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How Do I Replace a Toilet?

11/1/2022 (Permalink)

New toilet Toilet replacement in an Arlington home.

How To Replace a Toilet

Replacing a toilet is a job you can do yourself, but it's important to take your time and follow the instructions carefully. The process will vary depending on the type of toilet you're replacing and where it's located, but here are some general steps that can help guide you:

1. Cut the old toilet off at the flange.

Remove the old toilet by cutting it off at the flange. Use a hacksaw to cut through any pipe that's in the way, and use a wrench to remove any bolts holding it in place. If you're not sure where these are located, feel free to ask for help from an experienced plumber or handyman.

Once you've removed all of your old fixtures and fittings, use a putty knife or similar tool (like an old credit card or butter knife) to scrape away old wax ring residue from under where your new flange will be installed. This step is important because it ensures that your new wax ring adheres properly when you install it later on in this process. If there was still some leftover residual wax around where you need something sturdy like a "toilet flange," then no amount of glue would keep up with those forces acting against them. Also, don't forget about clearing out any other debris clogging up your drains so nothing gets stuck there later.

Here are some steps to consider to make the job a little bit easier:

  • Turn off the water supply to your toilet. This will be either a faucet handle or a shutoff valve.
  • Remove the toilet seat and lid by unscrewing them from the bowl.
  • Unscrew or loosen any bolts holding the toilet to the floor, then lift it out of place so you can work on it easily. You can use a wrench for this task if necessary, but make sure not to force anything—the old stuff may crumble apart in your hands!
  • Be careful not to break any pipes underneath when scraping off the wax seal. Also, clean up any debris from behind where you removed everything else (you might have gotten some dust there).

2. Clean and prep the area.

The second step after removing the toilet is to clean the area. Once you have cleaned out all of that old gunk, it’s time to prep for the installation of your new toilet. This involves buying a new wax seal, as well as getting some bolts that will hold down your new fixture securely enough so it doesn’t fall over or leak after installation.

3. Install a new wax ring and wax seal.

Clean the wax ring. While you may be tempted to install your toilet with a dirty wax seal, this can damage the new toilet and cause leaks. Before installing, clean the seal with soapy water or rubbing alcohol and then allow it to dry completely before moving on to step two.

Make sure your wax ring is the right size for your toilet flange (the base of your old toilet). You can find out what size flange you need by looking at small numbers or letters stamped into the metal ring on top of your old toilet’s base—or simply by measuring it yourself using a ruler. If there aren’t any markings on yours, measure its width (from side-to-side) instead since all standard American toilets have an 8-inch flange in diameter (this includes both round and elongated bowls).

Once you know what size wax seal will work best for your home improvement project, make sure that it's properly seated inside its corresponding groove around each end of where that piece meets up against other parts underneath. This ensures airtightness which prevents any leakages from occurring.

4. Bolt down the new toilet.

There are many different types of bolts. Be sure to use the right ones for your toilet and your installation. If you're unsure about what type to use, consult with a professional or read the instruction booklet that came with your new toilet. Once you've done that, make sure the bolts are tight and level.

Once all of this is complete, check for leaks around any joints where water might be allowed in (such as between a wall and the floor). Leaks can occur during installation, so always double-check before sealing up anything!

If the toilet is too far gone, you may want to consider replacing the entire floor or wall. In cases like this, you will also want to make sure your Arlington home doesn’t show signs of mold damage. This is where SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East can help. Give us a call for water damage restoration and mold remediation!

The Non-Plumber's Guide to Replacing a Toilet

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

Debris on the floor of bathroom, toilet has been removed. Water damage in a St. Nicholas, FL bathroom home.

How To Replace a Toilet

Water leaks are no fun, and when you discover a leak is coming from a toilet, it can be downright revolting. The good news is that most leaking toilet issues involve clean water, so chances are you can make the toilet repair or swap yourself. That said, if you're not a certified plumber or a handyman, you probably have no clue as to how to replace a toilet. This step-by-step guide should help you.

1. Drain and Remove the Toilet

First things first: Shut off the supply line to the toilet and drain it completely. This is a necessary step if you don't want to cause more water damage or be inundated with a surge of toilet water. Once you've drained the toilet, remove the caps that conceal the closet bolts and detach the hex nuts. Exercising extreme care, lift the old toilet by the bowl and place it on an old towel.

2. Make the Repair

The problem behind a leaking toilet typically stems from the closet flange. If that's the case in your bathroom, scrape away the existing wax gasket. Loosen the bolts that secure the flange to the surface and slide a repair strap beneath it. Center the new wax gasket on the flange.

3. Connect the New Water-Supply Tube and Replace the Toilet

Finally, attach the new water-supply tube to the valve at the base of the toilet tank. Replace the toilet onto the gasket and press down on the bowl to tighten the seal. Secure the closet bolts and then press down on the bowl again. Make sure the nuts are as tight as they can go before covering them with caps. Reconnect the supply line to the shut-off valve, and then reopen the valve. Perform a test flush to check for leaks.

If the water from your leaking toilet has already caused significant damage in your St Nicholas, FL, home, you may want to contact a professional plumber. You should also reach out to your local water remediation team for cleanup assistance.

How Contaminated is Your Flood Water?

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment on kitchen Drying equipment in a kitchen in Jacksonville, FL.

Water Categories

When contaminated water enters your home in Jacksonville, FL, you may begin wondering how dangerous it is to wade into the water. This can depend on your supply line, where the water came from, and other factors. As complex as this can be, there are three main categories of water:

  • Clean Water
  • Gray Water
  • Black Water

While these may seem like meaningless titles, these categories can give you a good idea of how dangerous standing water is.

Clean Water

Clean water, which is also called, “White Water,” is generally considered safe. This is the type of water that you may shower, cook, and clean with. You might face floodwater in this category if a pipe inside your home bursts and does not contact anything else. Generally speaking, you can be safe from contamination when dealing with this type of water.

Gray Water

This water is slightly contaminated, but not necessarily dangerous. That means that gray water may have such particles as human hair, oils, and soap. The important thing is that gray water has not contacted solid human waste. This type of water may come from an overflowing tub or sink, for example.

Black Water

The most important thing about this type of water is that it has encountered solid human waste. Thus, it could be contaminated with harmful bacteria, parasites, toxins, and other dangerous particles. If your toilet overflows or your sewage backs up, you should not go near it. Many people are surprised to learn that flood water that enters your home from outside after a storm is also black water. It can become contaminated water when sewage backs up from the flooding.

No matter what kind of water damages your home in Jacksonville, FL, it’s essential to call a professional restoration company to assist you. All kinds of water can cause mold, and a restoration company can help.

How To Manage Sewage Cleanup in Your Bathroom

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet An overflowing toilet can cause damage to your home in Merrill, FL.

How to Clean Up Sewage in Your Bathroom

Cleaning up areas of your home after flooding and sewer damage is awful no matter what, but cleaning up the bathroom can be especially tedious. If you ever face a sewage backup in your bathroom, there are a few things that are helpful to know to speed proper cleanup and ensure a safe and sanitary home in Merrill, FL.

1. Call for Help

If you suspect you have damaged sewer lines, call your sewage company to schedule an inspection. To protect your home from future mold or rot issues after a toilet overflow, call flood damage remediation experts. Only with the help of professional water removal specialists can you rest assured that floodwater has not crept into places you can’t see to wreak havoc.

2. Dry the Area

Though you may be tempted to sanitize your bathroom immediately after a toilet overflows, you should not do so before you start drying out the affected area. Whether you are dealing with a flooded toilet or an entire flooded basement, the first thing you should do is utilize heavy duty vacuums, drainage systems and fans to remove all the water.

3. Sanitize

After drying the area, sanitize it as best you can. Floodwater resulting from sewer damage can be toxic, so be thorough in your cleaning processes. Once the area is dry from the first round of sanitizer, you should plan to disinfect it one more time.

4. Dehumidify

The presence of excess water in a bathroom often welcomes lingering humidity, which only encourages mold growth in spaces affected by sewer water. During the process of drying, sanitizing and restoring, you should be sure that a dehumidifier is always running.

Cleaning up the aftermath of sewer damage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By getting a head start on the problem and calling in the professionals, you can have your home clean and dry again in no time.

No, Your Water Heater’s Noises Are Not Normal

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

Technician repairing a water heater Extend the life of your water heater by performing maintenance.

Tips On Keeping Your Water Heater In a Good Shape

Polar bears and penguins probably don’t mind taking cold showers. Because you are neither a polar bear nor a penguin, you must keep the water heater in your Fort Caroline, FL, home in tip-top shape. Fortunately, before your home’s water heating system quits altogether, it will likely give you some warning signs.

Signs Your Water Heating System Needs Help

Water heaters usually express signs of distress before they fail completely. If you notice any of the following, your water heating system may be in trouble:

  • Leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Holes
  • Noises
  • Malfunctions

The Cause of System Sounds

Most water heaters operate without making much noise. If you hear grinding, clunking or other sounds coming from your water heating system, you may need to service it. Often, when sediment accumulates at the bottom of a heater, the unit will emit unpleasant sounds. Scheduling a water heater flush is usually an effective way to remove sediment and restore your unit’s quiet operation.

A Preparedness Plan

If you do not regularly maintain the unit in your home, you may be asking for a flood. After all, leaky water heaters can pump a tremendous amount of water into the living area of your house. While replacing an old, damaged or ineffective system is likely your best strategy for keeping your home in excellent shape, you should have a preparedness plan to address flooding. By working with a water damage repair service, you remove standing water from your home. You also curb mold and mildew growth.

When you step into your shower, you expect a warm and pleasant experience. Naturally, if you prefer not to freeze, you need a water heater that functions optimally. While age, sediment and damage can cause your home’s water heating system to malfunction, you can extend the life of your unit with a bit of maintenance.

3 Signs Your Carpet Can Be Saved After a Flood

11/20/2021 (Permalink)

Wet floor, carpet removed. Water damaged carpet in Arlington, FL.

