

The goal of any good Arlington flood damage remediation service is to return your home to its pre-flood condition. This they do by removing any standing floodwaters, drying up all excess moisture in your home’s interior, disinfecting impacted surfaces, and using deodorants to neutralize foul floodwater-related odors. When workers do remediation work ineffectively, several visible issues could result. These noticeable problems include:

    •    Ceiling or floor buckling
    •    Warping of walls
    •    Crumbling drywall and plaster
    •    Deterioration of paint and other wall coverings
    •    Water stains or discoloration of structural elements
    •    Dry rot, mold, or mildew on baseboards, walls, and ceilings
    •    Persistent foul, floodwater-related odors

Whenever you notice any of these visible indications of water damage, it’s likely your home’s stormwater-related issues were poorly remediated. This is when you need the help of professional inspection and restoration professionals like SERVPRO.

How Can SERVPRO Precisely Locate Structural Elements and Other Materials Still Impacted by Floodwater Damage?

One of the many useful abilities of SERVPRO is our skill and experience in locating water damage in even the most hidden areas. Company technicians can do this because of their extensive training and advanced equipment.  Some of the advanced equipment they use is:

    •    Moisture sensors and meters that identify materials affected by excess moisture and measure the level of impact
    •    Temperature and relative humidity-measuring thermohygrometers that allow our professionals to calculate dew points, vapor pressure, and specific humidity
    •    Cameras with infrared technology that can locate hidden water damage behind your home’s structural elements

When floodwaters inundate your property, they can get into every nook and cranny of your house. If a subpar remediation company attempts to resolve the resulting issues, it’s often not so easy to determine what they failed to properly remediate. Fortunately, with our high-tech tools, we are usually able to do just that.

How Does SERVPRO Fix Improperly Remediated Flood Damage?

After our experts find that you have flood-related problems remaining from a previous remediation attempt, they follow a time-tested procedure for correcting them. This corrective process generally involves:

    •    Determining a proper drying goal, given the moisture levels in non-impacted areas and the local climate
    •    Replacing affected structural elements that cannot be restored
    •    Extracting remaining standing water with wet vacs
    •    Drying your home’s interior, including even the most difficult-to-access places, with air movers, various types of dehumidifiers, and Injectidry systems
    •    Treating your residence with state-of-the-art foggers and EPA-approved disinfectants and deodorants

Often, regardless of the incompetence of your previous remediation service, SERVPRO is able to fix missed or improperly repaired floodwater damage. Our time-tested procedures and advanced equipment enable our technicians to expertly locate and restore impacted materials.

Living on the coast, near warm water beaches, is not all sunshine and rainbows. Every year, local residents face the very real threat of powerful hurricanes and other tropical storms. These powerful cyclonic storms bring with them sustained torrential rains and strong winds that often cause severe flooding. Storm surges usually occur as a result of the winds, and the St. Johns River and area lakes can overflow. The excess water in this exceedingly low-lying, flat area has nowhere to go but into people’s houses. When this happens, your home is likely severely impacted. This is why Arlington area homeowners should anticipate coastal storms and research remediation companies before they ever experience the effects of a major storm.

If the previously mentioned preventative steps are not taken, residents face the risk of hiring an incompetent company that could cost them more money in the long run. Whenever this happens, they need the assistance of restoration professionals to correct the resulting issues as soon as possible. So, if restoration work has been completed on your home and you suspect ineffective service or continue to notice signs of water damage, contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 today.

Why Does Flood Water Need Special Treatment In Arlington?

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Man In The Room Flooded With Water We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Flash Flooding Brings Debris and Contaminants Into Your Arlington Home That Requires Professional Crews to Cleanup and Remove

Flooding causes over $8 billion in damages in the United States every year. Those who live in areas where strong seasonal storms are the norm have a higher rate of damage. If heavy rains and winds damage your Arlington home, SERVPRO can help.

What Are Some of the Hazards of Floodwaters?

When a pipe bursts or your dishwasher overflows, that results in clean or gray water. Bacteria and other biohazards are not typically present. Floodwaters from storms in Arlington present a whole new set of difficulties that are best left in professionals' hands. This includes things such as:

    •    Blackwater due to debris, dirt, and contaminants getting caught up in the water flow.
    •    Electrical issues from downed power lines or electric systems being beneath the flood levels.
    •    Bacteria and other potential health issues such as mold can develop quickly.
    •    Chemical contaminants from nearby medical facilities, industry, or even household cleaning supplies.

It is essential to avoid floodwaters, if at all possible. Don't try to save your home's content. Let the professionals take care of that. SERVPRO crews will do their best to salvage as much material as they can from your home. We have restoration experts that can restore everything from upholstered furniture to household goods like dishes and clothing.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting After a Flood

Sanitation plays a significant role in restoring a home after a flood. All traces of bacteria or other microscopic contaminants need removing, so there is no chance of health issues later on. Methods we use involving EPA-registered disinfectants include:

    •    Spraying down walls.
    •    Spraying down all surfaces
    •    Removing porous materials that have absorbed contaminants
    •    Replacing lower portions of affected sheetrock or drywall.

Flash flooding is hazardous, but our crews are available 24/7 to intervene when disaster strikes. Contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for expert flood damage service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

What is the Best Way to Save My Belongings in a Flood?

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SERVPRO drying equipment being used in kitchen When this home experienced a water loss event, SERVPRO came to the rescue with the equipment and experience for total restoration.

We Have Efficient Mitigation Solutions for Flooded Arlington Residences and Work to Protect and Salvage Exposed Contents from Irreparable Damage 

Flooding can be a considerable threat to an Arlingtonhome. With how quickly water damage can penetrate the property and spread throughout the residence, in no time at all, the whole house can be affected by the disaster. While this means that many structural elements have become exposed to floodwater, it also means that your personal belongings, furniture, electronics, and clothing have met with the migrating threat. 

Content management is often considered one of the most valuable services we offer in recovering flood damage to Arlington properties. In many ways, your personal belongings, keepsakes, and treasures make your house a home. Protecting and restoring these items amid a crisis is one of the ways that we fixate on helping you through the traumatic experience and keeping the costs and length of restoration to a minimum. 

What Restoration Occurs On-Site?  

With surface cleaning and drying, we have several strategies that we can employ with your belongings encountered in your house after a flood. The goal for these possessions is to relocate them to a safer space in the property to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by migrating loss effects. If too damaged, we can also choose our pack-out procedure, which moves these items to our SERVPRO facility for focused care. 

What Happens to Your Belongings in Our Care?  