3 Indications That Your Flooded Carpet Can Be Saved

A pipe break can seem like the worst thing that could happen to your Arlington, FL, home. After all, the damage done by this plumbing malfunction could require you to replace furnishings, floorings and building materials. When you work with a water damage expert, you can figure out exactly what needs to be replaced and what can be salvaged. If your carpets fit the following criteria, you may be able to clean them up and keep them after a flood.

1. The water was clean. A clean water source, such as a supply line, introduces fewer contaminants to your home than a dirty water source, such as a sewer line. When clean water gets on carpet, the flooring is simply wet and can likely be dried out and restored.

2. The flood was cleaned up early. If you noticed the pipe break shortly after it happened, you have a better chance of being able to salvage your possessions. The longer water is able to sit on your carpets the greater chance mold will start to grow. Once mold has started to grow, it's usually better to simply replace your flooring because it can be hard to completely remove the spores from such a porous material.

3. There is no padding. The padding underneath your carpets can pose a bigger problem than the flooring material itself. If the padding gets wet, it may not be able to dry out properly. In some cases, you can just replace the padding during the restoration process. Otherwise, you may have to replace all of the flooring materials.

After a pipe break, flooring often has to be replaced. Carpets are especially susceptible because they can soak in a lot of water. In some situations, you may be able to dry the flooring, clean it and put it back in rather than buying something new after a flood affects your Arlington, FL, home.

Plumbing Materials Could Affect Your Need for Water Removal in Your Jacksonville Home in The Future

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle Call in the professionals for water cleanup, to avoid additional water damage in your home. our SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7.

The Potential Problems of Aging Plumbing in Your Home

While your house might offer comfortable living for you and your family, how much do you know about your Jacksonville home? Chances are if your residence got constructed before the turn of the century, its plumbing is not PVC plastic which is the preferred material used by contractors right now. Depending on its age, your interior pipes could be copper or lead as well, both of which come with their own set of issues as they age.

Understanding some of these concerns can help you to prevent ruptures and breaks in the future, ultimately negating the need for water removal services for your Jacksonville home. Unfortunately, there are too few homeowners that know anything about the makeup of their indoor plumbing, let alone some of the things to look out for as the years pass.

While our SERVPRO professionals can inspect these networks for signs of wear and degradation, understanding what you can look for yourself can also be a helpful tool. Most often, copper piping was used on many of the houses that stand today. This material is among the least likely to react to chemical additives in water from water treatment facilities, or adversely react to naturally occurring minerals in the water coming in from your local water distribution system. Copper is highly pliable, however, which makes it far more susceptible to high-pressure water and buckling due to losses in pressure on the demand side or supply side of your service line.

Lead plumbing predates copper and comes with an extensive list of potential issues and problems. Lead readily reacts to minerals, and could be prone to rust in the right conditions. More often, when lead piping fails it has a lot to do with the loss of structural stability and strength. There are evident health effects with lead plumbing, which has caused it to be banned for most new construction.

Water Removal Services

Older plumbing can often be attributed to the need for water removal services from our SERVPRO team. As your pipes age and wear down, they are far more prone to breaks, ruptures, and separations. From the time that an incident like this happens to when you can get the supply of water shut off, a high volume of water can affect and damage your home.

If you have a water emergency attributed to aging plumbing or other issues, trust the experienced professionals we have at SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East. You can reach our rapid response team anytime by calling (904) 721-2230.

What Can Cause a Water Cleanup Issue and How Can One Be Prevented?

2/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment You can depend on our professionals with state of the art equipment to thoroughly dry your property so you can return safely after a water incident.

Water Issues Have Many Causes, and Arlington Homeowners Can Avoid Some of Them.

Owning a home comes with its inherent risks, and one of these is the ever-present threat of suffering a water-related event. This threat, however, can be substantially reduced if the right preventative measures are taken. 

Arlington water cleanup services like SERVPRO want homeowners to know the potential causes of most water issues. These causes include, among other things:

  • Roof leaks and clogged gutters/drainage systems
  • Ruptured or leaky pipes
  • Malfunctioning appliances
  • Corroded or otherwise damaged water containers

Standing water and signs of water damage in your home likely result from one or more of these troublesome sources. Knowing this, preventative measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of one of these potential problems turning into a future water event. Some of these measures are:

  • Routinely having your home professionally checked for roof damage, drainage system issues, and potential weak areas in pipe networks
  • Keeping up with the maintenance of your appliances and having things repaired when necessary
  • Repairing or replacing damaged water containers

With all that said, remember that SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East is always ready to help you with water cleanup. Call us at (904) 721-2230.

The Tools Used for Jacksonville Water Removal

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician Water removal is no DIY project. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the water mitigation services needed.

High-tech equipment powers every SERVPRO water removal crew

Removing water from a property needs to be done fast. Otherwise, severe damages can set in and turn a bad situation into a worse one. SERVPRO crews use powerful machinery to prevent this from happening.

Whenever we receive a call for water removal in Jacksonville, we equip our responders with a few vital machines. These crucial elements are the workhorses of our damage mitigation strategy. Our first technicians on the scene usually bring with them:

  • Water extraction pumps
  • Heavy air movers
  • Thermal imaging devices
  • Safety equipment

Depending on the situation, we may add additional equipment, too. For example, if a small fire started on top of the water damage, we may bring chemicals and equipment specialized in removing ash and soot from the premises. Be sure to describe your situation in detail when you call us so that we can bring the best equipment for the job.

Call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East for fast help with your water removal emergency. Our 24/7 phone line is (904) 721-2230.

Why Arlington Water Damage Mitigation Needs to be Fast

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse full of new equipment. A water damage of any size has no chance against SERVPRO IICRC trained technicians. They have the latest equipment in the business.

We respond to Arlington emergencies around the clock.

Mitigating water damage before the problem progresses can save you time and money in both the short and long term. Professional mitigation services like SERVPRO take many steps to provide timely and effective responses to developing situations.

One of the most important factors we consider when providing water damage mitigation services to Arlington households is our response time. We keep personnel ready to respond to emerging disasters on a 24/7 basis. If we can arrive at your home shortly after the problem started, we can often prevent many long-term effects from happening. Some of the effects that can be stopped with a fast response include:

  • Mold growth
  • Oxidation and rusting of metals
  • Standing water

Within hours of your call, SERVPRO technicians arrive on the scene with industrial-grade equipment to control the situation. Although these devices are effective for even the biggest disasters, they work best when damages are still small. The sooner you contact us; the more effective our services can be.

Call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East before water damage gets out of hand. Our 24/7 phone line is (904) 721-2230.

Water Removal in Your Business.

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Low Country Boil Water removal services need to be done by the professionals at SERVPRO. We have the technicians and experience for your problems.

Come to the Social Saturdaze Premier Event at Jacksonville's Red Grill Bistro

Saturdays are always a good day to take off and relax. A favorite way for some to relax is to go out and have a drink. On January 23, the Red Drill Bistro located inside the Wyndham Garden Hotel is hosting a special "day party" where both couples and singles are invited to come out and socialize. The party lasts from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., and it will feature the following:

DJ Guru will play soul and R&B music all night.
There will be a special live performance from the local band Groove Coalition.
The venue offers a delicious food menu as well as drink specials.
There will be free raffles for a variety of prizes.
Tickets are only $5 for basic entrance, and there are VIP tables available at a higher cost.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East remains a good choice when looking for water removal companies. Call us 24/7 at (904) 721-2230 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Damage in Your Arlington home.

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Fort Caroline Baptist Church Mold is an aftermath of water damage. Catch it early with the professionals of SERVPRO. We have the newest technology, and experience in our corner.

Arlington and Surrounding Neighborhoods Are Home to Several Churches that Hold Services on Christmas Eve

It has been a tradition for many families to attend a church service on Christmas Eve for a long time. Many churches hold a special service on the day before Christmas, no matter what day of the week it falls. Some churches even hold the services at night, with some even starting at midnight to welcome Christ's birth.

One local church is offering a chance to attend a Christmas Eve service even during the current pandemic. The Fort Caroline Baptist Church is holding an exceptional service this year outdoors starting at 5:30 p.m. Those who wish to attend need to remember the following:

Online reservations are required since seating is limited.
You are asked to bring your own chairs and blankets to sit comfortably outside.
Social distancing and wearing face masks will be required.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East has a vast amount of training and experience in mitigating mold damage. Call us at (904) 721-2230 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Where Can Homeowners Turn for Wet Drywall Cleanup?

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Closeup of a mold wall with fungus When water damages the drywall in your home, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Eliminate Water Damage from Arlington Home Wall Cavities

Pinhole leaks in pipes can cause many Arlington property owners' issues ranging from increased water bills to mold growth in and behind walls. Fortunately, there is a local team prepared to remove the damage from your property 24/7.

Arlington homeowners seeking water damage mitigation and restoration can count on SERVPRO 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. This locally-owned and operated franchise is prepared continuously to restore homes to a preloss condition after a disaster.

How Does SERVPRO Prepare a Structure for Drying?

  • Moisture detection for surfaces and inside wall cavities is a must for determining drying goals.
  • Relative humidity and air temperature in the affected space are another major factor.
  • The openness of the water-damaged space may necessitate the construction of drying chambers or partitions for accelerated drying.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East provides restoration services 24/7 that make homes look and feel, "Like it never even happened." Homeowners in need of disaster cleanup services can call (904) 721-2230.

Causes For Bathroom Flooding In Your Arlington Home

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

faucet running No matter how it happened, you want to take care of flooding right away to avoid serious water damage from happening

Bathroom Flooding

No one ever wants to open their bathroom door to find that there is a flood all over the carpet or floor. However, bathroom floods can happen when you least expect it, and it is often a problem that is panic-inducing for anyone who does not know how to fix it. No matter how it happened, you want to take care of it right away to avoid serious water damage from happening, which is why you need the experts from SERVPRO helping you to clean the mess.