There are many steps to storing and recovering your possessions after a flood loss incident. Our cleaning technicians in our warehouse can employ several strategies to restore these contents' look and function when contaminants or substantial water damage threaten these items. Some of the focal points of the pack-out process include: 

  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Deodorizing
  • Safe Storage 

Flooding can be destructive to what matters most. Give our SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East team a call to help protect these items. We are available 24/7 at (904) 721-2230. 

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Tropical Storms and Hurricanes in Florida

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image of dark clouds SERVPRO Says: Call Us for Fast Hurricane Damage Restoration

SERVPRO Can Mitigate Storm Damages After a Hurricane

An intense storm, a tropical storm is known by a very low pressure and swirling wind rotation, which usually forms in the tropics. These types of storms can bring very heavy rain and damaging winds to the areas which they pass over.

Even though tropical storms are not as powerful as hurricanes, they can be quite destructive as well, causing injury, property damage or even death. Typically, hurricanes will diminish in power to tropical storms.

Development of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes in Arlington

A combination of factors are needed for a tropical storm to form:  

1. A disturbance in the atmosphere, typically an area of cool air and low pressure
2. Ocean water that is warmer than 80 degrees Fahrenheit
3. A low, vertical wind shear, which means the wind speeds have to be consistent at various altitudes.

Even with the combination of these factors, hurricanes can develop only a certain distance away from the equator. This is because of the Coriolis effect, which is created by the rotation of the earth and is too weak near the equator to provide a storm which is developing the necessary spin.

These storms start out as a disturbance in the atmosphere of low pressure. The wind comes into this low-pressure area from areas of high pressure surrounding it. Once the warm ocean water warms the air, it rises at the center of the storm that is forming where it condenses, which makes thunderstorms.

Essentially, the system feeds on itself, using as fuel the warm water of the ocean. Usually, tropical storms show a recognizable pattern of rotation when they are seen from a satellite. However, they don’t usually have the spiral pattern and eye that is known to go along with hurricanes.

An important part of nature, tropical cyclones carry heat from the lower latitudes by the equator to the latitudes that are farther north. These storms can form in various regions of the world, including the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, near Australia and the South Pacific, the India Ocean, the Arabian Sea and in the Bay of Bengal. In the Eastern Hemisphere hurricanes are usually called typhoons. SERVPRO says: no matter the name, they are very dangerous, so be prepared.

Dangers of Tropical Storms

These storms can bring damage in many ways. The biggest danger may be the heavy rainfall that goes along with hurricanes, causing severe mudslides and flooding from the groundwater. Three-foot rainfall totals over several days aren't uncommon with these storms, even when they are some distance from the coast where the storm made contact with land.

Winds of high speeds can turn things such as outdoor furniture, signs, and tree limbs into flying, high-speed projectiles, making hazards for animals and humans, and even breaking windows or destroying or damaging buildings. The wind can also create large waves, the always dangerous tidal surge, which could endanger people living on the coast or boaters. The storm surge or high storm tide which goes along with tropical storms can go over lowland areas and destroy property, or injuring or killing people. Tropical storms can also create tornadoes, causing, even more, destruction.

 Tropical storms and hurricanes can bring devastating damages to your property, so when this happens, talk with us at SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East by calling us at (904) 721-2230 for emergency service.

We are experienced and trained to handle storm damages. We will come out quickly to your property to begin the remediation process.

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What to Expect When SERVPRO Recommends a Pack Out After Flood Damage in Jacksonville

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Illustration of flooded home If your home is facing a flooding scenario, contact SERVPRO to go over the many services offered, which can include pack-outs.

Our Certified Technicians Focus on Drying Out Your Home and Possessions After Flooding

Severe storms and significant plumbing or appliance fails can fill the lower levels of your Jacksonville home with water. Recovery from this event requires attention to both the structural damage affecting your home and the harm done to furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions. Our on-site water removal and drying technicians are rivaled only by our production facility employees in the skills and experience needed to return both your home and your belongings to preloss condition.

After torrential rains and high winds combine to inflict flood damage to your Jacksonville dwelling, the interior and exterior of your home need considerable attention. We need access to areas where recesses might hide water, and our equipment requires cleared and open set up spaces to achieve the best results. When our crew chief assesses the flood damage a pack out of movable items can be recommended as part of the plan. Our crews are well-trained in industry best practices about inventorying, preparing, protecting, and moving the non-structural property articles to a secure and dry location.

At your home, SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East crew members systematically work to remove water, sanitize flooded surfaces, and achieve structural drying goals on a large, room by room scale. Any furniture and personal property left in the flooded locations can inhibit our efforts. If not packed out the furnishings and other articles also fail to receive the specialized care they need to recover their fresh clean, and dry characteristics. Our production space can be configured to create a series of efficient mini drying and cleaning spaces for the packed out inventory, allowing a customizable approach to the many pieces of property soaked by the flood waters. 

SERVPRO employees take the opportunity to evaluate the packed out property, assessing for damage and proposing strategies to clean and dry the items. We have water extraction equipment and laundry facilities available to manage the effects of flooding on everything from your living room furniture suite to window coverings to clothing to papers and books, and more. The employees working on the pack out inventory document the damage for your insurance company and employ cutting-edge technologies to transform belongings you believe are ruined back to their full function and appearance. For example, we have access off-site to resources like freeze-drying methods to restore soaked papers, books, and pictures and technicians trained in electronics drying and restoration. 

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East is proud to offer a broad range of flood damage solutions for all types of property. Explore the benefits of a pack out when you consult with our project managers after calling our emergency line at  (904) 721-2230.

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How to Cope with a Water Damaged Home after a Storm

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illustration of homes under water Dealing with water damage can be stressful. We are here to help.

Florida hurricanes can dump torrential rains across Jacksonville within minutes.  

Storm damage, and indeed any kind of water damage, can wreak havoc on a house. The Jacksonville water damage is difficult to repair, but it is possible with the help of professionals.

Here is a step by step guide on dealing with water damage in your home.

1. Turn off all electrical power before re-entering the home. Wet wiring or electrical appliances can be an electrocution hazard.

2. Wear the appropriate protective gear. Wear sturdy clothing, boots, eye protection, thick rubber gloves, and a facemask or vapor respirator. This is important to protect you from potential dangers in water damaged home.

3. Re-enter the house slowly. Insects, rodents, and reptiles may have entered the home along with the water. These may bite if surprised.

4. Discard any textiles or anything porous. These items hold water and also provide a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. Mattresses, box springs, and anything with fabric or particleboard will need to be discarded. Be sure to make a list and take photos of these items before they are thrown out so you can claim them with insurance.

5. Remove furniture, clothing, and anything else you hope to save. Clothing and furniture can often be professionally cleaned and salvaged.

6. Remove leftover water if possible. Mop or use a wet vacuum to remove standing water. Liquid left standing or soaking a porous object will begin to breed bacteria and mold within 24 hours. Dry anything that is damp and open windows to maintain good ventilation.

7. Call a professional water damage restoration service. While you can handle the first six steps on your own, you will need a professional to make your home safe and structurally sound. A professional restoration service will know how to identify areas where water is likely to collect and dry these. In addition, these services have the equipment to quickly dry hard-to-reach places and kill infectious microbes.

It is natural to be stressed when your home suffers water damage in Jacksonville. It is important to remain calm and methodically work at restoring your home to a safe place to live.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company, and our technicians are highly trained and experienced with every water damage situation.

We Are The Best Choice For Your Arlington Flood Damage Restoration

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Air movers and dehumidifiers sitting in the floor of this kitchen We placed air movers and dehumidifiers strategically to enhance the drying process in this home after flood damage hit.

Removing Bedroom Flood Damage in Arlington

When flooding occurs, it can be incredibly stressful for homeowners to keep track of damage and losses on their own. Worse still, floodwaters can cause unseen damage behind walls and under flooring that can compromise the integrity of your structure. Without professional-grade service from an experienced team, mold, wood rot, and other damages can develop and affect the safety and comfort of your home. 

If your Arlington home needs flood damage mitigation fast, you can count on the pros at SERVPRO to restore your residence to a preloss condition. SERVPRO staff, technicians, and franchise owners alike receive extensive education in flood damage cleanup and restoration, as well as opportunities for self-paced, continued learning opportunities after training. This franchise also offers credit and non-credit courses and seminars for insurance and real estate professionals to expand their knowledge for the benefit of their clients. 

Salvaging Wood & Antique Furniture 

Keep this in mind when determining what to recover:

  • What is the extent of the damage?
  • How much did the piece cost?
  • Does it hold sentimental value for you?
  • What would it cost to restore the item? 
  • Would it be more cost-effective to replace it?

These questions are especially important to consider with antique furniture affected by flooding. In many cases, solid wood furniture can be restored so long as it has not been too damaged by exposure to floodwater. SERVPRO technicians can help you procure an experienced furniture restorer for antiques and similarly delicate items.

SERVPRO Saves the Day

After flood damage occurs, SERVPRO technicians can extract moisture and disinfect surfaces to prepare your space for drying. Drying is accomplished with centrifugal air movers and industrial-grade dehumidifiers, which work in tandem to remove moisture from the air and replace it with air that is warm and dry. If odors are present in your home after a flood, odor control technicians (OCTs) may utilize thermal fogging to disperse water- or solvent-based deodorizers. 

Not only does air moving equipment pull excess moisture out of surfaces and wall cavities, but it also allows dehumidifiers to more effectively remove this moisture. Before and after deodorizing, large axial box fans that are capable of moving 3,200 cubic feet per minute are utilized to allow for exchange between stagnant indoor air after a disaster and fresh outdoor air that can aid in the removal of odors. The movement and exchange of air are essential for both structural drying and odor removal.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East can make your home disaster look, "Like it never even happened." Call (904) 721-2230 to have an emergency response team at your home any time of the day or night. 

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We Have Effective Techniques To Restore Your Arlington Home After A Flood

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Four of our air movers and dehumidifiers sitting in a kitchen after water damage We arrived with a significant quantity of water removal equipment and began extraction immediately to prevent further damage.

Storm and Flood Removal for the Crawlspaces of your Arlington Home

Storm and Flood Removal Arlington

While it is crucial to safeguard your home against intense weather conditions, your response to these situations is equally important. Increases in rainfall during the winter period can result in rising water levels throughout the community. Sometimes water rises can reach dangerous levels leading to flooding of crawlspaces in your home. Our company specializes in a substantial loss recovery serving both this community and surrounding states in need. But our expertise covers both small and large loss projects.

Excess amounts of water in your crawlspace can lead to homeowners seeking out experienced storm and flood removal services in Arlington. Crawlspaces can be a particularly challenging area of restoration as not only is the water likely to become contaminated, the entrances are typically small and limit the use of equipment. A home without a functioning vapor barrier can mean that flooding begins to condensate on the subfloor of your home, weakening the structure and increasing the chances of rot or mold growth.

The vital component in any flood removal task is the application of air circulation to encourage evaporation. Pumping equipment is generally the fastest means of bringing water out of a structure, but in smaller spaces, pumps can be tough to deploy and operate. When the area of damage is too short of implementing traditional equipment, SERVPRO technicians need to innovate to restore. Ducting the entrance to a crawlspace can allow technicians to use large, exterior tools usefully in small spaces.

To efficiently duct a crawlspace, SERVPRO technicians need to establish both a return and a supply side. The supply side allows us to circulate warm air at high speeds into the crawlspace. The return side enables us to exhaust humid air out of the building. By setting up these ducting areas, we can create a closed system that allows SERVPRO water restoration technicians greater control of the psychrometrics within the crawlspace. These ducting set-ups can also allow us to attach dehumidification equipment as well as the dispersal of anti-microbial or deodorant chemicals.

A functioning crawlspace is essential to the wellbeing of your home. Contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 now.

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Call Us After A Flood In Your Arlington Residence

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flooding caused by a storm You can reach our technicians at any time at (904) 721-2230.

You Need Professional Cleanup for Storm and Flood Damage in Your Arlington Residence

A natural disaster such as a storm can cause overwhelming effects on your property and family. Heavy rain and strong winds often accompany thunderstorms. Sometimes, they produce sleet and hail. Rainwater can enter your home through broken windows or a damaged roof, ruining a variety of valuable items like furniture, appliances, electronics, and vital documents.

Heavy rain is enough to cause flood damage in your Arlington residence. After a storm, contact the disaster mitigation experts at SERVPRO for help. Our trained team of experts can provide debris cleanup and repair the flood damage to return your home to its preloss state. High winds can carry different types of debris, including:

    •    Building materials like shattered glass, shards of lumber, and torn shingles.
    •    Green waste such as uprooted shrubs and broken branches.
    •    Belongings from the damaged property.

Such debris can cause severe damage to your property by gouging holes into the roof, ripping off shingles, stripping away siding, and shattering windows. We offer comprehensive debris cleanup services that include:

    •    Clearing downed trees: You may find broken tree branches on your property’s roof, your car, or the driveway after a storm. Our team can arrange for the downed trees, tree branches, and any other green waste to be removed, speeding up the mitigation and cleanup process.
    •    Protecting your property from unpleasant weather: If debris has created holes in your property or broken your windows, our team can board up the structure using plywood. Our board up services can help protect your belongings and home from intruders and the elements of weather during the restoration process.
    •    Storing contents: If your items cannot remain in your property because of unsafe conditions, we can provide pack-out and items storage services. We use pack-out-inventory software that helps us to track the entire move out process. Before we take the contents to our facilities for thorough cleaning and restoration, our crew can tag each box or item for identification purposes.