Common causes of flood damage in your Arlington home bathroom include

  • Clogging in your pipes or drains. Toilet tissue can lead to blocked pipes easily. When you flush with a clog present, more water fills the bowl and spills onto the floor.
  • Another common reason for bathroom flooding is malfunctions.
  • A toilet float that is malfunctioning can cause water to fill and overflow continuously. Burst pipes can also cause major damage from flooding.

Flooding can happen because of carelessness as well. If you don't keep an eye on water running in a clogged tub or sink, you'll have a huge mess on your hands. When you find a flooded bathroom for any reason, turn off the water supply to your sink, toilet, or bathtub at the valve right away. Then contact our technicians at SERVPRO as soon as you can. We have the expertise and tools to deal with just about any flooding problem.

We take care of all the standing water first with truck-mounted pumps. Then, we can get into the bathroom with industrial fans and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry the area out. Repairs that are needed are made, and if the flooring is ruined, including subflooring, we take care of this as well. Special moisture meters are also used to detect any hidden moisture or mold to ensure that the affected areas are completely clear of any more damage.

Call us! We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies in the Arlington area.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East
P: (904) 721-2230

11215 St. Johns Industrial Parkway #3
Jacksonville, FL 32246

How Can I Tell if I Have Water Damage Behind the Walls in My Arlington Home?

4/19/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Uses Special Equipment to Detect Hidden Moisture Throughout Your Arlington Home

Any water loss incident can play a significant role in property damage. Some damage may be slight, including stains on your ceilings or walls. However, moisture that accumulates can bring about the potential for mold growth or damage to the structure. Any excessive leaking or moisture built up behind any walls in the home can pose a hidden threat, which is best addressed by trained technicians to get the best results.

How Can SERVPRO Help with Moisture Detection?
We have a skilled team of competent technicians using advanced moisture detection and water extraction equipment. What this does is allow us to handle any level of water cleanup, including water damage behind walls in your Arlington home. Any accumulation of water can bring about destruction in the form of peeling paint, rusted metal, and issues with your electrical framework. Once you call us for restoration, we are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we send out a team as soon as possible to get to work.

Where Does Water Migrate to Throughout the Home?
With any water intrusion event, the water migrates from saturated areas into dry spaces. Many of the building materials throughout the home, including wood and drywall, are porous materials that attract and retain a significant amount of water. Retained water causes materials like these to swell, warp, or breakdown, along with the potential for mold infestation if not addressed in a timely manner. Our technicians carefully monitor the flooring and walls within your home, using specialized moisture detection equipment to let us know that drying is progressing effectively.

What Equipment Helps Locate Hidden Moisture and Speed Drying?
SERVPRO utilizes a broad range of equipment that allows us to locate hidden moisture so that we can enhance drying times. This attention to detail helps to cut back on the amount of water damage behind the walls and under the carpets or flooring of your home. Our meticulous planning allows us to select all of the right equipment for each unique job.

Some of the different moisture detection and monitoring devices that we use include:

    •    Moisture Sensor: These devices are used to determine the amount of moisture left behind in soft materials, including carpets and the padding beneath.
    •    Moisture Meter: These devices, including penetrating moisture meters and non-penetrating moisture meters, find the moisture content in various materials, letting our technicians know when the structure is dry.
    •    Thermo-Hygrometer: These devices measure the relative humidity and temperature in the air

What Makes Your Methods Different from DIY Water Cleanup?
You could always break out a wet/dry vac to pull out as much water as possible, followed by a few fans, but you are not going to get professional-grade water removal this way. This may work for a smaller job or a situation where the water intrusion is relatively new, but larger jobs call for the help of skilled technicians. Our teams are fully trained water damage restoration technicians (WRT) that come equipped to tackle any project, big or small. Some of the equipment we use to remove water include:

    •    Truck-mounted or submersible pumps that allow us to tackle hundreds or thousands of gallons of water, best for jobs when the water is higher than two-inches deep. Truck-mount units are also excellent in the event there is debris in the standing water.
    •    Portable pumps are the go-to equipment found on many standard jobs
    •    Ride-on units, known as rovers, work by the weight of the technicians pushing down on the carpet to pull it out.

In some situations, it might be necessary to use controlled demolition to remove materials that are damaged beyond repair. Our crew can remove baseboards and perform strategic cuts to replace any damaged drywall and put air movers to enhance airflow for optimal drying within the wall cavities. If there is water damage behind your walls within your Arlington home, we will find it and make sure that every bit of moisture is gone.

As our team moves through each step during the water removal and drying process, relative humidity is assessed, making sure that our dehumidifiers and air movers are successfully drying your interior. By using a special formula to monitor airflow, humidity, and temperature, we can get your home back to normal faster than any DIY water cleanup methods.

When it comes to finding water damage behind walls and restoring your interior, we are here to help at SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East. You can reach our restoration team 24/7 by calling (904) 721-2230, and we can send out a team to begin the assessment as soon as possible.“Like it never even happened.”

For more about Arlington click here.

SERVPRO is Nearby to Help our Arlington Neighbors

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

water puddle on bedroom floor We can extract and dry floors made of wood and other material.

SERVPRO has been responding to water damage calls in the Arlington area for many years. 

It is common for water damage to take place in your Arlington apartment building due to an overflowing of the kitchen tap. Typically, this tends to happen at the most inconvenient time possible.  A small amount of visible damage and a small amount of water can be hiding extensive more complications.  SERVPRO should be the expert of choice to assess and fix the water damage in your Arlington home.

Apartments aren't immune to water damage in Arlington, Florida. 

Additionally, there are situations where leaks can come from the apartment above if the resident neglects to turn off the kitchen tap or there is a leak. When you are living in a high unit and your sink overflows, water can soak the adjoining walls and cause damage to the apartment directly below.

When you are dealing with a flood in your home or apartment, you should contact a professional  technician, who will fully inspect  and decide on the most appropriate restoration method for the situation.  SERVPRO in Arlington has the expertise you require.

What Happens When SERVPRO Arrives at a Flooded Property?

We typically begin by extracting water from the premises as soon as we can. As a part of this procedure, our technicians utilize tools, such as dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers are placed in the locations where water has traveled. A dehumidifier is capable of extracting large volumes of water every day from the damaged portion of your home.

When we begin the drying process, we can utilize high powered fans so that the air flow is maximized. The fans expedite the drying process necessary for materials such as wood, carpet, vinyl, and tile in the kitchen.

The process that follows the drying is the application of the antimicrobial solution to affected areas. This solution will assist in the removal of mold, and prevent it from coming back as well. Mold will thrive in damp environments, so total drying and disinfecting is necessary to prevent mold. 

If your Arlington property gets damaged by water, consult an expert.  Only a professional will be qualified to mitigate issues such as bad odor that is the result of contaminated water and mold growth.

We are minutes away from your home in Jacksonville - Arlington Florida area.

We live and work in Arlingtontoo; we might even be neighbors. SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East is close by and ready to respond to your emergency 24 hours a day.

When your commercial property or home has gets flooded, we have the experience and expertise to help.  Give us a call.  (904) 721-2230.

What Can A Water Damage Restoration Company Do For Your Arlington Property?

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

Crock roof tiles SERVPRO Can Repair the Roof, and Restore the Water Damaged Home

Your Arlington Home's Water Damage is Restored by SERVPRO

When Arlington water damage is the outcome from a fire or flood that occurred on your property, it's critical that you contact a water damage restoration company. These industry professionals possess extensive experience with the remediation process. SERVPRO offers the following information concerning water damage hot spots and restorative processes.

Repairing Structural Damage. One of the primary services provided by water damage restoration experts is the repairing of structural damage. To begin this process, industry professionals assess and set up for emergency repairs:

• Roof-collapsed sections, bent gutters, ruined or missing shingles, damaged or cracked chimneys, and cracked or stained surfaces found on the property's exterior. Tarp and board up openings exposed to the elements.

• Windows-collapsed walls, damaged or broken windows, indications of water leakage through your windows, and wet exterior walls located on the property. Board up and eventually repair and seal with caulk.
• Ruined plants and flooded areas of your yards. Regrade soil for runoff away from the foundation.
• Cracked or wet ceilings, floors, and walls in your attic. 
• Damaged or wet ceilings, floors, and walls in your rooms. Locate leak sources before water damage restoration.
• Soft flooring or visible leaks around the commode, stains on countertops and sinks, and damage to bathtubs. Find the source of the leak and install a ceiling exhaust system to remove moisture.
• Cracked or wet foundations, floors, and walls in your basement. Use vapor barriers, water-proof coatings and install a sump pump for emergency use. SERVPRO Restoration experts will also monitor for moisture and inspected the HVAC system.

Content Restoration

In addition to ascertaining out how badly your home's structure has been damaged, our experts will scrutinize your personal possessions and determine which ones should be discarded, cleaned and repaired, or replaced. We offer our CCIS report which itemizes all damages on a room-by-room basis. This report will aid you with your insurance claim, and we will also work with your insurance company to restore your home to its preloss condition, in the most economical way. 

Once the water has been removed from the premises we clean, wipe, and dry household items, either on-site or ship to our facilities. All skilled SERVPRO technicians have IICRC certification plus extensive corporate training.
• Upholstered furniture, artwork, books and photos
• Wooden pieces like dressers, tables, and cabinets
• Digital media forms like computers, DVDs, and CDs
• Carpets, drapes, clothing, and other types of fabric
• Appliances such as dryers, washers, and refrigerators

Let The Professionals Of SERVPRO Help You Now

When your Arlington property has been affected by water damage, you may feel confused about what to do. Don't. Instead, call the experienced professionals of SERVPRO. We are close by, and our goal is to restore your home to a safe and secure condition. "Like it never even happened."

Faster to Any Size Water Emergency

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East proudly serves Arlington, Jacksonville with 24/7 immediate emergency help for all fire, mold, and water damaging problems.

Call us.  (904) 721-2230

We Can Handle Water Damage Restoration in Jacksonville

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drain pipe gushing water Unfortunately, plumbing can fail and dump out gallons of water into your cabinets. Have SERVPRO on speed dial to remediate such damage.

There is excess water in your home due to a pipe burst under the kitchen sink. There is a significant amount of water on the floor, which requires professional services. We are nearby and can provide you with the assistance you need to you restore your home. Our certified team has the right equipment and skills to do an efficient job of removing water.

Jacksonville Area SERVPRO Takes Control of the Water Damage Incident in Your Home

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East technicians are highly trained to handle water damage cleanup in Jacksonville. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Our crew works swiftly to reduce further damages to your property. The second you call us, we begin the restoration process. We ask the right questions to prepare our skilled techs so they can do the job right. When our team arrives at your residence, you can trust them to handle the issue quickly and effectively whenever possible. No matter the level of damage, our team is there to help.
The team may use powerful extractors, pumps, and vacuum to eliminate water from the affected areas. Working fast can help prevent mold growth. If excess water remains in your home for more than 24 hours, it can cause health effects. After, the migration period, our technicians can start the cleanup process. Our crew can use special cleaning agents to clean various surfaces such as the floors, lower walls, and baseboards. If needed, the crew utilizes deodorizers to get rid of stale and musty odors.
Our certified techs know what to do in these situations. After they clean your home, the crew dries the structure. They may use industrial air movers, axial fans, and professional dehumidifiers to clean the air and to dry the affected areas completely. Moisture can seep into the ceilings, lower walls, and carpeting as well as beneath the flooring. Our crew is trained to eliminate all moisture from the structure, which is why contacting us is wise.
SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East restoration services provides fast and reliable water removal.

Contact us 24/7 at (904) 721-2230. 

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Flood Damage Cleanup and Fixing

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Flooded sink No matter how it happened, you want to take care of flooding right away to avoid serious water damage from happening

Flooding from Heavy Rain Storms

Water Damage Restoration 101

When natural disasters like floods or fire take place in your home or office, dealing with a flood is typically one of the property owner's most pressing concerns. If you do not address the excess water in your home or office immediately, you could find yourself dealing with a wide range of unwanted health and safety issues. To ensure that your property is restored correctly and quickly, you need to attain professional water damage remediation services. Here are just a few benefits that result from taking this course of action:

 Preventing Mold Growth

 Find a professional restoration services near you to help prevent mold growth. When you have excess standing water in your home or office, you create the damp setting that mold likes to thrive in. When you hire a team of remediation specialists, they will utilize advanced methodologies and cutting edge equipment to quickly remove excess water from your property.

 Preventing Structural Damage

 When you hire a team of  restoration experts, they will help prevent your home or office from falling prey to structural damage. If excess water starts to seep into your property's structure, the result can be the deterioration of its stability and strength. This is why individuals who have been subjected to water damage often find that they cannot immediately reenter their property following a natural disaster. Restoration professionals possess the equipment and expertise necessary to recognize and remediate signs of damage quickly. In so doing, they can prevent deep, permanent structural damage from transpiring.

Water cleanup is a complex, time-consuming task that should never be completed by a property owner. Instead, you should contact a team of industry professionals to complete the remediation process on your behalf. The best company to call for excellent, effective restoration is SERVPRO. We offer 24/7 emergency assistance, excellent customer service, and affordable rates. Moreover, all of our technicians are IICRC-certified

Common causes of flood damage in your Arlington home bathroom include

Cogging in your pipes or drains. Toilet tissue can lead to blocked pipes easily. When you flush with a clog present, more water fills the bowl and spills onto the floor.

Another common reason for bathroom flooding is malfunctions.

A toilet float that is malfunctioning can cause water to fill and overflow continuously. Burst pipes can also cause major damage from flooding.

No one ever wants to open their bathroom door to find that there is a flood all over the carpet or floor. However, bathroom floods can happen when you least expect it, and it is often a problem that is panic-inducing for anyone who does not know how to fix it.

No matter how it happened, you want to take care of it right away to avoid serious water damage from happening, which is why you need the experts from SERVPRO helping you to clean the mess.

Common causes of flood damage in your Arlington home bathroom include

Cogging in your pipes or drains. Toilet tissue can lead to blocked pipes easily. When you flush with a clog present, more water fills the bowl and spills onto the floor.

Another common reason for bathroom flooding is malfunctions.

A toilet float that is malfunctioning can cause water to fill and overflow continuously. Burst pipes can also cause major damage from flooding.

Flooding can happen because of carelessness as well. If you don't keep an eye on water running in a clogged tub or sink, you'll have a huge mess on your hands. When you find a flooded bathroom for any reason, turn off the water supply to your sink, toilet, or bathtub at the valve right away. Then contact our technicians at SERVPRO as soon as you can. We have the expertise and tools to deal with just about any flooding problem.

We take care of all the standing water first with truck-mounted pumps. Then, we can get into the bathroom with industrial fans and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry the area out. Repairs that are needed are made, and if the flooring is ruined, including subflooring, we take care of this as well. Special moisture meters are also used to detect any hidden moisture or mold to ensure that the affected areas are completely clear of any more damage.

Call us! We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies in the Arlington area.

SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East
P: (904) 721-2230

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Jacksonville, FL 32246

What are the different classifications of water damage loss?

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home surrounded by flood water Although water damage can happen fast, there are ways to prevent a lot of it.

A quick reference guide from your Jacksonville water damage restoration neighbors.

Before Restoration Comes Classification. Here are the 4 Classes of Water Loss.

Although water damage is almost always devastating, it is not always the same regarding depth and scope. In fact, there are four distinct classes of water damage that a commercial or residential property can be subjected to. These classes demonstrate how widely water inundation and the damage it causes can vary. To distinguish between different levels of damage, water restoration experts utilize a standardized rating system that is broken down into the four classes that appear below:

Class 1

Class 1 water involves a level of water damage that only affects part of the room. This water also demonstrates a slow evaporation time. The materials affected by Class 1 water are low-absorbent and non-porous. They include things like structural wood, vinyl tile, particle board, and plywood.

Class 2

Class 2 damage includes a volume of water that impacts the entire room. This includes absorbent materials that can release evaporation quickly. Examples would include carpeting and cushions. The vertical seepage up the property owner's walls will be no more than two feet. Also, the moisture may be contained within structural elements like drywall.

Class 3

This class of water damage includes water inundation that comes through the property owner's ceiling. This water damage will affect the whole room, including materials that are elevated like draperies, ceiling tiles, and insulation. Class 3 water damage will also impact carpeting, cushions, and furniture in your water damaged home.

Class 4

Class 4 water damage pertains to special situations in which materials contain low levels of absorbance or porosity. These materials have been subjected to submergence and saturation. Affected materials can include masonry, plaster, concrete, and hardwood. This is especially the case for materials located in crawl spaces, basements, and subfloors.

Should You Remove, Cleanup and Repair Extensive Water Damage Yourself?

Irrespective of the class of water damage your Jacksonville property is subjected to, you likely want to eradicate it immediately. For this reason, many property owners rush online and access blog posts or web articles providing instructions regarding how to complete a DIY project. Don't take this course of action. DIY projects for water damage are always bad news because they make you susceptible to numerous health and safety hazards. On the other hand, industry professionals possess the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to complete the restoration work without endangering you or themselves in the process.

We are your Jacksonville area water damage restoration specialists. 

When water floods your home, don't worry. Instead, pick up the phone and call the trained professionals right down the street in Jacksonville. Flood cleanup and restoration services are one of our highly trained specialties.  Our IICRC-certified technicians work with impeccable passion to restore every nook and cranny of your home or office.

Locally owned company providing our neighbors with water damage restoration services in Jacksonville, Florida

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East  is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency. Call us today! (904) 721-2230

Connect with us. 

Why Water Damage Restoration Companies are open 24 Hours

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log cabin surrounded by water When your home is flooded, we can deploy our rapid water extraction team.

Pooled and flooded water, regardless of its origin, should always be removed quickly from a home. If left for longer than necessary, floodwaters and high volumes of water can begin causing massive problems for a home as well as its occupants.

The Importance of Water Removal Timeliness

A flood in your home can happen at any time including the middle of the night.  That’s why our local team of restoration specialists are ready to extract and remove your water mess. We prioritize speedy response times to any flooding catastrophe, as we understand the risks associated with a slow response to water cleanup calls. 

Our Jacksonville and Arlington water damage repair team is ready to clean up your mess in order to avoid further property damage. 

What are the common types of damage caused by water?

Structural Issues 

Arriving quickly on the scene, even in the middle of the night is  essential for making sure your home doesn't take extra and unnecessary structural damage. Water seeks out and slips through cracks, openings, and weak spots in the foundation and supports of your home, and particularly in older buildings. This can mean disaster in the form of structural weakening or collapse. Although significant damage may be sustained during the initial flood, getting water removed quickly is important to avoid further damage and flow. 

Bacteria, Mold, and Algae Growth 

High volumes of water almost invariably lead to rapid growth of microbes, algae, and mold in and around its surface. Algae and potentially dangerous microbes will typically form mostly in the water itself, reproducing at exponential rates. After a day or two of undisturbed reproduction, the waters will be very dangerous and transfer their microbes to other surfaces. Mold, on the other hand, will begin to rapidly form colonies in and around areas dampened by the waters, often developing into time-consuming and costly problems carrying their own set of treatments and protocols. 

Dissolving Chemicals and Materials 

Many materials dissolve in water, albeit at varying rates. Floodwaters may begin the process for some of these potentially hazardous materials, and getting them removed quickly is essential in stopping the damage from continuing. This may include drywall, household chemicals, paint, or many other materials commonly found in homes. 

Why Utilize a Skilled Water Damage Repair Business Close to the Jacksonville - Arlington area?