SERVPRO restoration experts have access to state-of-the-art equipment to handle flood damage of any magnitude safely and quickly. We can clear the debris, clean up, and dry your home to restore it to its original condition. Mold is a significant threat, and it can affect your property as long as the ideal conditions are met. It is vital to take measures such as spraying down damp areas with a mold inhibitor to keep it from taking over before the restoration process ends. Your home may need repairs. In that case, our contracting division can complete the repairs. We have a competent construction team that can reconstruct your property fully following damage from a storm.

After an unfortunate incident of flood damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East, for efficient, prompt, and thorough cleanup and restoration services. You can reach our technicians at any time at (904) 721-2230. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Why Professional Restoration Services are Necessary for Arlington Storm Damaged Homes

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top of roof with tarping on section Storms frequently damage roofs. SERVPRO provides emergency storm services, including roof tarping.

How Arlington Homeowners can Take Back Control with Professional Storm Flood Removal Services

Tempestuous storms, high winds, and heavy rainfall can all increase the likelihood of flash-flooding in your area. Unfortunately, these events can cause extensive property damages with rushing water creating enough force to uproot trees, flip automobiles, and breaking through doors. In the restoration industry, floodwaters are considered a contaminated water supply and could bring debris into your home as well as pathogens, viruses, or bacteria. We operate rapid-response teams and large loss units throughout the storm season to help prevent homeowners from sustaining permanent losses.

The goal of our Storm Flood Removal team here in Arlington is to allow you to get back to your everyday life as expeditiously as possible. It is not uncommon for homeowners to experience displacement from their homes by flooding. The need for temporary accommodation is due to the combination of severe damages and contamination that can make your home unsafe to live. Your storm insurance adjuster may deem it necessary to place you in temporary housing during the completion of restoration work. If it is unsafe for you to return to your home, you need a restoration provider you can trust.

SERVPRO has been working in Arlington for many years and has even contributed members of our technical team to large loss sites across states. We can enter your home after flooding and perform several vital tasks to prevent further loss from occurring. These may even include sealing the structure from rainwater using tarps or boarding up doorways and windows to prevent unlawful entry. Inside a property, we can perform several restoration techniques to prevent your contents or structure from sustaining irreversible harm.

Flooded properties can deteriorate rapidly without immediate attention. Standing water exerts a huge pound for pound pressure on floors, walls, and structures. It can also become increasingly contaminated, cause mold growth, or migrate to previously unaffected areas. Using truck-mounted water extraction units alongside submersible gas pumps, SERVPRO can remove the body of standing water quickly to ensure it does not cause further harm.

Once the standing water removal is complete, we can prepare the site for restoration. Restoration may include replacing broken doors or windows, repainting or refinishing as well as salvaging furniture and other contents. We can perform full-site deodorization once the property is clean and dry to remove any unpleasant, lingering odors.

Take back control of your home after flooding by contacting SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230. 

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How Professionals Remediate Flood Damage in Arlington

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Heavy rain causing flooding Storms and flooding are a certainty here in Arlington. Call us today to dry your home.

Professional Flood Damage Remediation in Arlington 

With the St. John’s River close enough to see, Arlington residents have quick access to water recreation without having to get out onto the ocean. It can make for a great day to call in sick, grab a friend, and spend the morning water skiing. With the river that close, however, it is also another source of flooding into local homes.  

Arlington flood damage can run from a couple of inches covering the floor to several feet that recede quickly but leaves behind layers of soil and other contaminants. Both require cleaning and disposal of structural and personal property; however, SERVPRO response teams perform many of the same tasks. The time spent is determined by the level of damage, not necessarily the level of water.  

To begin with, restoration specialists remove any flood water still in the home. The action stops everything in the house from absorbing more water, slowing and preventing further damage. Removal also allows evaporation to begin by exposing the covered surfaces to the air.  

After completing removal, SERVPRO team members clear the home of debris. Paper quickly dissolves into a pulp and needs removing to prevent it from staining any wood floors. Stained carpets are not a concern since the contaminated floodwater already made them not restorable. Our action here helps not just clear the home, but also removes the source of odors that can spread throughout the entire house. 

With the debris removed, specialists dry the home and then clean it. Team members do this by increasing the air circulation and draw out to speed up evaporation without causing secondary damage to any furniture or other items. After that, they use a variety of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to clean surfaces and eliminate the health threat.  

At SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East, our goal is to dry and clean each home as quickly as possible.  Should you need our help here or in Fort Caroline, St. Nicholas, and Spring Glen call us today at (904) 721-2230 to schedule an inspection and start the restoration process in your home. 

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Conquer Storm Damage Remediation in Your Jacksonville Home

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When flooding and storm damage affect your home, time is of the essence. Contact SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage in Your Jacksonville Residence

After arriving on your flood-damaged Jacksonville area property, our technicians carefully pre-inspect all aspects of the flooded area. It is our team's job to begin mitigating damage immediately. If the water invading your property is clean and safe to enter, we start implementing a specific set of actions right away. 

First and foremost, we inform everyone on the crew and the homeowner if the flood damage in their Jacksonville home presents any immediate dangers. Electrical hazards, falling ceilings, and deteriorated subfloors are all common occurrences after a flood. Spending a few minutes securing the structure can save lives. 

Next, SERVPRO’s water damage restoration technicians (WRT) use a variety of hand-held, truck-mounted, and submersible extraction equipment. We pump out all standing water found on your property, checking floors, walls, and crawlspaces whenever necessary. Using the proper equipment for any given situation allows us access to hard-to-reach areas otherwise overlooked. 

SERVPRO technicians use a water meter to determine the extent of water penetration in carpets, floors, walls, and ceilings. We move and block any furniture found in your home and extract water from all carpeting and hard-surface flooring. Our team also detaches the carpet from the floor to extract water from both padding and subfloor underneath. However, in most cases, replacement of padding is necessary. 

SERVPRO examines the back of the carpet for damages, looking for delamination, bad seams, or visible mold. We check for pre-existing damages and determine whether or not your carpeting remains salvageable. Technicians treat the floor and back of carpet with an appropriate deodorizer and anti-microbial before putting the carpet back in place for additional extraction. Once fully extracted, the top of the carpet also receives deodorizer and anti-microbial treatments to the face fibers. 