Knowledge of Water Emergency Procedures

We follow strict water emergency procedures when dealing with contaminated water. Performing quality actions to prevent additional water damage or possible infections. Look to our professionally trained technicians in Arlington to provide water removal services that aid in the prevention of potential hazards. With the proper application of our emergency service procedures, we can prevent contaminants from spreading and prevent health concerns from interfering with the water damage restoration process.

We care about your property and safety

Our technicians at SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East work tirelessly to eliminate safety hazards on our job sites by posting the right signs and using the appropriate personal protection equipment, including boots, full-body suits, rubber gloves, respirators, and eye protection. While also working with your insurance company and within any local regulations to assist us in containing any contaminants that have the chance of spreading into other unaffected areas.

We work on getting the bad stuff that lurks in flooded homes

Some silt and debris can be considered hazardous waste, especially if they contain lead or asbestos, so it is important to handle the removal of these contaminants properly. Any contents or structure that can't be decontaminated or restored must be removed or replaced. Local, state and federal regulations have a big hand in deciding what is or is not allowed, but the type of material used during construction also plays a significant role. Highly porous items generally can't be disinfected and are replaced after being disposed of properly. Typically, any carpet and padding that is damaged by black water are removed and discarded because it is considered infectious waste and requires special procedures in some locations to remove properly. All dangerous materials need to be removed to decontaminate the job site and return it to working order before restoration is complete.

 It is possible to disinfect some surfaces with an EPA approved disinfectant applied with a pressure washer, including the surfaces of interior walls and other hard to reach areas that were contaminated by rising water or sewage. It's not uncommon for our technicians to transport sewage waste to an approved waste disposal site to properly dispose of this debris and wastewater properly.

 We are right around the corner in the Jacksonville - Arlington area.  

Not only are we reputable water damage repair professionals, we are also your neighbor. 

It is frustrating  to think that you could one day be the owner of a home invaded by mold or suddenly overcome with water. As much as you work to avoid it, several factors can unexpectedly leave you in need of expert advice. An undetected leak that deposits water in your attic or a broken appliance can all contribute to the accumulation of water in your home and all the aftermath it entails. Time is of the essence, and quick action can mitigate the extent of your loss.

Why use a local business like SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East?

  • Available 24/7 to receive your call and spring into action. 
  • Trained and certified in the latest industry trends
  • We work with insurance adjusters and handle the paperwork. 
  • We treat your home as if it was one of our. 
  • Located in the Jacksonville, Florida area. 
  • Locally owned and operated. 
  • Experience with residential and commercial water damage

So what happens when a water damage restoration company gets to your home? 

When our local Jacksonville water restoration employees arrive on the scene, we go over any safety concerns, such as water-saturated structures that might get weak due to moisture. Once it is safe, we determine which contents can be salvaged and move them into a dry area or prop them above water. Like you, we want to save as much of the items in your home as possible. Some materials, like carpeting and upholstery, may not be salvageable based on how long they were wet, but our team decides based on the readings shown by our monitoring tools.

 As soon as we exit our utility trucks, we use pumps and extractors to remove and clean up the mess.  Once we move on to the drying phase, we set up dehumidifiers and air movers to help fan the air and speed up the evaporation process.. For any remaining odor, we utilize air scrubbers and air purifying techniques to neutralize the offending smells and make them a thing of the past.

Even when your water removal needs seem small, SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East is at the ready to help you tackle the issue. By calling us at (904) 721-2230, we can provide our services and anticipate any further impact the presence of water can have on your home.

We are happy to serve the following communities

  • Arlington, FL
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Fort Caroline, FL
  • St Nicholas, FL
  • Spring Glen, FL
  • Glynlea, FL
  • Merrill, FL
  • Jacksonville University, FL
  • Monument, FL
  • Regency, FL

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The Science Behind Water Removal From Arlington Walls

3/5/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment in water damaged room; flood cuts on walls to enable drying Sometimes we need to make flood cuts to enable drying the structure. We have the expertise to handle any water loss situation.

Water Removal from Your Arlington Walls 

Pipe leaks in the kitchen or bathroom often affect nearby walls and sometimes ceilings. At first glance, you may think that you need to rip out your drywall and replace it. You may have wallpaper coverings, and insulation to consider depending on the severity of the leak. However, it is often feasible to restore the drywall to the preloss condition with appropriate care and professional assistance. 

As previously mentioned, water removal from your Arlington walls does not necessarily mean that your walls, wall coverings, and insulation need replacing. While you are drying your floors, you also need to pay attention to your walls and ceilings to ensure they do not sustain secondary damage such as mold infestations, peeling wallpaper, or warped surfaces. 

Most homes have a single layer of drywall, and some areas of the house may have distinctive characteristics such as water-resistant or mold-resistant, containing a more substantial vapor barrier, for use around a shower or bathtub. Apartments or condos may have two or three layers of drywall to provide additional sound proofing between units. 

The restorers at SERVPRO make drying decisions based on your situation. First, they inspect the drywall using non-penetrating moisture meters to determine which area is wet. Since there usually are multiple layers between walls, technicians may use a penetrating moisture meter to determine the moisture levels in just the drywall. The penetrating moisture meters are useful when there are potentially false-readings due to metal components behind the drywall. 

When determining whether your walls are restorable, SERVPRO technicians look for the water category levels. Category 1 or 2 are restorable. We also ensure there is no visible swelling, intact seams, and no indication of mold infestation growth. Light water damage without sagging on a ceiling is also a candidate for restoration. Category 3 contaminated water and deeply sagging ceilings pose safety hazards that typically need replacing as quickly as possible. 

Drywall absorbs and releases moisture easily. Latex painted walls are porous, allowing moisture to evaporate more quickly than enamel paint. Vinyl wall coverings and paneling restrict moisture migration from the walls but also can trap moisture in with their impermeable finishes. Technicians may need to use additional procedures to dry through the vapor barriers, such as perforating or temporarily removing the vapor retarding material. To dry wallpaper, technicians may carefully remove the affected paper and attach it to an unaffected area, dry it through indirect air movement and heat, and reapply it to the wall. 

When there is water damage, SERVPRO aims for restoration over replacement, if at all possible. We make it, "Like it never even happened. Contact SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230 for 24/7 assistance. 

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Preventing Water Staining In Your Jacksonville Home

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Our SERVPRO OF Arlington / Jacksonville East team can help with premier equipment and experienced personnel.

Preventing Water Staining on Jacksonville Carpets After Losses

Cleaning flooring after standing water and saturation can help to reduce the presence of residues and prevent staining in Jacksonville homes. Carpets are particularly susceptible to showing staining and discoloration after oversaturation. When drying completes successfully, we have several strategies to revitalize the look and feel of carpeted floors.

We have multiple carpet recovery systems and tools, allowing us to complete nearly all stages of water cleanup for Jacksonville homes without delay. The faster that we can address potential residues and discoloration of the carpeting, the better our cleaning process can work. Depending on the type of flooring and the severity of the damage, we have techniques to restore high pile and short pile carpet layers. Our SERVPRO professionals can determine which approach is best for your home during the scoping of the job and throughout the mitigation process.

Hot Water Extraction
While many homeowners might recognize this process as steam cleaning, hot water extraction is an effective cleaning practice for both surface concerns and more deep-seated sediment. A blend of warm water and cleaning solutions get shot into the carpet fibers at high pressures and then get pulled back out, along with the loose particulates, with a powerful vacuum.

Pre-Conditioning and Rinse
In some situations, pre-conditioning a carpet can help both in the final appearance and in the removal of discoloring residues and debris. Our SERVPRO professionals can pre-treat damaged carpeting with our potent cleaning agents. This product stays in the carpet for 15 minutes or more before we begin a high-pressure rinse and extraction with powerful vacuums. Pretreatment can help to dissolve or dislodge set-in debris and sediment while simultaneously addressing surface staining or discoloration concerns.

Water damage can have a detrimental effect on many areas of your property. Even with drying out a carpet successfully, the work might not be complete in making it “Like it never even happened.” Our SERVPRO OF Arlington / Jacksonville East team can help with premier equipment and experienced personnel. Give our specialists a call today at (904) 721-2230.

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How Professionals Remove Water From Jacksonville Homes

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significant water and mold damage on ceiling Yikes!!! While this home sat vacant for a month, a pipe burst and mold took over. SERVPRO to the rescue! We were able to completely restore the home.

How to Remove Water in Jacksonville 

If you've ever had a plumbing mishap of any size scale, you know water removal from your home is not as simple as mopping it up or throwing a towel over it. With excess water in your home, it is often necessary to obtain professional help. 

Water Removal in Jacksonville can be daunting if you are not sure where to turn for assistance. If a kitchen pipe burst while you were away, chances are you may have one or two inches of water in your kitchen when you arrive back home. The trained technicians at SERVPRO are ready to assist you quickly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Before removing water, technicians stop the source to ensure additional water does not come into the impacted area. SERVPRO technicians then begin the extraction process. For water deeper than two inches, a submersible pump is used to pull water out of the home in conjunction with extractors. 

Significant amounts of water require a truck-mounted extractor. The storage tank holds between sixty and one hundred gallons of water. After the professionals remove the majority of excess water from your home, portable extractors remove the rest. Portable extractors have a five to twelve-gallon solution tank and a five to twelve-gallon waste tank. Our highly qualified SERVPRO technicians make several passes over the impacted area to remove the ultimate amount of moisture. 

After extracting water, drying the area is the next essential step. High-velocity airflow coming from air movers ensures faster evaporation by removing the damp, moist air from the room, and replacing it with drier  air. If cabinets are wet from the spill, wall cavity ventilating systems direct the air to open spaces to help mitigate damage. Dehumidifiers work together with air movers to ensure restoration to preloss moisture levels in your home. 

SERVPRO of Arlington/Jacksonville East is here to help you with water removal. We are available at all times and ready to assist you. Call us at (904) 721-2230, and our trained technicians make the water spill "Like it never even happened." 

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Mitigating Water Damage In Arlington Requires Identifying The Source Of The Leak

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO trucks in a garage with two men looking at equipment. We know how to identify any and all water damages in your Arlington loss.

Let SERVPRO mitigate your Arlington water loss.

Sometimes homeowners in Arlington wake up in the morning to find building materials or contents inside their house wet. In more severe water damage incidents, you might even see puddles located on parts of your floor. Once moisture finds its way inside your structure, it can help you immensely to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. We can utilize specialized equipment and the proper techniques to remove moisture from your building promptly.

However, before starting any water damage job in Arlington, our SERVPRO technicians first attempt to figure out where the moisture originated. We know that before we begin removing moisture, it is vital to locate the water leak. Depending on the situation, finding the moisture's source can be more difficult than it sounds. Whenever we start our inspection of your property, we implement moisture sensors and meters to help us track where the H2O went and where it began to enter the interior of your house.

But, in many situations, sensors are not needed to locate the source of a leak. Before our SERVPRO team arrives, it is possible for you to find the source of the problems with a little bit of know-how and time spent inspecting your affected contents and building materials. First, start by following the moisture by touch. For example, if your carpet is wet use your hand to feel where it is damp where wetness ends. Many times you can find the source of the leak by following your wet carpet to the closest water pipe or appliance.

Once you identify what may have caused the moisture to leak and enter, inspect the pipes or appliance more closely to figure out exactly what happened. For instance, if you think the moisture originated from your washing machine, pull it out and look at the hoses connected to it. Make sure there is no crack in the tubes running to your washing machines and ensure that there are no loose connections. If the leak came from a pipe inside your walls, you can often figure out where it is by finding where moisture is coming out of the wall.

Once you find the source of your moisture-related problems, take steps to repair the initial issue. If you can, seal off the leak temporarily if possible so that you can start removing moisture without having more water leaking into your structure.

If you ever notice wet materials in your home in Fort Caroline, Spring Glen, Merrill, or Glenlea, call SERVPRO of Arlington / Jacksonville East at (904) 721-2230. We are available at any time, and we are proud to say that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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When Your Window Air Conditioning Unit Causes Water Damage in Your Arlington Home

7/5/2019 (Permalink)

Window units can leak, bringing moisture into your walls. Inspect your unit often for signs of water damage.

What You Can Do When Your Window Air Conditioner Causes Water Damage to Your Arlington Home

Window air conditioners may be very convenient during the hot and humid summer months in Florida, but they can also cause water damage. In the case of your home, your window air conditioner had been leaking, unnoticed, for a few days, damaging the sill that it sits on. The thing that tipped you off to the leak was finding a mysterious puddle of water on the floor below the sill one morning when the leak had been particularly bad.  

To combat the water damage in your Arlington house, reach out for professional help as soon as possible. While you wait for help to arrive, it is wise to unplug the air conditioning unit. Additionally, you can even get the remediation started by cleaning up the standing water in front of the A/C unit. Getting the puddle of water off of the floor as soon as possible lessens the chance that it can penetrate the hardwood floor and cause water damage.  

When SERVPRO receives your call, we always quickly gather a team and then head to your home as promptly as we can. Our vans are full of advanced technology designed to remediate water damage. Our technicians never arrive at a job underprepared for the damage in your home.  

SERVPRO can get to work immediately once inside by removing the air conditioning unit from your window. We can then get a better idea of how much of the sill has been damaged, along with the wall beneath it. Our technicians can use moisture meters to determine the moisture level in the house, as well as thermal imaging cameras to look for pockets of moisture in the wall. Once informed, our technicians can create a drying plan for your living room.  

SERVPRO can feed a small air blasting tube into your wall after drilling a hole, allowing hot and dry air to fill up the cavity inside of the wall. We can also set up dehumidifiers, heaters, and air movers on the outside of the wall, to hit both sides with dry air and to direct air to the water damaged sill as well. Our overall goal is to remove all of the excess moisture in your living room and to return it to its preloss state.  

When an appliance causes water damage, act immediately. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Arlington by dialing (904) 721-2230. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Can Help Save Your Arlington Home After A Water Damage Incident

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

When you experience a situation like this, call us right away at (904) 721-2230 so we can get your home looking “Like it never even happened.”

Water Cleanup For Your Arlington Home

You don’t ever want to walk into your Arlington kitchen only to find gallons of water all over the floor from a failed dishwasher. Dealing with a flooded kitchen is never an easy task. Then add a broken dishwasher into the mix, and there are several different problems you need to address. Knowing what to do in a position like this can help you to recover faster.

After your dishwasher has unloaded gallons of water into your Arlington kitchen, there are some steps you can take to help yourself. Firstly, you should ensure that the water has not affected outlets or electrical appliances. If there are any doubts, then turn the power to your kitchen off, then get in touch with a professional remediation company, such as SERVPRO, right away for help with the water cleanup.

Knowing if your homeowner’s insurance covers water damage from your dishwasher is also essential. In most cases, you are covered, but check your policy to make sure that you are. You don’t want to be surprised. SERVPRO techs can also assist you in calling your insurance company to help you get the coverage that you need.

Most water damage does not dry in one day. Once we have removed any standing water and have set up the drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers, we monitor them daily. The machines are moved if needed to ensure optimum drying time. If the affected area takes too long to dry, there is a more significant potential for additional damage from mold growth.

We also ensure that our equipment is working correctly and has not overloaded any circuits and popped your circuit breaker. These machines must keep running to provide the dry air and air movement, which is essential to dry your home.

Understanding how your dishwasher can fail, and performing some preventative maintenance can save your kitchen from a water damage disaster. Your insurance adjuster is also happier when you do this, should you ever have to file a claim. Look over your manufacturer’s manual for your dishwasher and inspect this essential appliance several times a year to ensure that all hoses are in good condition and everything else is in working order.

SERVPRO of Arlington knows what a mess your dishwasher in your home in Glynlea, Merrill, or Spring Glen can make when it breaks. When you experience a situation like this, call us right away at (904) 721-2230 so we can get your home looking “Like it never even happened.”

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SERVPRO Franchise Professionals to the Rescue for Water Damage in Jacksonville

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Arlington is always ready to remove water from your home.

What to do When the Beautiful Water of Jacksonville is Suddenly in Your Living Room

One of the best things about living in Jacksonville is that there are water and sun everywhere. It seems like bodies of water and water features are everywhere, making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors. However, as the storm season arrives homeowners everywhere worry that water levels could rise beyond acceptable levels and threaten to enter their homes. Aside from taking every precaution to encourage proper water circulation, it is also essential to know whom to call in case of emergency.

When you need water cleanup services in Jacksonville SERVPRO is your best resource. Our staff is certified to handle your water removal needs as soon as you place a call into our office. Because emergencies can happen at any time, we work around the clock, 24/7 so there is always someone available to respond to your needs. Removing water as quickly as possible is essential in mitigating your losses.

Depending on the severity of your event, our SERVPRO crew has several options to extract water from your property. One of the main concerns with any water coming from the outside is the level of bacteria it may bring with it. To avoid any health consequences we remove carpeting and other porous materials and dispose of them according to environmental regulations, which keeps you and your family safer. Simultaneously we use submersible pumps and other complementary methods to reach all corners of your home and extract all remaining water.

Once the water is out of your property, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to restore proper moisture levels to your home. Our monitoring tools help us track our progress and confirm when we have reached the desired results. The next step is for our SERVPRO team to disinfect each surface to ensure that no bacteria or organism is left behind.

What is most important in an emergency is knowing who is your best ally. SERVPRO of Arlington is here to help by calling (904) 721-2230. Let us leave your home "Like it never even happened."

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Restoring Areas Sustaining Water Damage In Jacksonville Real Estate Properties

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

Damaged pipes might exist, but other sources of water can involve damaged roofing components, wet crawlspaces, damaged gutters, or faulty appliances.

Restoring Areas Sustaining Water Damage

Residential property in Jacksonville can sustain different kinds of damage when a house or apartment building sits vacant for a lengthy period. Getting a home ready for new occupants means additional work in these situations. Most, if not all, home buyers and most renters insist that the condition of their new dwelling is in excellent condition.

When selling or renting a home or apartment in Jacksonville, keeping an eye out for water damage when conducting an inspection can prevent future unpleasant situations. Damaged pipes might exist, but other sources of water can involve damaged roofing components, wet crawlspaces, damaged gutters, or faulty appliances. Water heaters can slowly leak and cause a house to suffer high humidity. The technicians sent out by SERVPRO to your property can quickly determine the source of invasive water, so future damage does not occur.

Mitigating existing damage can take the form of removing damaged areas as well as cleaning surfaces of grime attracted by damp conditions. One thing to keep in mind is the possibility of mold and mildew infestation. Our IICRC-certified professionals can perform any necessary remediation if we detect microbial activity. We want to help you in preparing your property for future occupants.

If water still exists, we can get this removed from the house and get things dry again. Dampness can make paint bubble and peel, and affect wallpaper coverings in negative ways, also. Windows can stick, and doors and cabinets can also become difficult to close or open easily whenever water damage affects a residence. Floorboards can warp, buckle, crown, and even splinter. Wooden treads on stairwells can also sustain severe damage from exposure to the damp conditions caused by water.

SERVPRO of Arlington works with residents, property owners, and real estate agents in getting homes back to livable condition, just “Like it never even happened.” Call us, your local restoration experts, at (904) 721-2230 so we can mitigate any damages of your property in Spring Glen, Regency, or Merrill. We assist in emergency situations, also, making it possible for us to prevent extensive damage from happening in the first place.

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Finding Hidden Water Damage while Renovating Your Jacksonville Home

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

If you find water damage during a renovation, count on SERVPRO for remediation.

Hidden surprises during renovations can include water damage

Many homeowners in Jacksonville choose to begin renovations on their home during the summer. These projects can reveal damaged areas inside walls and floors that may have gone undetected previously. Other times, the damage proves much worse than anticipated.