We pay close attention to carpeting overall, continually searching for any furniture stains caused by the flood. As this type of stain is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove after your carpet fully dries. With extraction complete, your restoration team places dehumidifiers and air-movers strategically around the affected area, which begins the drying process.

Call us at SERVPRO of Arlington for full-service flood damage solutions throughout the Fort Caroline, St Nicholas, and Spring Glen areas. We have emergency responders available 24-hrs a day, 7-days a week, with access to all of the equipment, tools, and resources needed to tackle any size job. (904) 721-2230

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When A Flood Causes Major Damage To Your Jacksonville Home, You Need To Call Our Crew!

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SERVPRO of Arlington is here to help you restore your home after flooding, so it looks “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage Cleanup In Your Jacksonville Home

Floods are destructive and unpredictable, but if you can prepare yourself and your home in Jacksonville before flooding occurs, it helps you avoid at least some of the effects. Not being prepared can leave you with a recovery that is stressful, slow, and costly. Flooding can occur at any time, and taking a few hours to prepare an emergency kit, securing your property, and having a plan for you and your family can help you get through the aftermath of a flood.

Once the storms have subsided, you need the assistance of a professional remediation company to restore the flood damage done to your Jacksonville home. You need someone who is experienced and can work in a timely fashion so you can avoid additional damage and can get back to your life as soon as possible. At SERVPRO, we have the training and experience you would expect, and we also understand that this is a tough time for you and your family.

Some of the things you can do to prepare for a flood include preparing an emergency kit, making a flood plan for your household, keeping a list of emergency numbers where everyone can see them, and checking your insurance policy to see if you are covered for flood damage. If you're in a region that is susceptible to flooding, you might consider alternatives to carpeting in your home as well.

When SERVPRO come to help you clean up after a flood, the first thing we need to do is extract any standing water that is left. If it is not too deep, mops and buckets can be used. If it is more than a few inches, we have truck-mounted pumps to help us get the water out. If needed, we then remove any items such as furniture, artwork or heirlooms out of the home to a location that is safe and dry while we finish the restoration.

We then position air movers, heavy-duty fans and dehumidifiers throughout the affected areas to promote airflow and faster drying time. These machines are monitored daily and rearranged as needed. If you have carpeting in the home, we likely have to remove the padding and discard it but can dry the carpeting out. When everything is dry, we deodorize and disinfect your home to prevent the growth of mold.

SERVPRO of Arlington is here to help you restore your home in Glynlea, Merrill, or Spring Glen after flooding, so it looks “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (904) 721-2230 once the storms are over, and we can have you back in your home before you know it.

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We Can Restore Your Jacksonville Home After A Flood

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Let our SERVPRO of Arlington use our effective extraction and drying equipment to make flood damage “Like it never even happened.”

Extraction Services For Your Flooded Jacksonville Crawlspace

While the crawlspace of your Jacksonville home serves a vital purpose in providing effective flooding protection and access to utility shutoffs, damage from severe weather systems can often get overlooked. Without regularly assessing this space in your home for effects that could threaten your property, you could remain unaware of flooding effects from severe weather threats recently affecting the area. Persistent standing water in your crawlspace can pose significant concerns for the first floor of your home as well as other exposed structural elements.

While our professionals can respond quickly to flood damage that can affect your Jacksonville property, we cannot predict when your crawlspace has become affected. Regular inspections of this space beneath your main floor can help to identify potential threats and give you the opportunity to notify our SERVPRO rapid response team to help before the situation gets out of control. Standing water and excessive moisture throughout this area can pose risks to structural elements and flooring of your house.

When our crew arrives at your property, we bring along a vast inventory of extraction equipment including wet-vacs with extraction wands and submersible pumps. By removing the standing water quickly from the crawlspace, we can get a better look at the spread of moisture damage and saturation on structural supports, beams, flooring above and other elements. We can set up air movers and dehumidifiers to begin reducing the moisture content quickly.

A significant threat is mold growth and structural weakness with saturated materials throughout your crawlspace. We can assess structural integrity once the area gets dried with our efficient equipment. Exposed elements can get sprayed with antimicrobial solutions to prevent mold growth if the organism has not already started to grow and spread, requiring our mold remediation strategies.

For persistent threats to your crawlspace, our professionals might consider crawlspace encapsulation as an effective solution to reduce moisture and pooling. This approach covers all exposed structural elements in thick plastic sheeting and often requires the installation of permanent water diversion equipment like sump pumps.

While your crawlspace serves a vital purpose in your home, flooding in the area can cause problems for the entire property. Let our SERVPRO of Arlington use our effective extraction and drying equipment to make flood damage “Like it never even happened.” Give our crew a call today at (904) 721-2230.

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Our Professionals Explain How Our Injectidry System Can Restore Your Jacksonville Home

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If you need assistance, contact SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230.

How Injectidry Systems Could Help You With Flood Damage In Jacksonville

Periods of heavy rainfall can lead to flash flooding. Large volumes of water rushing downhill can be extremely dangerous with as little as two inches depth capable of uprooting trees or flipping vehicles. This phenomenon can pose a threat to your home. Ground levels can quickly become flooded requiring immediate assistance.

Restoration of your property after flood damage in Jacksonville should be sought as soon as possible. By calling SERVPRO, you know that you are reaching out to trained professionals who hold IICRC certificates in a range of home restoration tasks. Better yet you can reach out to us 24 hours a day by calling the emergency line. For natural weather events, we can arrange a service with you immediately over the phone.

One often overlooked aspect of flood restoration is checking inside wall cavities or underneath the floor. Large quantities of water can reside in hidden spots and become stagnant or cause secondary mold damage further down the line. SERVPRO use moisture meters to target hidden moisture pockets and are capable of demolishing sections of drywall to ensure your home restoration is successful.

One piece of equipment that has proven invaluable in removing water from wall cavities is injectidry systems. These consist of a centralized vacuum component and several injectors placed in a row, four inches apart. By drilling small holes in walls, or underneath fittings these injectors blast hot air into the cavity and dry inside the wall without excessive demolition.

Your SERVPRO technician can mobilize a wide range of equipment to achieve our goal of restoring the property to preloss conditions. Flood water absorbs any bacteria it comes into contact with, so a thorough application of chemical sanitizers is an essential part of the process. If at the end of service, any odors remain of either cleaning agents or stagnant water, we can thoroughly deodorize the property using industrial grade, water-based foggers.

If you need assistance, contact SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230.

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The Restoration Company To Call After A Flood Causes Damage To Your Fort Caroline Home Is SERVPRO

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Call us at (904) 721-2230, 24/7, so we can help make your home livable and safe again.