When residents in Jacksonville find water damage during a home renovation, we can help keep your project on schedule. Many contractors often do not have the tools or skills to mitigate water damage. Water damage mitigation requires experience to ensure a complete and thorough job. Our technicians receive extensive training and earn certificates from the IICRC.

When water leaks or drips continuously, or an overflowed basin occurred, saturated materials begin to decompose. Your floors and walls can seem okay wherever visible, but once exposed, their actual condition shows the damage.

We must remove all of the damaged materials before your project can continue. As we bag these things up, we also take care to remove any nails, screws, and jagged pieces. We want to leave the area in a safe condition so renovation workers can continue with their part of making your home precisely how you want it when they finish.

When they finish with all of the renovations you want, odors might seem to develop. We can also help you get control of this problem by eliminating what causes these new smells. Sometimes, removing parts of your home to carry out a renovation exposes odor-causing particles. These often remain after the renovation is completed. If so, warmer days might also bring stronger odors. Our staff can help remove these by using thermal fogging. This method is very useful in removing odors from water damage and also smoke.

When water damage causes your family problems of any kind, we are ready to help you make things right again. Call SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2230 any hour of the day or night. We can help keep everything on track. Our technicians serve families in the Jacksonville, Arlington, and Fort Caroline areas.

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Getting Water Damage Out Of Carpets In Jacksonville

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Resolving water damage in carpets is no easy task, and is one of the most involved processes for SERVPRO technicians in the field.

Water Damaged Carpets

Many types of flood and water damage in Jacksonville can cause immense damage to carpeting, including color bleed, warping, mold growth, fraying of materials, corrosion, and other harmful processes. Resolving water damage in carpets is no easy task, and is one of the most involved processes for SERVPRO technicians in the field. To effectively clean up and remove signs of water damage, we may need to bring out a full arsenal of machines and treatment plans in some situations. Here are some of the ways we mitigate and repair the effects of water in carpets.

Extraction And Drying
The first and arguably most important part of our work to remove the effects of water damage from Jacksonville homes' carpeting is to remove the water. While water remains in the carpet, it can continue to cause damage and wreak havoc on the home. We use heavy water extraction pumps and directed air movers to eliminate all traces of moisture in the area before moving on to other restoration tasks.

Sometimes, the carpet may be so thoroughly damaged that restoration is not a viable option. In this case, we can consult both you and the insurance adjuster to find and install suitable replacement carpeting. While some scenarios may necessitate removal of an entire room's carpet, we more commonly replace only a section of the carpet, seamlessly blending new and restored materials. Note that this may require some extra work such as fresh tack strips.

Our primary course of action, however, is not replacement but restoration. We make every effort to save your carpet as we can, and in most cases, we can apply treatments and processes to the carpet and prevent its replacing. Our policy of "restoration before replacement" saves our average customers hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of our work on their properties.

Residents have trusted SERVPRO of Arlington for professional and inexpensive damage restoration work for years. To learn more about our services or obtain our help, give us a call at (904) 721-2230.

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Water Damage In Your Arlington Home Can Spell Disaster

9/22/2017 (Permalink)

Carpets rot and wood floors start to warp in as little as two or three days.

Water Damage In Your Home

If it is a storm or a broken pipe, water in your home is a disaster. Carpets rot and wood floors start to warp in as little as two or three days. Any level of water inside your is a potential threat.

Most water damage to Arlington homes comes from failed plumbing and appliances. It is more likely in this northern part of the state that melting ice from a broken refrigerator floods a kitchen and the adjoining living room than the next hurricane or tropical storm finds its way inside. Regardless of the source of the water though, SERVPRO stands ready to help.

A current threat we are dealing with is the combination of both sources. The incredible amount of stormwater that hit us has overwhelmed drains and sewers. It means that the relatively ‘clean’ stormwater mixed with wastewater and now presents a health threat as well. It also means that the amount of cleaning and replacement costs increase as well.

This combination is now ‘black’ or contaminated water. It has to be removed as quickly as possible to prevent the sewage content from causing further damage to a home’s structure and personal property. We recommend replacing carpets, but other assets can be successfully cleaned and disinfected if we start once we can get through the front door.

The same problem exists for building material when the water rises high enough. Drywall fractures and crumbles when it becomes wet and has to be handled carefully when attempting to dry it. Using a chemical cleaner is not possible, every affected panel has to be removed and replaced.

Cleaning up and restoring your home is not simple, even under the best possible circumstances. Add in wastewater contamination, and it is necessary to hire a professional service to ensure your home is safe again. For more information about what SERVPRO of Arlington can do to help you, call us today at (904) 721-2230.

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Fast Water Damage Restoration for Your Arlington Home

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

For water damage mitigation of any size, call SERVPRO.

Professional services for you water damage mitigation needs

After a burst pipe, heavy rainfalls, or other similar disasters, water damage is almost inevitable. Your first step should be to contact our professional water damage restoration team for mitigation, prevention, or repair services. Once we arrive, our professionals can tackle the water removal process quickly and efficiently to return your home to preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Water damage mitigation requires trained experts who know how to address all possible consequences and repercussions. With many years of experience, SERVPRO has the expertise to reverse any water damage in your Arlington home. Our technicians are trained to deal with all kinds of damages and know exactly where to look. We are also certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), meaning that our water removal services are up to par with industry standards.

We use wet vacuums, large fans, and pumps to dry carpets and all indoor surfaces that sustained water damage. We pull up all padding and carpeting and then salvage what we can. Using different equipment and products, our professionals attempt to restore as many of your water-damaged personal items (furniture, art, books, and others) as possible.

Determining the most efficient method for saving wet books and documents requires experience and careful consideration. SERVPRO technicians can prevent further water damage on these items, but the pre-existing damage might not be reversible. However, salvaging important documents from complete loss can be extremely valuable.

Every step of our restoration process involves careful handling of your belongings to avoid additional damage. We go out of our way to ensure mold growth is not a problem after restoration, and that you have top-notch air quality when we leave.

Whether you are dealing with the outcome of a plumbing leakage, a flood, or any other disaster, SERVPRO of Arlington can help you reverse the water damage. We are a locally operated business and have the resources to respond quickly to any emergency. For any assistance, call us today at (904) 721-2230.

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Obtain Quality Water Damage Restoration Services In Jacksonville

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Jacksonville Beach and Water Homes Get Help from SERVPRO When Needed

Rely Upon SERVPRO for Cleanup and Water Removal After a Problem in Your Home

Locating the source of water damage in your home is not always as easy as it might sound. Small amounts of water cause significant damages, which lead you in the wrong direction and waste crucial time.  
When dealing with water damage in your Jacksonville area home, a restoration company can provide you with your best solution. A qualified technician takes the appropriate steps to get water under control, as he or she is dealing with any damage it causes after containing the source.
If you think about it, water damage is often a result of aging pipes or supply lines for appliances found in your home. Your dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, and plumbing fixtures all pose a problem if not maintained properly. An expertly trained SERVPRO technician can perform an inspection that brings these problems out in the open before they cause significant damage. Why wait until a disaster occurs to ask for help?
Keep in mind that accidents happen, but it never hurts to have someone close by to respond to bathtub overflows, sewage backups, or appliances that go haywire. Keep your children, pets, and home safe by having a pre-existing relationship with SERVPRO.
Inclement weather conditions, drainage issues, and even trees that mature over time can cause water damage issues in your home. You need someone who addresses every problem possible, leaving you with the most protection possible to combat issues that often occur in your home.
SERVPRO gives you access to expertly trained IICRC industry certified water damage restoration technicians with years of experience and industrial-grade equipment that makes locating and repairing waterissues easier. We can determine issues that cause excessive moisture, including condensation, ventilation, and waterproofing concerns.  
If you find yourself combating more and more of these matters on a regular basis, look to someone for professional help. Whether the problem lies in your attic, basement, or any other area of your home, a professional touch leads to a safe, healthy home.
Contact SERVPRO of Arlington for answers to problems plaguing your home. Obtain the water damage restoration services you deserve, today. (904) 721-2230

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Preventing a Leaky Air Conditioner in Your Jacksonville Home

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

When you do encounter a leak in your air conditioner with resulting water damage, SERVPRO can get to your home fast to prevent further damage.

Leaky Air Conditioner Prevention in Your Jacksonville House

As the warmer weather approaches, your air conditioner will be working round the clock. You certainly do not want it failing during the hottest months. Regular maintenance to this appliance is a must. A leaky air conditioner is a problem that requires immediate attention, or you risk expensive water damage to your home.

There are several factors which can cause water leaks in your air conditioner, causing water damage to your Jacksonville home. Some of them might not be a sign of a malfunction to the system. However, leaks are many times created by more serious issues which eventually need the expertise of a professional. If water damage does occur, you need SERVPRO to help you repair any damages and dry out your home.

Common sources for a leaky air conditioner can include blockages in the condensate lines which are from algae growth, mildew and mold growth, solidified debris, mineral deposits, and even insect and rodent debris. Poor installation of your HVAC equipment can contribute to water leaks as well.

The accumulation of ice on the indoor evaporator can be caused by poorly maintained and overworked components creating excess debris and water in the system. The end of the condensate line being submerged in water causes an airlock, preventing proper drainage.

There are some things you can do to prevent water leaks. The most important of these is scheduling an annual servicing of your A/C system. An HVAC professional should perform tasks such as checking for blockages in the condensate line and cleaning heat-exchanger coils. They should also check the electrical components, refrigerant levels, and if there are any leaks of refrigerant. Your outdoor unit also needs to be inspected for blockages to the airflow.

When you do encounter a leak in your air conditioner with resulting water damage, SERVPRO can get to your home fast to prevent further damage. Our trained technicians can fix the problem and dry up all the water, plus restore your home back to its condition before the damage happened.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Routine maintenance such as checking and changing out your air filter regularly will go a long way in preventing leaks. SERVPRO of Arlington is always standing by when a leaky air conditioner has caused water damage to your home. We can be reached whenever you need us when you dial (904) 721-2230.

Water Damage Restoration Advice For Your Home in Jacksonville

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians can handle your water damage emergency from start to finish. Call soon for quick response.

Thorough Remediation is Important in Order to Prevent Secondary Damages

Purchasing a flood clean-up kit or a wet-dry vacuum from your local hardware store are a poor substitution for the results that you would receive from using a restoration company run by skilled technicians with years of experience.
However, you have the right to attempt to perform the water damage repairs to your Jacksonville home on your own. Just remember that it does not hurt to contact a local restoration company for assistance before beginning work. You may find that your insurance covers all of the services you need to restore your home to a quality pre-damage condition, saving you a lot of time and effort.
Using a company like SERVPRO for your water damage restoration has several advantages. However, if you choose to perform your water damage restoration yourself, we have a few suggestions that should help you mitigate additional damages and work towards saving as many of your possessions as possible.
Remember, you have 24 to 48-hours to get the water out and dry the affected area before microscopic mold spores have an opportunity to spread. Hopefully, if you decide to tackle these repairs on your own, you have the ability to meet this deadline.
Start by opening your windows and doors to help with air circulation, unless the outdoor humidity is too high and open any closet or cabinet doors and drawers within the affected area. Depending on the size of exposure you are dealing with, renting or purchasing a high-powered fan or two may be necessary as well.
A dehumidifier comes in handy when trying to remove moisture from the air in small confined spaces. To use this equipment properly, you want to seal off the area and prevent humidity from other sections from seeping into the room.
You also want to remove any standing water that you find throughout the affected area. SERVPRO uses hand-held or truck mounted water extractors, but a wet-dry vacuum can work. However, the ones that you purchase at the local hardware store have small storage tanks, increasing the time it takes to remove additional water.
SERVPRO can provide you with access to submersible pumps that continuously move water through a hose or piping system, in areas where water exceeds two inches in depth and provide you with several other services that cover everything from moving soaked items to a safe, dry location, to saving damaged documents for future use.
Contact SERVPRO of Arlington for all of your water damage restoration needs today. (904) 721-2230

Dealing with Residential Water Damage

6/2/2016 (Permalink)

Dealing with water damage in Macclenny? SERVPRO of Arlington can clean and restore your home quickly and efficiently!

Residential Water Damage and How to Deal With It

Water damage in Macclenny is one of the most commonly seen problems which homeowners will experience. When it happens, water damage can be both dramatic and fast. One moment your home is fine, while the next you have a huge water problem. 

The Importance of Getting the Job Done Fast 

Responding quickly when water damage occurs is the key to lowering or even eliminating the loss in water damage in Macclenny. When you have the damage addressed quickly, it can many times lower the restoration costs, plus reduce the chance of mold and other contaminants associated with water damage from growing. 

If the water cleanup is started right away, the water starts to evaporate on its own. The air will absorb the water that evaporates and redistribute the moisture to other items, such as drywall and ceiling tiles. This could result in secondary damage, some of which include:  

  • Buckling of hardwood floors
  • Mold spores beginning to colonize within 48 hours
  • Sheetrock and plaster sag and crack
  • Vinyl loosening from the floor

Hire the Professionals Who Care 

Whether you are experiencing weather or plumbing related water damage to your home, call our professionals at SERVPRO right away. We understand the stress and worry that you are feeling during this time, so let us help. 

Our technicians are IICRC certified and are available any time of day, any day of the week to handle your emergency with water damage. Our team is well-trained and will do more than just remove the excess water from your residence. We also have the right equipment and knowledge to dry your home fast so it will be completely returned to its safe, pre-water loss condition. 

Free Evaluation and Written Estimate 

If you have a Macclenny water damage problem in your residence, you can have SERVPRO come out to give you an estimate. We offer our water recovery services 24/7. Your evaluation and written estimate include:  

  • A detailed evaluation of your specific situation
  • Address your concerns with cleanup and restoration
  • Answer any of your questions
  • An estimate in writing
  • No pressure or obligation

The Expertise to do it Right 

Our IICRC certified technicians can dry your home completely back to its pre-loss condition. They’ll be able to handle any size job using drying techniques that are advanced so that we can restore structural materials which were soaked to their original state. These same drying techniques can be used to eliminate the growth of harmful mold, while saving your electronics, furniture, documents and flooring. 

Our state-of-the-art, large dehumidification and drying equipment include all that is needed from basic dehumidifiers and water extractors to trail-mounted dehumidifiers that are used to dry out larger properties. Our SERVPRO technicians will take the time needed to evaluate every perimeter of your property thoroughly to make sure the job is complete before leaving. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Macclenny water damage, no matter the cause, needs to be handled by the professionals at SERVPRO of Arlington. Get in touch with us by dialing (904) 721-2230 so that we can get to your property fast and begin getting it back to working order. 

Arlington SERVPRO Cleaning Up After Flooding

11/12/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Arlington was featured on News4Jax

Hours of pouring down rain on Sunday night and Monday morning left many residents in Atlantic Beach stranded from their homes due to flooding.

This is where Chandler St. Peter and his team of SERVPRO of Arlington came to the rescue. After receiving 20 calls in 12 hours about flooding and water damage, the owner and his team took action.

Residential homes were not the only ones affected from this storm, numerous hotels and businesses downtown have also been hit.

SERVPRO of Arlington will go in to these residential and commercial properties and start the water extraction and drying process. It is a process that takes a few days but necessary to restore the property to the way it was.

 SERVPRO of Arlington is open 24/7 and is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event.

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Jacksonville Water Damage Recovery

8/19/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Recovery: A Basic Overview in Jacksonville  

Following a house flood or fire in Jacksonville, it is imperative that you attain water damage recovery services.  These services involve several processes, and you should know the potential difficulties that are associated with their implementation. A reputable, long-standing service provider is of paramount importance. You should also be aware that while attaining professional services presents risks, go through referrals from friends or neighbors.  Attempting to complete water damage recovery services on your own is not advisable. Professional restoration companies have the expertise, experience, and tools necessary to complete the job as efficiently as possible. As you seek the most effective way to handle the water damage recovery process, learning more about what the services entails can be helpful. To attain this information, consider the outline provided below: 

Cleaning Excess Water From The Home

One of the primary services offered by water damage specialists is cleaning excess water from your property following a flood or fire. Unfortunately, mildew and mold can start growing and then thrive within one day of the water damage. For this reason, it is important that the cleaning process begin immediately. When left unchecked, water damage can cause secondary damage that engenders more problems than the original floodwaters or fire. The cleaning process involves multiple steps, and the most important one is drying the excess water from your property to limit the growth of mildew and mold. Additionally, the restoration professionals, such as SERVPRO, will utilize industrial-grade dehumidifiers to evaporate excess water so the repair process can begin.

Repairing and Restoring Your Property

In addition to offering cleaning services, professional restoration companies also help repair your home such that its original condition is restored. When your home sustains flood or fire damage, there will likely be substantive electrical and structural damage. Restoration companies repair these damages so you can reenter your property.  You should never attempt to enter your home until it has been inspected for any safety issues.  Attempting to move back in prior to attaining these professional services could be dangerous. The repair and restoration processes can take weeks or months, and the length of time required is contingent upon the extent of the damage. 


If your home has been subjected to fire or flood, it's important that you attain professional restoration services. As you begin looking for the ideal water damage specialists to assist you, be sure to consider SERVPRO. Our company's technicians possess extensive industry experience, and they work with diligence and determination to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If your home has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the experienced team redy to help. Call 904-721-2230.

2014 Testimonial

7/31/2014 (Permalink)

Listen and watch our latest 2014 Testimonial on YouTube.

Water Damage Prevention - Steps to Take

9/17/2013 (Permalink)

We found an interesting article on the web today.  It gives step by step ways you can save yourself from potential water damage.  Here are some of the steps you can be on the look out for:

1.  Always maintain a good roof and check to see that your gutter drains are clear and free from obstruction. 

2.  Double check your irrigation systems as well as any hoses that are plastic/rubber.   Not only can you run up a nasty water and sewer bill, you can end up with a huge flood problem.

3.  Check your windows for leaks and any foundation imperfections.

4.  (This tip is good for mold!) Keep your relative humidity levels in your home at 55%.

5.  Lastly, call us at the first sign of damage, we can save you from a potential larger scale problem.

These are just a few helpful tips that can help you avoid disasters that are within your control.  Natural disasters are a different story!

Water Damage Company - Commercial Office

9/17/2013 (Permalink)

Ever wonder how bad the dirt and grime can get in your office space?  Or even worse, directly under your desk?  Where does water damage fit in to this. 

Everytime you walk in from outside you can bring in foreign itmes such as: Pollen, Bugs (sorry we can't help there), Dirt, Leaf Particles and, especially in Jacksonville, Florida, WATER.

Think about how much water you actually track in with you.  Either every day when it rains during rainy season, or perhaps after the sprinkler system runs it's course.  Every day, all day long, yourself and your co-workers bring in a large amount of water.

Learn how Servpro can help you with all your water damage needs in Jacksonville, Florida.  If you end up with a track of mold from sevre water damage, call us today!

Water Damage Company in Jacksonville, Florida

8/28/2013 (Permalink)

Aftermath of a Flood

Have you ever wondered what you can do as a home owner or a business owner, when you experience major water damage, or even minor water damage for that matter.

There are several things to consider when your business experiences water damage, as well as some flood terms to help keep you informed of possible floods, here are some of these terms:

1.  Flood Watch - Flooding is possible. Tune in to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television for information.

2.  Flash Flood Warning - A flash flood is occurring; seek higher ground on foot immediately.

3.  Flash Flood Watch - Flash flooding is possible. Be prepared to move to higher ground; listen to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television for information.

4.  Flood Warning - Flooding is occurring or will occur soon; if advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

Make sure your family always has an emergency action plan above all else.  For businesses we offer a wide range of emergency plans to help in the event of a flood, for example, that may cause sevre water damange.

For any of your water damage needs in Jacksonville, Florida please do not hesitate to call us!