Making Your Home Livable After Flood Damage In Fort Caroline Requires Persistence And Teamwork

Weather does not always play a role in disasters in Fort Caroline. A water main break near your home might cause problems for you and neighboring homes. SERVPRO can help make things right again, just “Like it never even happened.”

When homeowners in Fort Caroline find their homes sustaining flood damage or other crises, they often turn to SERVPRO for both expert guidance and advice, and also for the professionals that can get things back to normal quickly. Flooded homes pose too many risks to health and safety for them to remain occupied. We know you do not want to live elsewhere any longer than you must, so we work quickly to mitigate the damage.

The sooner we finish, the sooner your family can return home and get back to normal routines and activities. Our use of the latest in machinery and tools, as well as techniques, means mitigation happens thoroughly. Working in teams and building on everyone's particular skills and strengths gets the necessary work done exceptionally fast while still meeting or exceeding all of the requirements.

Working together to remove ruined materials like floor coverings and walls means soggy, heavily saturated things get moved out of the way so drying out and cleaning can begin. Walls that we cut away expose beams, which also must reach drier conditions before restoration starts. We dry everything quickly through the use of our very powerful air movers. These machines quickly push moisture out of your home's structures.

Our desiccant machines trap this water vapor and keep it from condensing onto surfaces that might collect it. Surfaces that already hold some moisture have lower temperatures, making it possible for additional water vapor to 'stick' to already formed microbeads of water.

From start to finish, our specialists work hard to make your home the inviting place you remember. SERVPRO of Arlington's skilled technicians, IICRC-certified, and highly experienced, are always here to help you get your home free of the hazards of flood damage. Call us at (904) 721-2230, 24/7, so we can help make your home livable and safe again.

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Yikes in Jacksonville!! Floods, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and SERVPRO to the Rescue

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The Green Fleet from SERVPRO Provides Water Extraction After Flooding in the Jacksonville Area

Devise a Red Cross Plan When Flood Damage Occurs In Arlington

September is National Preparedness Month, and residents in Jacksonville should create a Family Game Plan to be prepared for an event like a flood. In an emergency, every second is critical, which is why it is vital to have a plan in place before disaster hits. This year’s National Preparedness Month theme is “Don’t Wait, Communicate.”
If your home suffers flood damage in Jacksonville, SERVPRO is here to help and encourages residents to develop a Red Cross family game plan. One of the first things the organization advises you to do is check with your local chapter for emergency training and events in your community. When creating a plan, it is wise to download apps from the Red Cross to help you such as the First Aid app that gives information on how to handle common first aid emergencies. The all-inclusive Emergency App is another useful tool that allows you to monitor more than 35 different severe weather and emergency alerts, which can help keep you and your loved ones safe. There is also a flood app that shows you ways to prepare for flooding and gives tips on evacuating and how to return home safely.
It is essential that you make a plan today. Your family may not be in the same place when a flood hits, so it is crucial to know how to contact one another and reconnect if you become separated during an event like a flood. Designate a family meeting place that is familiar to everyone, and that is easy to find. Also, make sure everyone knows how they will receive emergency alerts and warnings and make sure everyone knows their evacuation route and how to communicate with one another.
Consider the specific needs of everyone in your household as you prepare and tailor your scheme. When making a plan, consider dietary and medical needs such as prescriptions or equipment. Also, download and fill out a Red Cross Family Emergency Plan or use the advice as a guide to devise your own. Above all, make sure that everyone in the household practices and is ready to react to inclement weather or hurricanes.
If a disaster such as a flood occurs in Jacksonville area, SERVPRO of Arlington can be of service. Our skilled and trained flood damage team is nearby and can restore your home when possible. Call us 24/7 at (904) 721-2230.

It pays to keep an eye on your local weather.

Reacting Quickly To Flooding In Your Jacksonville Home

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When it comes to something as detrimental as flood damage to your home, this instance can be overwhelming for a homeowner to experience firsthand.

Reacting Quickly To Flooding In Your Home

There are many things that every homeowner should be aware of living in the Jacksonville area. With the almost ever-present threat of severe weather, safeguarding your home from risks like flooding and storm damages can spare you significant repair bills and restoration costs in the coming years. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not understand where their house is vulnerable to the damaging effects of a storm until their home is allowing these breaches to occur.

When it comes to something as detrimental as flood damage to your Jacksonville residence, this instance can be overwhelming for a homeowner to experience firsthand. Without the right preventative measures in place to prevent the water from getting inside your home, the contents of your house and its structural components become susceptible to the damaging effects of the rising waters. Reacting quickly to these occurrences can spare you irreparable damage to these structural elements and items, and keep your overall restoration costs to a minimum.

Once we have received your call, our SERVPRO professionals respond quickly. From the time that we arrive at your home, our priority is two-fold. First, we have to stop the water coming into your house by working to seal off the penetration points. Secondly, we have to assess the full scope of the damage that your home faces so that our team has the right equipment and plan for restoring your home to its preloss conditions.

Services like packouts can remove "at risk" items in your home from becoming damaged by the pooling water. Once the restoration completes inside of your house, our SERVPRO technicians can return these removed items back to where they initially rested.

Flooding in your home is never going to be an easy thing for you to witness or face on your own. Fortunately, you have certified restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Arlington that is ready for your call and willing to help. We can work quickly to bring your home back to the way it used to be. Give us a call 24/7 at (904) 721-2230.

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How Flash Flooding Could Damage Your Jacksonville Residence

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Storm Water and Winds Harm Jacksonville Properties

Fast Moving Water from Storms Creates Destructive Forces--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Extraction

There are a few natural disasters that could threaten your Jacksonville home, yet the most typical of these occurrences would be flash flooding. It does not take much to meet the required conditions for flash floods to occur, and when they do, weaker points in your home’s construction get exposed. While modern construction practices enforce the installation of equipment like french drains and other water diversion implements, an older home might not find themselves as well guarded against impending damages.

While it might not take more than oversaturated ground and heavy rainfall to meet the conditions for flash floods to affect the area, ill-preparedness for your Jacksonville home can cause flood damages. Fortunately for you, SERVPRO works to be Faster To Any Size Disaster, which makes us an excellent choice to help you combat the effects of floodwaters pouring in through vulnerable spots in your home’s aging construction.
The most commonly affected area of your home when this kind of disaster occurs is in the basement. Typically, blockwork makes up the material for the foundation walls, which erode and degrade over time with exposure to exterior water and flexing of the footer with freezing and thawing of the ground around it. This activity and erosion allow weak points and avenues for water to travel through, expanding these holes even more as liquid pours in.
Our SERVPRO technicians work to quickly identify these weak points in the walls and seal over them with hydraulic cement to prevent further damage. This process allows the restoration to begin without a threat of further water penetration into the affected area. Using portable pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands, the team can remove the pooling water from the floors and get to work on thoroughly drying the area.
Finding the right help amid a natural disaster like this might seem problematic, but when you understand the level of dedication and experience that SERVPRO of Arlington puts into every home they care for, the choice is clear. When flood damages affect your home, give our experienced certified restoration specialists a call at (904) 721-2230.

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Make No Mistakes When You Face Flood Damage in Jacksonville

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Don't panic if your home sustains storm damage and flooding. Contact SERVPRO to get them on the path of remediating and restoring the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Follow a Proven, Efficient Process to Dry Out Your Home After Flooding

Sometimes extreme weather conditions may lead to flood damage, but do not panic when that happens since specific pointers can help you to control the situation. It all starts with knowing whether your building is safe to re-enter and then determining what is salvageable and what is unsalvageable. If you are a Jacksonville resident, we advise you to work with professionals as you work towards restoring your property to its former state.
When our SERVPRO technicians arrive at the water damage job site in Jacksonville, they start by pre-inspecting the property before settling on the restoration actions to take. During a pre-inspection, we identify the source of water in the building; it can be clean water, gray water or black water. If we are dealing with black water - which usually comes from sewage/toilets and contains pathogens - we observe additional precautions when restoring your property.
If there is water flowing into the area, we stop or redirect it to a different place. We then examine your items and store the wet ones away from the dry ones. At this point, our SERVPRO technicians can point out the ones that we can remediate, while we discard those that are beyond repair. We then use pumps to remove any standing water.
The next step is to dry your contents and rooms. Installing air movers is one of the techniques that our SERVPRO technicians use to reduce the drying time and increase the rate of evaporation. When air movers are running, they push the moisture into the air in the form of vapor. To dry wet wall cavities, we can direct dry air into those places to replace the moisture. With time, the surrounding air might become moist, and there are chances of it condensing and causing possible water damage. To avoid such, we run dehumidifiers that remove the additional moisture.
SERVPRO of Arlington is a proven industry leader in water, storm, mold and fire damage restoration. Call us at (904) 721-2230, and we can make that disaster appear " Like it never even happened."

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Mold and Other Types of Damage in Arlington Winter Home – A Calling Card from Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma impacts Arlington, but SERVPRO is there to help

SERVPRO Helps with Hurricane Irma Aftermath

Hurricane Irma and the damage she brought to the Florida coastline made worldwide headlines. However, seeing the damage on your television while still in your northern residence only prepares you for the damage on the outside of your home, in your neighborhood, in downtown Arlington, and in neighboring towns and areas.

Irma brought one of the worst and strongest experiences to Arlington in our history, leaving flooding, water-saturated homes, mold damage, and other dangers in her wake. The time between Irma's visit and your arrival from your summer home can give more than sufficient time to mold. This microorganism never hesitates to flourish whenever conditions become perfect for its growth. An abundance of water from either flooding or rain, or both, sets the stage for mold and microbial infestations.

SERVPRO has the answer to these problematic situations that many winter residents can expect to find upon their return to their Florida properties. Regardless of the extensive spread of mold, we stand ready with our round-the-clock services. We want to help you enjoy your home, and we have the tools and equipment to put our skills, training, and experience to work for you. Our IICRC training keeps us informed of the latest breakthroughs in the restoration field, and we always use these to benefit our customers to the fullest extent possible.

Another catastrophe that a home or condo can experience after becoming inundated with water from the fierceness of a hurricane such as Irma includes structural weaknesses. This can quickly create hidden safety hazards, alongside those brought on by exposure to mold and other microbes. Ongoing saturation with water can cause drywall to swell and disintegrate, making it easy for ceilings to cave in on anyone inside. Wooden structural supports can end up so weak they cannot hold the weight they did once before in the past.

SERVPRO of Arlington has a 24-hour service, available to you whenever needed, to restore your home. You can contact us by calling (904) 721-2230. Here to mitigate all your post-Hurricane Irma disaster needs, we can make your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Preparing For Hurricane Season In The Arlington Area

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Homeowner's Help Against Arlington Hurricanes is SERVPRO's ERP

SERVPRO Offers the Emergency READY Profile Plan to Mitigate Hurricane Damage

Preparing for hurricane season is just like servicing your car for winter. There is a chance of icicles forming in your fuel tank, so you start using a fuel additive to prevent it. The weather could get cold enough to freeze regular coolant, making it necessary to swap to a winter antifreeze. You take every precaution, hoping that you cover the worst possible problems.  Ice can happen in Northern Florida, just as a tropical storm can occur.
You should think about preparing your Arlington area home against hurricane season in the same way. You have invested to provide your family with a safe, secure place to call home. It makes sense to take a proactive approach to mitigate the effects disasters can have on your property. We have a few tips that might help you weather the storm better and make your recovery even faster.  
It never hurts to have a prior relationship with a trusted restoration company, like SERVPRO. Even if nothing ever happens, giving your pertinent information about your property and thinking ahead can save you a tremendous amount of problems. However, during an emergency, your primary concern should always be safety. Make certain to get everyone to a pre-determined location, safely, and worry about the rest, later. Everything else is replaceable; having an emergency plan can truly save your lives.
Which is why SERVPRO has an Emergency READY Plan application available online for you to use, it can help you organize valuables, list pressure points in your home like shut-off valves, complete insurance paperwork and obtain the support you deserve when an event occurs on your property. The mobile app, called the Emergency READY Profile, is a boon to help residential homeowners prevent or mitigate hurricane damage.
Remember to put a basic disaster supplies kit together that contains enough supplies to feed, clothe, and survive for at least a week. It is possible for you to get stranded, or become unable to reach your supplies. Having multiple storage locations set up for different situations can help, in case you get stranded, or separated during an emergency. When told to evacuate by local authorities, begin to follow your SERVPRO Emergency READY Plan immediately and limit contact with flood waters or other hazards as much as possible.  
When local authorities deem it safe to return to your property, have SERVPRO of Arlington lead the charge, we can secure your home, remove immediate hazards, and help prepare your home for your family's return. Contact our 24/7 emergency service today. (904) 721-2230

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Water-Using Appliances, Including Your Refrigerator, Can Cause Flood Damage in Arlington

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When flood damage takes place in your Arlington home, the copious amounts of water can rapidly and easily cause substantial amounts of flood damage.

Appliances Can Cause Flood Damage in Your Arlington Home

The water lines feeding ice makers in refrigerators are under the same pressure found in the rest of your home. These are often not as strong as other water lines, and they can easily come loose from their connection on your refrigerator.

When flood damage takes place in your Arlington home, the copious amounts of water can rapidly and easily cause substantial amounts of flood damage. The damage may begin in the kitchen but water spreads easily and as it spreads so does the damage. SERVPRO knows how to undo this kind of harm and prevent the different types of problems flooding is known to bring about months after the initial accident occurs.

Because many insurance carriers often refuse to cover what they deem to be 'preventable damages,' flood damage should be eliminated by professional and skilled technicians. Doing so can show that you were diligent in attempting to prevent future harm to your home, protecting your home two ways.

Flood damage includes not only the initial warping and staining of materials in your home, but it also includes damage to lower levels that absorb the escaping water, the overall change in the way your home smells, an increase in mold and mildew growth, and higher humidity levels. Skilled, knowledgeable technicians like those at SERVPRO provide more than restoration services – they also have the experience that significantly increases the long-term success of both restorative repairs and prevention of related, but latent, damages.

Refrigerators are not the only appliance that can cause flood damage, though. Preventative maintenance should include more than cleaning and examining the working parts of your appliances. Checking the connections between appliances and their hoses should also be included. Assuming hoses will remain tightly attached can lead to watery disasters and a significantly higher water bill.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Arlington is always there to help you and your family recover after any size disaster affects your home. Flood damage can create long-lasting and harmful situations that we can work to prevent from ever becoming a reality. Call us at (904) 721-2230 for this or any other kind of emergency situation involving your home. 

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What to Do Next If Your Arlington, Florida Home Was Hit By Hurricane Matthew

10/13/2016 (Permalink)

Hurricane Matthew Meets Its Match in SERVPRO in Arlington, FL

SERVPRO Extracts Water Rapidly from Hurricane Damaged Properties and Businesses

Last week, Hurricane Matthew, a Category 5, hit the southeast coast of the United States with tremendous power. It uprooted trees, lifted cars from their driveways, and battered on the doors of homes and businesses. Days later, things are quiet, but there is destruction everywhere. Millions of families have been affected, with many residents unable to return to their properties, as the storm damage is so severe.

If your home has been damaged by the hurricane in Arlington, FL, there are some important steps that you need to take. The first is to get in touch with the storm damage restoration experts at SERVPRO. We can make emergency repairs and help you and your family get back to normal as quickly as possible. We are based in the local area and can begin the restoration process as soon as the property has been inspected.

This guide to the emergency scoping procedure will tell you what to expect when the SERVPRO team arrives at your home.

Step One: Inspecting the Property
The first measure of the scoping procedure is an inspection of the property. Our technicians will need permission from you to enter. They will be wearing safety clothing, as floodwater can contain dangerous bacteria and contaminants. It is important that you stay outside, at a safe distance from the damage.

They will take photographs of the interior of the property and document the extent of flooding and storm damage. These images may form a useful part of your insurance claim. They will be on the lookout for signs of danger; for example, soft floorboards, partially collapsed roofs and loose electrical wires.

Step Two: Deciding On a Plan of Action
Once the inspection is complete, the SERVPRO technicians will consult with you about the next step. This will depend on a variety of factors such as the severity of the damage, the amount of risk involved, and how long the water has been left standing. The longer floodwater, especially salty water,  is allowed to remain in a building, the more dangerous it can be and also the more corrosive to your belongings.

The first phase of the restoration process is water removal. This involves the use of industrial extractors to remove as much standing water as possible. We can use truck mounted, sump pumps, and portable wet vacs to suction out the contaminated water. The team will need your consent to begin the extraction, so you’ll be asked to sign a legal document authorizing the repairs.

Why Getting the First Step Right Is All You Need To Do

We understand that storm damage is scary and that you’re bound to be worried about the repercussions of Hurricane Matthew. That’s why we are happy to guide you through the restoration process. All you have to do is make the call and wait for the team to arrive on site with the necessary tools and equipment.

With the support of SERVPRO of Arlington, FL,  you can get your home back on its feet in no time. We are in your area, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, so you’re guaranteed a speedy response. Call us 24/7 at (904) 721-2230

Jacksonville Water Damage from Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparedness

9/25/2014 (Permalink)

If you are in the Jacksonville flood zone watch out for water damage from Hurricanes.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are responsible every year for millions of dollars in water damage, loss of life, and environmental destruction. If you live in an area that can be directly affected by these systems, there are certain steps you should take to help you prepare for them and to give yourself the best chance of survival.

Communication is vitally important, not only as the storm approaches, but also after it passes and the recovery process begins. Follow the storm's movement by staying tuned in to local television or radio stations. They are good sources of information regarding storm movement and strength as well as evacuation orders, evacuation routes, and the activation of local shelters. If you have an NOAA weather radio, that can be invaluable as well.

Prepare your residence for the effects of the storm systems wind damage as well as water damage. Boarding up windows can help reduce the damage done by wind and debris. Taping windows on the inside can reduce the flying glass hazard if a window is broken. Secure any outdoor furniture like picnic tables, lawn chairs, or grills, since the high winds connected with the storm can turn those items into projectiles capable of doing serious damage. Make certain that you know the locations of the shut-offs for your major utilities; water, gas, and electric. 

If you are not ordered to evacuate and plan on staying in your home for the duration of the storm, you will need to secure food and water. Filling any containers you may have with water, including bathtubs will help if the public water supply becomes compromised by the storm. Stockpiling non-perishable food like canned goods is a good idea, but don't plan on doing much cooking unless you have a safe way to do it. Utilities will almost certainly go down during a tropical storm or hurricane, so be prepared to use alternate methods of cooking. Do not use your charcoal grill indoors, as it will produce unsafe amounts of carbon monoxide which can lead to death. In addition to water and canned goods, other things that are good to have on hand include a well-stocked first-aid kit, a supply of batteries that fit your radios, candles, matches or disposable lighters, lamp oil if you have hurricanea lamps, flashlights, and cans of cooking fuel.

Whether you are ordered to evacuate or not, make certain that your vehicle is fully fueled and ready to go. Have maps and flashlights in the vehicle, too. Plans can change rapidly as storm conditions develop. Tidal surges can engulf areas quickly causing water damage and what was a safe area may become too dangerous to remain in. 

Hurricanes and tropical storms are among the fiercest things that Nature can throw at us, but with preparation and common sense they are survivable. One of the best sources of survival information is talking to those who have gone through the experience already. They can share their insights about what to do and what to avoid. The main rule for surviving one of these storms is to always obey evacuation orders; many people ignore those orders every year and end up regretting it.

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